6+ Delicious Alternatives to Barramundi You Need to Try Now!

Explore delectable alternatives to Barramundi like sea bass, red snapper, and more for a tantalizing seafood adventure.

fish similar to barramundi 6+ Delicious Alternatives to Barramundi You Need to Try Now!

Sticking to the same seafood choices can be tiring. Sometimes, you just want something different from your regular routine. If you’ve been on the same seafood diet, it’s time to commence a cuisine adventure. 

Break free from that ordinary seafood you’ve been consuming. There are various delicious, alluring flavors you can embrace with Barramundi alternatives. If you’re a seafood enthusiast, this article explores impeccable options that will quench your cravings. 

Some of the delicious alternatives to Barramundi you need to try now include sea bass, red snapper, and striped bass, among many others. Get ready to commence a delicious mouthwatering journey. 

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What Kind of Fish is Similar to Barramundi?

When you want fish similar to Barramundi, sea bass should be your number one option. Sea bass is best known for its buttery flavor and its tenderness. This is the kind of fish that’s similar to barramundi. Furthermore, sea bass is the perfect alternative to Barramundi because of its flaky texture and other exceptional things. 

Here is a tempting selection of Barramundi alternatives you should try now!

Sea Bass

Fresh uncooked seabass with lemon and rosemary on wooden board over white backdground with clipping path

If you want a delicious alternative to Barramundi, sea bass is the number one fish you should pick. It has an exquisite sweetness and a flaky texture, and you’ll love its taste. Sea bass blends well with an array of sauces and seasonings.

Your first bite of sea bass will be everything you’ve ever desired for. You’ll never return to your ordinary meals once you test sea bass. The flavors and the smooth essence will leave an exciting impression on your face.

Furthermore, sea bass is the perfect alternative to Barramundi because of its versatility. You can employ various cooking strategies and seasonings to create a good dinner meal. 

Do you think sea bass only satisfies your cravings? No, it’s more than that. Sea bass will heighten your dining experience. You shouldn’t overlook this delicious alternative to Barramundi. Try it right now!

Red Snapper

Fresh red snappers ready to cook

If you want to explore alternatives to Barramundi, don’t look further. Red snapper is an exquisite seafood that will fascinate your taste buds. This Barramundi alternative has a slightly sweet taste, and its taste is mild too. It will refresh and satisfy your seafood cravings.

Moreover, red snapper has a tender yet firm, meaty flesh. So, with each bite, you’ll enjoy the experience. You can employ various cooking approaches to create an alluring red snapper. 

You can choose to:

  • Bake the red snapper with sweet-scented herbs.
  • Grill the red snapper till it is well made.
  • Steam it with a subtle sauce.

Moreover, the red snapper is the perfect barramundi alternative to try because of its red skin, which makes it visually appealing. It also elevates your dread for dinner. Besides red snapper having a delicious taste, it’s also versatile, and this is what makes it alluring.

Striped Bass

Freshly caught striped bass being prepared for dinner.

Striped bass is another fish similar to barramundi. It has a firm feel or texture and has various flavors. This seafood will leave you captivated and enthralled with a bite or two because of its stronger taste. You will have a delightful culinary experience. 

Additionally, this is the best alternative to Barramundi you should try right now because of its extraordinary and tender flesh. Striped bass will leave you with a pleasurable mouthfeel that will stay with every flavorful bite.

You can prepare your striped bass by just pan-searing to come up with a crispy exterior. If you love it roasted, you can roast it to your preference with sweet-scented herbs. Striped bass charms and versatility define why it’s a mouthwatering alternative to Barramundi.


Gadus morhua, pacific Cod, Portrait,close up. Ocean deepwater fish.

Cod is another versatile and readily available fish that is an alternative to barramundi. You can find it in stores. So, if you’re a seafood lover, break free from that ordinary seafood you’ve been consuming.

This cod has moist thick filets, offering a delightful texture. Moreover, it compliments well with an array of palates. Cod is slightly sweet, and it has a firmer flesh as compared to other alternatives to barramundi. 

There is the Pacific and Atlantic cod. Pacific cod has a high water content. It also has thick filets, and you will enjoy it with just one bite. On the other hand, the Atlantic cod is less sweet and has low water content compared to the Pacific cod. 

If you choose Atlantic cod, concentrate while cooking or in the process. It’s good to be careful to make certain the cod stays flavorful and moist.


Fresh raw seafood fish for cooked food, Grouper fish on ice with rosemary lemon

Grouper is among the most exceptional alternatives to barramundi. This fish is acknowledged for its delectable flavors and solid texture. Moreover, Grouper has flaky white flesh, which offers an exclusive delish experience. It has a great taste which makes it combat barramundi.

Grouper has a sweet taste, and you’ll enjoy every bit of it. So, if you want flavorful seafood, this should be your ideal choice. You can bake, grill, steam, or fry it. The option is yours! What makes grouper an exceptional alternative to barramundi because it retains its tenderness and moisture, bringing a sensual dinner experience.

Additionally, grouper is the perfect alternative because of its versatility in cooking. Because of its solid texture or feel, whichever cooking method you choose, it can hold up well. This seafood absorbs all the flavors or seasonings, and you’ll for sure enjoy every bite.


Fried halibut and potatoes with cabbage salad on wooden table

This is also another alternative to barramundi. Like other seafood, halibut has a meaty texture, and you’ll have a delightful eating experience. It has a subtle taste, and you can use various seasonings, sauces, or herbs. You can choose to poach, bake or pan-sear the halibut

Halibut also has a solid texture; you can use various cooking methods to prepare it. When you bake or pack it, it will remain tender. Moreover, halibut is versatile, so you can pan-sear it and allow it to be crispy. You should definitely try this delicious barramundi alternative!

Is barramundi similar to cod?

No. Even though cod and barramundi are popular fish, they have some differences. The differences they have are in terms of texture and taste. Barramundi is less sweet and has a mild flavor, while the cod flavor is milder than that of barramundi. Cod also has a slightly brisk flavor.

Is barramundi and sea bass the same?

No. Barramundi and sea bass are not similar. Even though they share some similarities, they are of different species and have contrasting features.

What does barramundi taste like?

Barramundi fish has a less sweet flavor. It has a tender, moist flesh, which provides a delicious taste that makes it complement well with an array of seasonings. 

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