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6+ Tastiest Types of Sushi Tuna You Should Try

6+ Tastiest Types of Sushi Tuna You Should Try

Arguably the most popular fish used in sushi (sorry, Salmon), tuna is one of the tastiest, most delectable cuts from the sea within the Japanese delicacy. It’s used in various rolls and is a fan favorite globally.

But did you know that there are many different kinds of tuna out there?

Like many fish, tuna comes in a large number of variations and species, each with its distinct taste and texture. If you’re looking for something new to try, then here are 6 of the best sushi tuna you should try.

Yellowfin Tuna

Raw tuna steak

One of the most common types of tuna used in sushi is Yellowfin tuna. It has a dark red coloration when fresh and looks similar to beef when cut.

As for the taste, it’s very mild compared to other types of tuna and has a subtle sweetness on the tongue. Since it’s relatively cheap, you’ll see it most frequently at all-you-can-eat sushi establishments and conveyor belt restaurants.

Southern Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna Thunnus thynnus saltwater fish in mediterranean

The Southern Bluefin tuna is a type of Bluefin tuna found in the southern hemisphere and is commonly referred to in Japan as “Indian tuna.” Its flesh takes on a dark color, and the fish has a meaty, almost steaky flavor.

Sadly, the Southern Bluefin tuna is a critically endangered species, and fishing laws have become more strict on catching and distributing them. That said, they are still available in limited supply, and if you ever have the chance to try some, you should seize the opportunity.

Albacore Tuna

raw piece of tuna albacore fish, side view

Albacore tuna is the most inexpensive tuna on the market and is usually found in cans. It is also a valuable ingredient in sushi, with many opting to make spicy tuna rolls out of it since it’s a cheaper ingredient. 

Albacore tuna can be identified by its light pink, almost white, flesh, and firm texture. Like Yellowfin tuna, Albacore is mild in taste with a delicate sea fragrance.

Bigeye Tuna

Known for their, well, big eyes, the Bigeye tuna has a steak-like texture with a mellow, fatty taste. It’s not quite as rich as Bluefin toro, but it’s much more distinguishable and of higher quality than Yellowfin. 

Bigeye tuna is one of the two types of Ahi tuna, the other being Yellowtail.

Skipjack Tuna

Catch skipjack tuna fish portrait detail Atlantic seafood

Known as Katsuo in Japan, Skipjack Tuna is hard to find outside the country. Since its flesh is known to degrade quickly, it must be prepared fresh and is usually eaten as sashimi or nigiri.

Skipjack tuna is also known for being prepared as Tataki, which is where the meat is seared on the outside while the inside is left raw. The taste is lean, meaty, and deep.

Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin Tuna Closeup Underwater Photo

Leaving the best for last, Bluefin tuna is the most prized fish amongst sushi chefs worldwide. It’s known for its complex, fatty flesh and intensely rich flavor that melts in your mouth. Given that it’s so high in demand yet limited in supply, it’s the most expensive sushi you can get.

Bluefin tuna is most known for its underbelly, or Toro, which is the fattiest, most flavorful cut of the fish.


Here are some frequently asked questions around the web:

What is the best type of tuna for sushi?

While the “best” type of tuna sushi depends on personal preference, the most prized and sought-out fish is the Bluefin tuna.

What kind of tuna is used in sushi rolls?

Yellowfin and albacore tuna are best suited for sushi rolls. Due to their inexpensive nature and mild flavor, they are extremely versatile and can be prepared with many other ingredients without inhibiting a more expensive cut, such as Bluefin.

Which is better, Ahi or Yellowfin tuna?

Ahi is the Hawaiian name for Yellowfin tuna. They are the same, so one cannot be superior to the other, now can they?

Which tuna tastes best?

Many sushi connoisseurs swear by Bluefin tuna, while others pledge allegiance to Bigeye. If you like fattier cuts, then Bluefin is best. If you want a leaner fish, then Bigeye is the way to go. Either way, these are two of the highest quality, best-tasting sushi available on the market.