7+ Gaucho Grilling Tips to Make Your Barbecue Amazing

Gaucho grilling, the Argentinian-style barbeque, is unique and flavorful. Follow these tips for an amazing gaucho-style BBQ experience.

gaucho grilling

There is nothing quite like the experience of grilling meat on a barbeque. All of your senses are on full alert as the smoke, heat, and succulent aroma of juicy steaks fill the air. One stands above the rest of the many styles of barbeque in the world.

Gaucho grilling, also known as Argentinian-style barbeque, is the world’s finest. Keep reading if you are ready to take your barbeque game to the next level. This article will tell you everything you need to know about gaucho-style cooking and some tips you can implement into your grilling routine.

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What Is Gaucho Style Cooking?

Gaucho style cooking is a unique Argentinian style of barbeque. Unlike the traditional American style, gaucho grilling includes large pieces of meat and other cuts, such as steaks or ribs. As the gaucho style is quite different from American-style barbeque, gauchos use their tools and techniques to get the best results.

How To Grill Gaucho Style?

"Parrillada" Argentine barbecue make on live coal (no flame), beef "asado", bread, "Chorizo" and blood sausage "morcilla"

If you want to grill Gaucho style, you will need an Argentinian grill and use wood instead of charcoal or gas. Additionally, we will cover some specific techniques later in the article that separates the gaucho style from other forms of barbeque.

What Is an Argentinian-Style Grill?

Argentinian Grill

An Argentinian-style grill is one of the essential gaucho grilling tools. It is a large, open-air fire pit typically constructed with bricks and metal grates. The open-fire heat is used for cooking large pieces of meat and other cuts, making gaucho grilling unique.

What To Cook on an Argentinian Grill?

You can cook practically anything on an Argentinian grill. However, most gaucho-style recipes focus on the king of meat, beef. Steaks, ribs, and other cuts are popular gaucho grilling recipes. Additionally, gauchos often cook vegetables on the grill as well.

The Best Gaucho Grilling Tips

You can implement these tips into your grilling routine to add gaucho flavors to your barbeque.

Prepare Your Grill Ahead of Time

Gaucho-style cooking is an intensive process that takes many hours. You will also have to stay in front of the grill the entire time, so it is essential to have everything you need ready. If you plan on having a barbeque, prepare your grill at least one day in advance. Clean it thoroughly, and get the wood and supplies you need for the grill.

By preparing in advance, you can focus on grilling the meat rather than preparing your grill during the BBQ.

Use Wood Instead of Charcoal

Many other types of barbeque use charcoal or gas as the heat source. However, gaucho grilling relies on wood for that unique flavor. The gauchos use various types of wood depending on the dish and the tastes they are looking for.

The gauchos often spend hours gathering and preparing the wood for their gaucho grilling. You don’t have to be as intense, but hardwood like oak is the best because it provides long and consistent heat and won’t break down quickly.

Build the Right Kind of Fire

When preparing to grill, building the right kind of fire is essential. You will have to create the fire well in advance because you will want enough coals to last you the entire day—also, gauchos like to use a large amount of wood to create a smoldering fire.

Once the fire is ready, gauchos also occasionally move the coals around. Stirring the coals helps with creating various levels of heat and prevents hotspots. Make sure you follow the appropriate safety procedures

Cook With a Multi-Zone Fire

Once your coals are ready, you must prepare them to start cooking. Gauchos use multiple zones for cooking their food. A multi-zone fire helps cook more complex dishes and provides different heat levels.

Create two to three zones, depending on how many dishes you plan to cook. You can have a high-heat, low-heat, or even an indirect-heat zone. Multiple zones help you cook multiple dishes simultaneously and keep the heat levels consistent.

Cook Low and Slow

Argentine barbecue, cook preparing grilled meat. Sunny day. Festivity, celebration, banquet.

The real secret to gaucho-style grilling is cooking low and slow. This style of bbq is a time-intensive process that you cannot rush. Cooking gaucho style requires patience, and you must take your time.

Gauchos often use a low temperature over several hours to cook their meat which helps create a more tender and flavorful meal than other grilling techniques.

It’s All About the Sauce

Badia Chimichurri Steak Sauce with Olive Oil, 8 oz (2 Pack)

Instead of using dry rubs or marinades, gaucho grilling is all about the sauce. Sauces are essential in gaucho grilling, and gauchos often spend hours preparing their sauces. Unlike other barbeque sauces, gaucho sauce is not thick and is used to baste the food while it cooks.

Gaucho sauces are usually made with lard, oil, garlic, and herbs. Some gaucho sauces may include chili, vinegar, or other ingredients, depending on the dish. Chimichurri is the most famous gaucho sauce, which is a great place to start if you are unfamiliar with gaucho sauce.

Once you have prepared your gaucho sauce, use it as a marinade and baste the food while it cooks. The sauce will help keep the food moist and add flavor.

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