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6+ Tasty Reasons to Try Powdered Beef Jerky

6+ Tasty Reasons to Try Powdered Beef Jerky

Have you been looking for a tasty snack, low in calories and rich in minerals, proteins, and vitamins? Try powdered beef jerky. It’s made from dried, seasoned meat and preserved to prevent it from going bad. Still not convinced that powdered beef jerky is a great snack? These six reasons might change your mind. 

It’s Tasty

What makes powdered beef jerky so tasty is that it’s seasoned with tasty spices like onion powder, dried thyme, dried rosemary, and garlic powder before getting dried. Its great taste makes it an excellent snack for people on a weight loss regimen because they don’t have to give in to carb cravings.

Keep the Body Full for Longer

Powdered beef jerky keeps you feeling full for longer, making it easy to overcome any sugar cravings. Its high protein content keeps you full and gives you the energy to perform the day’s activities without snacking on unhealthy junk. 

Typically, 1 oz of powdered jerky beef contains 9 oz of protein, about 7 grams of fat, and 3 grams of carbohydrates. And if it keeps you full until the next meal, you save your body from unhealthy fat and carbs.

Doesn’t Increase Sugar Levels

This is one reason powdered beef jerky is such a great snack. You don’t have to worry about adding unhealthy fats or sugars to the body.  It doesn’t contain excess preservatives, which often carry high sugar and fat amounts.

Rich Source of Protein

Powdered beef jerky is a rich source of protein, packing up to 1.17 oz of protein for 3.5 oz of meat. This makes it an excellent protein alternative, especially for people who are always on the go. 

Achieving the required dietary requirements can be challenging for such groups because they only get to eat protein during the main meals (breakfast, lunch, or supper). However, powdered beef jerky makes it easy to achieve the dietary requirement because you’ll be snacking throughout the day.

Increases Iron Intake

Powdered beef jerky is potent in iron, so you want to add it to your regimen if you’ve low iron levels. Iron plays a critical role in hemoglobin production, a protein that transports oxygen from the lungs to other body parts.

Boosts the Immune System

In addition to being a rich protein and iron source, powdered beef jerky is potent in zinc. This mineral supports the immune system by helping the body heal quickly and fight infections. And the body absorbs zinc from animal-based sources better than plant-based sources.

What is the point of jerky chew?

Jerky chew is a healthy substitute for tobacco products. It replaces the characteristic flavor in tobacco products, causing the body to wean off nicotine addiction. 

Is Jack Link’s real beef jerky? 

Jack Link’s beef jerky is 100% beef jerky. The company is known for producing and marketing the popular beef jerky around the United States.

Is dried beef jerky good for you? 

Dried beef jerky is a rich source of protein, iron, zinc, folate, and vitamin B12. It’s an excellent go-to snack because it provides the body with essential minerals and vitamins without adding unhealthy fats or sugars. 

Can you eat Jack Link’s chew?

Jack Link’s chew isn’t designed for eating; rather it’s meant for chewing like gum. That’s because jerky chews are salty and tough, hence difficult to eat like a typical snack. Remove the chews from the tin and chew it gently. You can spit or swallow the juice as it gets released from the dried jerky.

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  • COMMON USES: This pink powder is recommended as a sodium nitrite curing salt for meat that requires short cures that will be cooked and eaten relatively quickly. Use pink curing salt for bacon, jerky, corned beef and more.
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  • WORD OF CAUTION: Use sodium nitrate food grade curing salt with extreme care. Follow the proper food safety guidelines and use the right measurements of Prague Powder #1 when curing meats. Mix the instacure #1 with water and use sparingly. Only 1 tsp. is needed to cure 5 lbs. of meat. Consuming too much curing salt can make you sick.
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  • CURE MEAT AT HOME: Do right by your favorite meats with this 2.5 lb salt pouch of our Wishful Seasoning Pink Curing Salt. Also known as Prague Powder #1, tinted cure, quick cure salt, saltpeter for curing meat, or curing salt #1, our pink salt helps you tenderize and impart flavors to meat and pickles as you preserve them, too.
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The Essential Ideal Protein Cookbook: Protein-Packed and Delicious Recipes for Dinner
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A.C. Legg - Teriyaki Jerky Seasoning, 20.25 Ounce - with Cure
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