7+ Different Cuts of Deli Meat You Need to Try Now

Different cuts of deli meat offer variety, nutrition, and convenience. Try Chorizo, Pepperoni, Chicken Breast Supreme, Turkey Breast, Roast Beef, Salami, and Smoked Ham for unique flavors and protein options.

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Deli meat is a quick and easy way to get protein into your diet at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s a versatile meat that adds nutritional value to any dish. Deli meat accounts for about 9.8 percent of category sales, which I feel is primarily due to convenience and nutritional value.

If you’re looking for a way to get more protein in your diet without the mess and time it takes to prepare raw meat, deli meat is the right choice. But, you may miss out if you only reach for the same deli meat every time, keep it fresh, and mix it up with different cuts of deli meat.

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Top 7 Different Cuts of Deli Meat You Have To Try

Deli meat is making a comeback, so get ahead of the game and try different types of deli meat that will refresh your palate while filling your belly. So, here are the top seven cuts of deli meat you have to try.

1. Chorizo

chorizo 7+ Different Cuts of Deli Meat You Need to Try Now

Chorizo is a popular Spanish meat made from cured pork sausage, curated in a blend of spices, including paprika, black pepper, and garlic. This type of deli meat is perfect for a charcuterie board or to be enjoyed on its own for a quick, high-protein snack option. 

Chorizo is usually found in the refrigerated section of hard meats near the deli area in the grocery store. You can buy it by the pound and then slice off as much meat as you want at any given time. 

Be cautious, though, as some brands of chorizo can be spicy, so if you don’t like spicy food, taste it first before eating a whole lot of it.

2. Pepperoni

salami vs pepperoni

Although I’m sure most of you have had pepperoni on your pizza or subs in the past have you ever purchased it as a deli meat option? You can get fresh pepperoni (not the Hormel kind you get pre-packed) in the deli section for a tasty, new deli cut for your sandwiches or wraps you make for lunch

Deli pepperoni also goes great in pasta salads, pizza dishes, cold cut hors d’oerves, and on chef salads even. While pepperoni is a delicious different cut of deli meat, it is very high in fat and sodium, so use it more as a treat than a daily offering.

3. Chicken Breast Supreme

Chicken breast supreme is made from a whole chicken breast that is steamed fresh and then made into deli meat. This is the cream de la cream of deli meats. Not only is it incredibly healthy and high in protein, but it’s also super delicious. 

Chicken breast supreme is an excellent addition to our salads, sandwiches, and wraps and can make for a nice snack.

4. Turkey Breast

Thinly shaved chicken breast

While on the subject of poultry, turkey breast is another terrific deli meat cut that should be in everybody’s fridge. It’s a lean source of protein and goes well with many other types of meats and cheeses. 

It’s no wonder why turkey breast is one of the most popular cuts of deli meats in the world; it’s nutritious, relatively inexpensive, and also convenient. 

Try a turkey breast deli meat tray with sharp cheese, olives, tomatoes, and celery for a quick and healthy weekday lunch.

5. Roast Beef

Foods To Put On Your Roast Beef Sandwich

Roast beef is another tasty deli meat option that adds a robust, savory flavor to your sandwiches. Roast beef deli meat is usually made from the silverside of the beef and then roasted for hours before it is cooled and then sliced. 

Roast beef is a good choice if you’re tired of chicken and turkey but don’t want to spend too much money on fresh, raw beef steaks. It also goes well with cheese, barbeque sauce, and onions if you’re looking for ways to spruce up your deli meat sandwiches.

6. Salami

best kinds of salami for sandwiches

Salami is a different cut of deli meat you need to try because it’s super tasty and makes any sandwich just a bit better. Just like pepperoni, salami is a hard meat that is very fatty but also flavorful. 

Use it sparingly but in moderation; salami is a great choice of deli meat to add to your deli meat collection for when you want something different. Salami also makes a great addition to your meat and cheese platter if you ever host a dinner party!

7. Smoked Ham

smoked ham glaze

Smoked ham is the perfect addition to your fridge because it’s different than all the rest in that it’s pork leg. The ham from the pork leg is smoked in a mesquite flavoring to give it a unique and bold taste. 

Smoked ham is very salty, so it tastes great with crunchy veggies in a salad or sandwich and gives your daily lunch routine a kick of flavor.

You’ll find smoked ham at the fresh-cut deli section in most grocery stores, or you can buy pre-sliced and packaged deli ham in the refrigerated aisle near the milk and eggs.


What are the different cuts of deli meat?

There are many different cuts of deli meat. The seven listed above are just a few of the most popular cuts. Some others include rotisserie chicken, prime rib, seasoned chicken breast, pancetta, honey-roasted ham, and pastrami. 

How do you order deli meat thickness?

Deli meat thickness is measured in inches, and the larger the number, the thicker the slice. Most deli counters will ask if you want it ¼” thick, ½” thick, or one full inch thick, as these are the most popular thickness levels to order. 

If you are using the deli meat for something such as a sandwich or wrap, I recommend a thicker slice of meat, whereas if you want it for a pasta salad or cobb salad a thinner slice will be a better fit. 

What are the best cold cuts for sandwiches?

The best cold cuts for sandwiches include all of these seven listed deli meat cuts plus any other type of deli meat you may enjoy. I typically recommend a lean meat option such as turkey or chicken to keep your sandwich nutritious and low in fat. 

You may also want to take into consideration what type of bread you’re using before selecting the best cold cuts to buy for your sandwich. 

How do you ask for meat at the deli?

When you walk up to the deli section of the grocery store, first check to make sure you don’t have to take a number. At stores that have a very busy deli section, you may have to take a number to wait in line for your turn. 

Then, when it is your turn, simply tell the store clerk what type of meat you want, how much (½ pound, 1 pound, etc.), and then also the desired thickness of each slice. The store clerk will then wrap up your meat and put a scanning sticker on it with the price. 

You usually pay for it at the regular cash registers where you check out, but in some cases, they allow you to pay for it right at the deli counter.

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