7 Best Steaks at Texas Roadhouse: Ultimate Guide & Prices

Discover Top-Rated Steaks at Texas Roadhouse – Juicy Cuts Starting at Just $9.99!

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Texas Roadhouse has become a well-known steakhouse over the 30 years since its first location opened. The almost 600 restaurants are located in every state except Hawaii, so chances are that if you don’t have one in your area, you’re likely to encounter one on a trip. If you do, it’s worth a stop.

If you aren’t familiar with Texas Roadhouse, knowing which steak to order can be difficult. As someone who takes full advantage of every opportunity to eat at Texas Roadhouse, I’ll list five of the top steaks to try on your visit, including my personal favorite — number 3. 

With this list, you’ll be prepared to find the best steak at Texas Roadhouse, whether it’s your first trip or you just want to try something new. 

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Dallas Filet

The Dallas Filet is the steak for a special occasion — whether that’s a birthday or just because you had a good day. The Texas Roadhouse menu describes this steak as their most tender.

It’s lean, and its beefy flavor is enhanced with perfect seasoning. Though it is a pricier steak, it is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy a high-quality steak that would fit in at a fancier restaurant.

New York Strip

Differences Between New York Strip & Sirloin Steak

The New York Strip is the steak for any time. Longer aging makes it more tender and flavorful. If you enjoy the ever-popular sirloin, this steak is an upgrade in taste and only a bit more expensive. You also have the option between a traditional 12-ounce steak and a thicker cut 8-ounce.

Steak Kabob

The Steak Kabob is the choice for when you want something a bit different. If you enjoy multiple textures and flavors on your plate with your steak, this is an excellent choice.

Chunks of marinated steak are cooked with bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes and served over seasoned rice. The variety makes each bite unique.

Bone-In Ribeye

Cowboy Ribeye Uncooked 7 Best Steaks at Texas Roadhouse: Ultimate Guide & Prices
raw cowboy steak on stone background, prime rib eye on bone, top view

The Bone-In Ribeye is the steak for big appetites. It comes only in a 20-ounce size, so bring your appetite or plan to share. People love ribeyes for their tenderness and juiciness.

This one is cooked on the bone for additional flavor, but Texas Roadhouse also offers a boneless counterpart — the Ft. Worth Ribeye (aka “Cowboy Ribeye“).

Road Kill

The Road Kill is for the person who loves toppings. Don’t let the name deter you. The Road Kill is anything but unappetizing. This chop steak is almost more like a bunless burger.

It’s covered with sauteed onions and mushrooms and smothered with jack cheese. Steak purists might not classify this dish as a steak, but if you simply can’t decide between a steak and a burger, this steak offers the best of both worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Most Popular Steak at Texas Roadhouse?

Texas Roadhouse opened its first location in Indiana in 1993, and 30 years later, you might be surprised to learn that their most popular steak has not changed. In 1993, their most popular steak was the 6-ounce sirloin. In 2016, Texas Roadhouse’s PR director confirmed that the 6-ounce sirloin was still the most popular steak, and nothing seems to have changed since then.

What is the Best Thing to Eat at Texas Roadhouse?

Steak is, of course, the best thing to eat at Texas Roadhouse, but you’ll want to round out your meal. 

For an appetizer, try the Rattlesnake Bites — like a cross between a jalapeno popper and a cheese ball. Get some ribs with your steak in one of their Texas Size Combo menu options. Choose steak fries and Texas Red Chili for your sides, and wrap up the meal with Granny’s Apple Classic for dessert.

Which Steak is the Tastiest?

Ribeye is widely regarded as the most flavorful steak. The marbling makes it a moist and tender cut, and it has a rich, beefy flavor people enjoy. Ribeyes come from the muscle between the sixth and 12th ribs of the animal. Since this muscle is not used extensively, the steaks are more tender than those taken from the shoulders or loins.

What is Texas Roadhouse Best Known For?

