5+ Simple Mods to Take Your BBQ Smoker to the Next Level

Transform your BBQ smoker with simple mods: add a fan for heat control, improve ventilation, use a charcoal box, upgrade fuel source, and replace the thermometer for award-winning results.

bbq smoker mods 5+ Simple Mods to Take Your BBQ Smoker to the Next Level

You may be the King or Queen of backyard barbecues, but are you ready to take your BBQ smoking skills even further? If so, this article is for you.

With more than ten years of experience smoking brisket, ribs, pork shoulder, and other types of meat, I’ve developed a keen understanding of the nuances that can turn an average BBQ into an extraordinary, praiseworthy one.

Here are some of my go-to BBQ smoker mods that I use to keep things interesting at all the backyard barbecues and take my smoker game up a notch – all without breaking the bank.

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Enhance Your Heat Control With a Fan

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The key factor to amazing BBQ is controlling the heat.

If you add a temperature-controlled fan, you can more easily and effectively regulate the smoker. This fan is especially helpful if you’re smoking large cuts of meat that require a long cooking time.

The fan can help keep the heat consistent, ensuring that your food is perfectly cooked and tender every time.

Plus, meat cooked at super high temperatures poses a risk of cancer-associated HCAs, so low and slow is tastier and safer.

This simple tip will help to transform your regular smoker into an amazing one that can produce delicious and mouth-watering meals.

Improve Your Ventilation

Ventilation is also crucial when using a smoker, as a vent ensures that the smoke can circulate adequately and evenly.

If you’re having trouble with smoke not circulating properly, check to see if your smoker is venting correctly.

In addition, adding a larger exhaust stack can help improve the smoke’s flow, ensuring that your food has more flavor throughout.

Add a Charcoal Box

Close up one stainless steel metal smoker box with hardwood alder chips on black lump charcoal pieces, ready to barbecue grill and smoke food, elevated top view, directly above

Adding extra smoky flavor to your BBQ is easy by incorporating a charcoal box.

A charcoal box is a container that will help keep your charcoal from smoldering and burning quickly, allowing you to maintain a consistent temperature.

Again, consistency is key when smoking meats properly, as you don’t want to overheat the meat.

Upgrade Your Fuel Source

Finally, the last way to try getting more flavor out of your BBQ smoking is by upgrading your fuel source.

If you typically use standard charcoal for your smoker, try switching to pellets or wood chips for more intense smokiness.

Both are more efficient and can provide a deeper flavor than charcoal, thus taking your BBQ smoker from decent to, dare I say, award-winning!

Replace the Thermometer

Now that you know the temperature is key to well-smoked meats, you probably want to check to see if your thermometer is still working as it should. If not, it’s crucial to replace it as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to smoking food, many questions may come up. Before you get overwhelmed, below are our answers to frequently asked questions about BBQ smokers.

How can I modify a cheap smoker?

Even if you own a relatively inexpensive smoker, you can still make some simple modifications that will help improve your BBQ experience.

As this article suggests, consider adding a temperature-controlled fan, improving your ventilation, replacing your thermometer, putting in a charcoal box, or upgrading your fuel source.

What smokers do BBQ pitmasters use?

Most BBQ pitmasters prefer to use smokers that are meant for low-and-slow smoking. They often choose a drum smoker, offset smoker, and/or pellet smoker.

These smokers provide consistent temperatures for extended periods. Thus, they are excellent for producing high-quality smoked meats.

How do I turn my BBQ into a smoker?

If you have a regular BBQ grill and want to turn it into a smoker, you can simply add a smoking box, an airtight chamber you can attach to the side of the BBQ.

You can then fill it with wood chips or pellets to create the desired smokiness.

What do professional smokers use?

Professional smokers typically use specialized equipment designed to produce consistent temperatures at lower cooking speeds. 

For example, they may use pellet smokers – like the Traeger Timberline 850 – offset smokers or drum smokers.

They also use higher-quality fuel sources such as wood chips and pellets.

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