9+ Best Indoor Smokers for Delicious Meals at Home

Indoor smokers offer delicious smoked meals at home without the need for outdoor space. Choose from stovetop or electric models for compact kitchens.

Slowly smoked beef brisket shashlik is poured with a specially prepared mushroom and onion sauce.

Let’s face it – smoked meats and cheeses pack a punch in the flavor department! And non-smoked varieties simply pale in comparison. Although, you don’t need ample outdoor space to create delicious smoked meals with indoor smokers in the comfort of your own home.

The nine best indoor smokers for delicious meals at home are Camerons (stovetop), Nordic Ware Smoker (stovetop), CucinaPro (electric), Breville Smoker (electric), and Demeyere Resto (oven and stovetop). And the Homia (electric), IPPINKA Donabe (stovetop), and Cypress Sunshine (electric) indoor smokers.

Even though choosing an indoor smoker may seem relatively straightforward, that is unfortunately not always the case, as they all have their own pros and cons. So, if you want to avoid ending with a smoked-filled kitchen and get the best value for money – read on!

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The 9 Best Indoor Smokers For Super Tasty Home-Cooked Meals

While it is true that outdoor smokers are still the best, there are some excellent indoor smokers, ideal for small kitchens and apartments due to their compact sizes, with two main indoor smoker options ranging from stovetop to electric models

Some indoor smokers are compatible with all stove tops, but that is not always true. So, if you opt for a stove top model, ensure that it will work on your type of stove, especially if it is an induction stovetop.

Most electric indoor smokers are typically gun-shaped, and powered by batteries, albeit some do work with electric outlets, and they have an easy-to-use wood chip burn compartment and control pane at their base.

A stovetop variety is ideal if you want to infuse meats or cheeses with a considerable quantity of smoke. While electric smokers are primarily suited to smoking cocktails, some are perfect for cold-smoking meats and cheeses. With that said, here are the 9 best indoor smokers on the market. 

Best Overall Indoor Stovetop Smoker – Camerons 

Camerons Original Stovetop Smoker -Indoor Outdoor Smoker Box Gift Set w/Oak, Apple, Hickory Wood Chip Pints & Recipe Guide-Use On Stovetop or BBQ Grill -Great Fathers Day Gift & Grilling Gift for Men

Critically acclaimed Camerons smokers deserve to be at the top of this list as you will battle to find a better stovetop smoker!

Even though it is smaller than traditional outdoor smokers, it is the most comparable with the real McCoy, and it produces deliciously smoked meats that are like outdoor smokers.

The Camerons indoor smoker produces a solid amount of smoke, so it is ideal for smoking all types of meat. 

Unlike other versions, most of the smoke is sealed in, and even if some of it does escape, it’s very little. Your home won’t be enveloped in a ton of smoke.

Most importantly, it is super easy to use, as you only need to add wood chips to the smoker’s bottom tray. Then add the drip, and roasting trays (where the meat goes), cover them to seal in the smoke, place them on the stove, and that’s it!


  • Works the same as an outdoor smoker to produce super tasty smoked meats.
  • Ideal for compact kitchens equipped with stoves.
  • Easy to use, even for novice cooks.


  • Even though this smoker is produced from durable stainless steel, its drip tray discolors relatively quickly. So, you can’t keep it in a pristine condition.
Camerons Original Stovetop Smoker - Smoker Box Gift Set w/Oak, Apple, Hickory Wood Chip Pints & Recipe Guide - Indoor Outdoor Use - Great for Smoking Christmas Dinner - Barbecue Grilling Gift for Men
  • Camerons Original Stovetop Smoker (11” x 15” x 3.5”) Includes the Stainless Steel Stovetop Smoker, Stick-Free Rack, Drip Pan, Lid, Recipe Guide and BONUS Apple, Alder, and Hickory Smoking Wood Pints.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Smoker - Camerons Stovetop Smoker can be used in your kitchen or on your grill! This revolutionary design allows you to enjoy delicious smoked meals prepared in the comfort and convenience of your home. Smoke meat, fish, vegetables, and more right on the stovetop or BBQ! Great for cooking holiday meals for the whole family from Thanksgiving turkey dinner to Christmas roast!
  • The Stovetop Smoker can be used on any heat source (gas, electric, campfire, barbecue grill) and doubles as a steamer, poacher, or roasting pan.
  • Easy to Use - Just line the tray with any flavor of Camerons Fine Smoking Chips, add your ingredients to the cook rack, and place it over heat for a perfectly smoked meal. The smoking box is designed to keep food moist while smoking and the lid keeps smoke inside to infuse food with rich wood flavors.
  • Quick clean up and easy storage - Camerons Stovetop Smoker is dishwasher safe for easy clean up. All components nest inside the smoker when not in use and the handles fold away for easy storage. The Camerons Stovetop Smoker is a great grilling gift for men, Father's Day, birthdays, holidays, or just because for the BBQ lover in your life!

