4+ Reasons Why Duxbury Bay Oysters Make for a Perfect Seafood Feast

Duxbury Bay oysters are a must-try for seafood lovers due to their perfect pairing with various dishes, sought-after popularity, palatable taste, and large, meaty size.

duxbury bay oysters

If love oysters but haven’t tried Duxbury Bay oysters, I’m going to show you four reasons to try them during your next seafood feast. I’m a massive fan of seafood in general, but I have a soft spot for oysters. And I don’t want you to miss this natural wonder. That’s why I’m sharing this information.  

The Duxbury oyster is one of the most prominent types. The Duxbury oyster, also known as the Island Creek oyster, is a type of oyster found in Duxbury Bay, just 40 miles outside of Boston, MA. They have an elongated black shell with a bright white interior where the body of the oyster sits. 

These imperfectly perfect oysters may not look the most uniform, but one thing to know about them is that they are tasty. Duxbury oysters have a delicious flavor and are the perfect addition to your seafood feast

I don’t want you to miss this natural wonder. That’s why I’m sharing this information. Keep reading, and I’m sure you’ll be dying to try them afterward.    

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Top 4 Reasons Why Duxbury Oysters Make for a Perfect Seafood Feast

Duxbury oysters are the perfect addition to your seafood feast for many different reasons. But, the top 4 reasons why Duxbury oysters should be your choice of seafood at your next feast is because they pair well with a variety of seafood, they are one of the most sought-after types of oysters in the world, their palatable taste allows them to blend with many flavors, and they are large, so they have a lot of meat to them. 

Duxbury Oysters Pair Well 

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One reason to add Duxbury oysters to your next seafood feast is that they pair well with various seafood. At your seafood feast, you will want plenty of different types of fish, crab, lobster, etc., so having an oyster that accompanies many different flavors well is crucial. 

The Duxbury oyster has a very briny taste with a salty, buttery finish, so combined with other light-tasting seafood like crab and shrimp, it’s the perfect burst of flavor. They are also very chewy and robust so when paired with soft, flaky fish, they truly are a match made in heaven. 

They Are Very Popular and Sought-After

The Duxbury oyster is a unique oyster, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find that they are often very sought-after. People love to taste new things, and the Duxbury oyster carries a very popular name that draws seafood lovers from all over the globe. 

Adding this fun and unique flavor to your next seafood feast will surely bring in a crowd and satisfy each and every one of your guests. 

Their Palatable Taste

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The Duxbury oyster has a robust, briny flavor with a salty and buttery finish. Its palatable flavor profile allows it to blend well with many other flavors, which is why they go well as an addition to a seafood feast. 

They aren’t too salty or meaty, but they have a perfect balance. They also have a rich, earthy undertone that tastes great alongside white fish like tilapia or cod and accompanies shrimp perfectly too. Some people like to squeeze a splash of lemon or lime on top too for added zest. 

Since they boast a light buttery flavor profile, too, eat them with your crab legs and lobster for the perfect side dish to an already perfect seafood feast. 

Duxbury Oysters are Large and Filling

One of the most common complaints about oysters on the menu is that they aren’t very filling and usually have very little meat inside. Duxbury oysters are one of the larger varieties of oysters; therefore, they have a lot more meat inside to fill your guests’ bellies. 

Since other seafood favorites, like shrimp, crab, lobster, and mussels, all have a lot of shell with little actual meat, you want something a bit more filling to go with your seafood feast at times. The best oyster, in this case, would be one that is flavorful, easy to shuck, and has a lot of juicy meat inside; and Duxbury oysters fit that bill perfectly. 


For more information on Duxbury Bay oysters, check the Q&A below.

Where are Duxbury Oysters from?

Powder Point Bridge aerial view connects Long Island and Duxbury in town of Duxbury, Massachusetts MA, USA.

Duxbury oysters are from Duxbury, Massachusetts, as their name suggests. They are found in Duxbury Bay, situated between Island creek and Saquish Head. Duxbury bay is just 40 miles South of Boston. Another name used to describe Duxbury bay area is Island creek village. 

Who Owns Duxbury Oysters?