Texas Roadhouse is best known for its steaks, which are hand cut and never frozen. Other claims to fame include the complementary fresh-baked rolls served with cinnamon butter, their ribs that fall off the bone, and their made-from-scratch food.

What is the Best Selling Steak at Texas Roadhouse?

Texas Roadhouse’s fact sheet lists the 6-ounce USDA Choice Sirloin as their best-selling steak. Their menu lists the sirloin as flavorful, hearty, and of great value.

The sirloin is a cut of beef located just below the well-known tenderloin in the animal. Sirloins are one of the most popular cuts served in restaurants because they are lean, tender, juicy, and full of flavor. They also generally come at a lower price point than some other cuts.

What is the best steak to order at Texas Roadhouse?

The best steak to order at Texas Roadhouse is the Dallas Fillet, Porterhouse T-Bone, Bone in Ribeye Steak, New York Strip, Steak Kabob, Prime Rib, USDA Choice Sirloin, or Road Kill.

Why are Texas Roadhouse steaks so tender?

Texas Roadhouse tenderises their steaks by seasoning each side of the steak well with their special seasoning and allowing it to rest for approximately 40 minutes. This process allows the salt to penetrate the surface of the meat through osmosis, effectively breaking down the muscle fibres and resulting in a more tender steak.

What is the difference between prime rib and ribeye Texas Roadhouse?

The difference between prime rib and ribeye at Texas Roadhouse is that prime ribs are seared and then slowly roasted under low heat, resulting in a more tender texture, whereas ribeyes are quickly grilled over high heat, giving them a more charred flavor.

What is the most tender steak at Texas Roadhouse?

The most tender steak at Texas Roadhouse is the Dallas Filet, as it is one of the various steaks they offer, including the Ft Worth Ribeye, Porterhouse T-bone, Filet Medallions, Sirloin, and New York Strip. While all their steaks are tender, the cuts of Filet are particularly known for their tenderness.

How is Texas Roadhouse sirloin so tender?

Texas Roadhouse tenderises their steaks by seasoning each side of the steak well with their special seasoning and allowing it to rest for approximately 40 minutes. This process allows the salt to penetrate the surface of the meat through osmosis, which helps break down the muscle fibres and ultimately leads to a more tender sirloin.

What is Texas Roadhouse most known for?

Texas Roadhouse is most known for its hand-cut steaks, fall-off-the-bone ribs, made-from-scratch sides, and fresh-baked bread. The company, which opened its doors in 1993, has experienced significant growth with over 580 locations in 49 states and 22 international locations in nine foreign countries.

What is the best day to eat at Texas Roadhouse?

The best day to eat at Texas Roadhouse, according to a Texas Roadhouse employee on Reddit, is at the start of the week, specifically on Monday or Tuesday. They suggest that these days usually have shorter wait times compared to other days. Additionally, Sundays tend to have a smaller crowd at the steakhouse.

Why do people love Texas Roadhouse so much?

People love Texas Roadhouse so much because they are loyal to the restaurant and frequently visit it, sometimes even twice a week or more. These loyal customers appreciate the exceptional quality of the food and the great value for money that Texas Roadhouse offers. Additionally, some individuals are so determined to enjoy the best steaks in the country that they are willing to wait in line for hours.

Why do people like Texas Roadhouse so much?

People like Texas Roadhouse so much because of the high-quality steaks they offer, which are aged and hand-cut in-house by the restaurant’s butchers. The combination of their house seasoning and the searing process adds to the appeal.

Are Texas Roadhouse ribs good?

Texas Roadhouse ribs are indeed good, as they are well-known for their mouthwatering and tender ribs, which are a favorite among meat enthusiasts.

Does Texas Roadhouse freeze their steaks?

Texas Roadhouse does not freeze their steaks; instead, they are stored chilled in large coolers at this chain. Additionally, all of their steaks are made from USDA Choice beef, which is a grade slightly lower than USDA Prime.

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