Best For Smoking Larger Meat Cuts – Nordic Ware Smoker

Nordic Ware 36556 Kettle Smoker, Red

If you are looking for an indoor stovetop smoker that can accommodate an entire chicken or a large cut of meat – look no further!

The Nordic Ware Smoker has a large domed lid, so there’s lots of internal space to accommodate larger cuts, and it’s ideal if you plan to entertain many guests.

This indoor smoker works with traditional wood chips, is ideal for wet and dry smoking options, and is suited to a wide range of foods.

Most importantly, it is user-friendly, so you will quickly master the fine art of smoking large cuts of meat without having to cut it into smaller pieces like with other indoor smokers. 


  • Perfect for smoking a whole chicken, or other large cuts of meat.
  • Produced from robust stainless steel.
  • Great for hot-smoking various cuts.
  • User-friendly and intuitive.


  • Prone to staining, so it never looks spotless.
Nordic Ware 36556 Kettle Smoker, Red
  • Smoking foods at home has never been so easy
  • Transforms everyday food into delicious meals
  • High dome cover allows for maximum capacity
  • Measures 6-7/8 by 13 by 13-1/2 inches. Do not cook on high heat (recommended smoking temperature is 190- 210 degrees F, adjust burner as needed)
  • 5-Year Warranty

Best Budget Indoor Smoker – CucinaPro Smoking Gun

Smoking Gun with XL 7-1/4" Dome- Hot Cold Portable Smoker Infuser Kit for Indoor Outdoor Use- Smoke Meat Cheese Cocktails Faster than Smoker Box, Large Dome Has Greater Capacity, Holiday Electric Gift

The budget-friendly CucinaPro smoker provides outstanding value for money. Especially if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on a high-end indoor smoker that you will rarely use.

And let’s be honest, we all have tons of the latest kitchen gadgets tucked in a corner kitchen cupboard that are seldom used. So, if that scenario sounds familiar, the CucinaPro indoor smoker is a great buy.

Portable and lightweight, this smoking gun is ideal for drinks and cheeses. However, it’s also great for pre-cooked meat that needs a little added smoky deliciousness. And it’s so tiny that you can even pop it in your bag and impress your friends with smoked cocktails.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Value for money
  • Great smoking quality
  • Small and lightweight
  • Perfect for smoked cheeses and cocktails


  • It gets jammed easily, so it needs to be taken apart and cleaned after every use.
Smoking Gun w XL 7-1/4" Dome - Hot Cold Electric Portable Smoker Infuser Kit for Indoor Outdoor Use- Smoke Meat Cheese Cocktails Faster than Smoker Box, Large Dome w Greater Capacity, Fathers Day Gift
  • Smoking Gun- Adds natural smoke flavor to meat, cheese, fish, vegetables, and cocktails without using heat
  • Smoke Infuser - Place lit up wood chips, tea, herbs, spices, or dried flowers inside the burner chamber. The smoker will quickly make smoke to infuse your food/drink; Can hold 1.8-2g wood chips per use
  • Smoker Cooking- An easy alternative to traditional smokers; Smokey flavor without the hassle!
  • Indoor Smoker - Great for the kitchen for meats and cheeses or at the home bar for creative, flavorful cocktails! Great gift for dads, boyfriends, or husbands who look to cook and smoke their food!
  • Lightweight Portable Smoker - Operated by 2 AA batteries. Features 7 1/4 smoking dome. Perfect for smoking products on the go!

Best High-Quality Design – Breville Electric Indoor Smoker

Breville BGR700BSS the Sear and Press countertop electric grill, Medium, Brushed Stainless Steel

Even though this indoor smoker is expensive, every component is crafted from quality materials, built for longevity ranging from the robust silicone smoking hose to the ultra-durable stainless steel burning chamber.

But, most importantly, it works incredibly well and is easy to use, with a robust base structure. And despite being an electric smoker and using a cold smoking method, it produces the same outstanding smoky flavor as stovetop smokers.

And because it is an electric-powered indoor smoker, you can choose between mild and more intense smoky flavors with the added advantage of dried herbs, flowers, or woodchips to smoke all manner of drinks and food, so it’s enormously versatile.