The Duxbury Oyster Company owns much of the farm area in Duxbury bay, where the bulk of Duxbury oysters are caught and harvested. It was founded by father and son Patrick and John Mccluskey who grew up in the Duxbury bay area and dreamed of harvesting oysters as a career one day. 

Where are Island Creek Oysters from?

Island Creek oysters are just another name for Duxbury oysters. They get this nickname due to the Island creek village being in the Duxbury bay area. 

What do Island Creek Oysters Taste Like?

Island Creek oysters have a robust, salty, and briny taste to start, with a smooth buttery finish. They are also very meaty and chewy, making them perfect for a full seafood feast. 

More FAQs

What is oyster season?

Oyster season is the period from September to April, as per foodie tradition, when it is recommended to consume wild oysters to avoid the risk of watery shellfish or food poisoning.

What months should you not eat oysters?

You should not eat oysters during certain months. The saying used to be that oysters harvested in the warmer summer months of May through August were not safe for consumption because they did not contain the letter “r.” However, nowadays oysters are sold and consumed year-round without any significant concerns.

Why can’t you eat oysters in the summer?

It is not recommended to eat oysters in the summer because they spawn in warmer water, resulting in a change in texture and taste as they convert glycogen stores to gametes (sperm and eggs).

Are oysters safe to eat right now 2023?

Oysters harvested between January 16, 2023, and February 17, 2023, from Deep Bay subarea 14-8 landfiles #0278744, #0278742, #0278741, #0278740, #1414396, #0319716, #1414456, #1414457, #1400483, #1411206, should not be consumed, sold, or kept, as advised by the FDA.

Can you eat oysters in months that end in R?

Oysters can be safely consumed during months that end in “R”, which include September to April. These months correspond to the colder seasons, making it a suitable time to enjoy raw oysters.

What to do after eating bad oysters?

After eating bad oysters, it is important to seek medical treatment immediately if the person experiences an inability to tolerate oral fluids, presence of fever, blood in the stool, or development of other concerning symptoms. For all other instances of shellfish poisoning, it is advisable to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

What type of oysters are the most expensive?

The most expensive type of oysters are Belon oysters, which are highly coveted worldwide. These oysters are harvested in the Belon River in France and are known for their distinct coppery flavor that distinguishes them from other oysters.

What are the most creamy oysters?

The most creamy oysters are the Olympia Oysters, which can be found along the coast of Washington state and Northern California.

What do small choice oysters taste like?

Small choice oysters taste like a crisp and briny delicacy, offering a clean and sweet finish.

What is the best oysters to eat?

The best oysters to eat are Kumamoto Oysters, which you must try if you haven’t already, as well as Stellar Bay Oysters, Grassy Bar Oysters, Miyagi Oysters, and Malpeque Oysters.

What is the difference between flat oysters and Pacific Oysters?

The difference between flat oysters and Pacific oysters is that Pacific oysters have a more irregular shape compared to their flat native counterparts. The edges of the Pacific oyster shell are characterized by distinctive wavy, large frills. Additionally, in certain regions, Pacific oysters have escaped captivity and become an invasive species. They are sometimes marketed and sold as ‘rock oysters’.

What is the difference between Atlantic oysters and Pacific Oysters?

The difference between Atlantic oysters and Pacific oysters lies in their flavors. Pacific oysters, in general, have a sweeter taste and are less briny compared to Atlantic oysters. They offer a wide range of flavors, including varying degrees of brininess, creaminess, herbaceousness, hints of melon (such as honeydew or watermelon rind), and a touch of vegetal notes.

Who is the largest oyster producer in the US?

The largest oyster producer in the US is Taylor Shellfish Company, an American seafood company headquartered in Shelton, Washington. With locations spread across Western Washington, it holds the title of the country’s biggest producer of aquaculture (farmed) shellfish.

Who is the largest oyster producer?

The largest oyster producer is China, which produces approximately 85% of farmed oysters worldwide and consumes nearly all of its own production1, 5.

Where do Island Creek oysters come from?

Island Creek oysters come from Duxbury, MA.

What do Island Creek oysters taste like?

Island Creek Oysters taste like a near perfect combination of flavors. They have a delightful hint of salinity that offers a complex and refreshing experience. After the initial bites, you will be pleasantly surprised by the intricate flavors that unfold. They are described as buttery and mossy, with a satisfying texture.

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