Most importantly, it has a compact, small design, so it’s ideal for small apartments or tiny kitchens as it is easy to store away.


  • Compact design with quality materials.
  • Infuses food and drinks with an excellent smoky flavor.
  • Suited to smoking with wood chips, including dried herbs and flowers.


  • This indoor smoker does not come equipped with a lid, dome, or other useful tools, so you must improvise and use your own smoking accessories.
Breville Sear & Press Grill BGR700BSS, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • ONE-TOUCH PRESETS: Shortcuts increase convenience: pre-programmed one-touch Panini, Burger and Sear functionalities create ideal cooking environment and perfect results for your favorite foods.
  • OPEN FLAT BBQ MODE: Open the grill flat for a 240 square inch grilling and griddle surface. Makes grilling steaks, burgers or seafood a cinch and cooks eggs and pancakes to perfection. Removable drip tray works in BBQ or contact mode and catches the fat whilst cooking. Outdoor grilling has now found a new home on your countertop.
  • INDEPENDENT PLATE TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The electronic temperature control on each plate puts you in command. When opened on the BBQ mode, you now have the ability to cook a great variety of food that require different temperatures independently. Endless food combinations to keep you cooking morning, noon and night.
  • REVERSIBLE CERAMIC GRILL AND GRIDDLE PLATES: Sizzle bacon and eggs for breakfast, toast panini sandwiches for lunch, cook steaks for dinner, make waffles for dessert. Non-stick and natural coating enables the dual sided convenience. With hotter temperatures, ceramic plates allow more browning, better crust and are completely PFOA and PTFE free.
  • WAFFLE PLATES COMPATIBLE: Add versatility to your grill with premium quick release non-stick coating ceramic waffle plates (sold separately). The No-mess Moat design feature prevents waffle batter to spill out and onto your countertop. Dishwasher safe.

Best Oven And Stovetop Indoor Smoker – Demeyere Resto 

Demeyere Resto 4-pc Stainless Steel Stovetop Smoker Set

This versatile indoor smoker is incredibly versatile as it’s suited to smoking large cuts on a stovetop or at high temperatures in the oven. So, in that sense, it is utterly unique!

This indoor smoker is crafted from high-quality, durable stainless steel and can handle high oven temperatures. It is suited to enthusing veggies, meat, and cheeses with a robustly smoky flavor.

And it works like a traditional smoker, so it’s easy to use as you only need to add some wood chips at its base, then add the drip and smoking trays on top of it, and your food, and hey presto!


  • Suited to ovens and stovetops.
  • Produces an outstanding smoky flavor.
  • Made from durable materials.
  • Super easy to use.


  • The smoker’s lid releases too much smoke, so you will need to tightly wrap it with some foil to retain the smoke.
Demeyere Resto 4-pc Stainless Steel Stovetop Smoker Set, Silver, 11.5"
  • Set includes smoker pan, lid, smoking chamber, and food rack insert
  • For use with aromatic smoking wood chips (not included with set)
  • Pan doubles as a steamer or sauté pan
  • 18/10 stainless-steel construction with an easy-care satin finish
  • 3-layer aluminum core base for excellent heat retention and even heat distribution

Best Electric Smoker Kit – Homia Smoker Machine

Smoking Gun Wood Smoke Infuser Birner PRO - Premium Kit, 13 PCS, Smoker Machine with Accessories and Wood Chips - Cold Smoke for Food and Drinks - Gift for Man

This electric smoker provides the best value for money as it includes a comprehensive smoking kit comprised of a smoker gun and a cocktail smoking disc, including a lid to smoke meats and cheeses.

Best of all, the smoking kit includes seven differently flavored wood chip varieties, so you are ready to go without the hassle of shopping for all the added extras.

Apart from being a fabulous cocktail smoker, it’s also ideal if you want to cold-smoke cooked meat and cheeses. And it comes equipped with two smoking modes, so you can choose between a mild and an intense smoking option.


  • The kits contain all the smoking tools you will need.
  • Perfect for cold smoking.
  • Variable smoking functions.


  • Not a traditional hot smoker.
  • Takes longer to smoke cooked meat.
  • Ill-suited to smoking large cuts and uncooked meats.
Cocktail Smoker Kit - Smoking Gun Birner PRO - Premium Kit, 13 PCS, Smoker Machine with Accessories and Wood Chips - Cold Smoke for Food and Drinks - Gift for Man
  • ✔️PREMIUM COCKTAIL SMOKER SET - Premium Kit Included 13 PCS - You get SMOKING GUN, convenient Stand, Flexible hose, Disk LID, DOME lid (cloche), 2 Glass Cocktail Ball, 4 flavors of WOOD CHIPS, Nozzle for Bubbles, 4 x AA batteries, 3 extra mesh, tweezers for cleaning brush, screwdriver. Ready to use out of the box! (Bubble Mixture NOT included)
  • 😎PROFESSIONAL SMOKING GUN – With Metal burning Chamber and Metal Fan you can easily clean and maintain your new Smoke infuser. And with up to 2.3 m/s Fun Speed generates intense cold smoke that is easily absorbed into food and drinks for that tender smoky flavor. The WIDE Lid is a perfect accessory for your smoking gun. The DISK LID ensures that not even one portion of smoke will disappear, and it also comes with the Cocktail balls!
  • 👍MULTIPURPOSE & EASY TO USE –Ergonomic Design perfectly fits in hand and a wide burn chamber helps to fast Lighting Wood Chips. Portable, convenient and easy to use Food Smoker will produce cold smoke and apply a delightful flavor to Meat, Fish, Cheese, Pasta, Whiskey, Cocktail - add a smoky flavor to virtually any food or Cocktail. And also you get regularly updated ONLINE RECIPES.
  • . 🔥GREAT GIFT CHOICEE - This Food-smoker brings your weekend to new heights and makes you feel like a professional mixologist and chef. It also makes a useful gift for any close person in your life. Thoughtful gift for Birthday, Father`s Day, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.
  • ❤️ CUSTOMER SUPPORT&WARRANTY with our extended 1-YEAR WARRANTY you are 100% protected from defects or malfunctions. We are always here around you to resolve any arisen issue or answer any question you may have. It brings us joy to provide you with the highest level of support possible. Feel free to contact us anytime, we will be happy to help!

Best Clay Indoor Smoker – IPPINKA Donabe Stovetop Smoker

Japanese Donabe Smoker for 2 people

This fast and efficient clay indoor smoker works like a traditional smoker, albeit, unlike outdoor smokers that can take forever to do their job, the IPPINKA Donabe version provides an in-depth smoky flavor in a short space of time.

Even though you can’t smoke large cuts of meat like in a traditional outdoor smoker, it’s an outstanding indoor smoker that burns incredibly well, so you can even use it for thick cuts of meat. 

It is relatively pricey, and because it is made with clay, it can only be used on a stovetop. However, it’s easy to use as you only need to add wood chips, pop the smoking grate on, add the food, cover it with a lid then wait for it to do its job. 


  • Works quickly and efficiently and is easy to use.
  • Enthuses even thick cuts of meat with a delicious smoky taste.


  • This indoor smoker is expensive.
Japanese Donabe Smoker for 2 people
  • Multi-purpose Japanese clay cooking pot (donabe) - Great for cooking a variety of dishes, including steamed, smoked, baked dishes and etc.
  • It comes with a metal grate and cherry wood smoke chips - Made in Japan
  • Capacity: 0.8 litres - Good for approximately 2 people
  • Dishwasher and oven safe, microwavable. Can be used on direct fire and electric stovetops. Not compatible with induction cooktops. Both the body and the lid can be washed in a dishwasher.
  • Dimensions: approximately 8.7 diameter x 5.5" height - Weight: 4.4 lb

Best Multi-Purpose Electric Indoor Smoker – Cypress Sunshine 

This outstanding versatile electric indoor smoker is equipped with a dome and a drinks lid and can be used in several ways. 

So, you can use the dome to smoke small cuts of meat and cheese and the lid for delicious smoked cocktails. Apart from wood chips, you will get everything you need right off the bat.

Most importantly, it offers variable smoking modes with moderate and intense settings, so you have far more control than stovetop indoor smokers. 

It is also user-friendly as you simply need to add the wood chips and switch on the machine, so this cold smoking method is ideal if you are short on time.


  • User-friendly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Incredibly versatile.
  • Offers variable smoking modes.


  • The following items are not included: wood chips, instruction manual, and recipes.
  • It emits a lot of smoke, so you must seal it with some tinfoil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Smoker That Can Be Used Indoors?

There is a wide range of excellent stove tops and indoor electric smokers, and they are far more compact than outdoor smokers. So, you only need a little storage space.

Although, it’s essential to use indoor smokers in a well-ventilated area, as they emit various amounts of smoke.

What Is The Best Smoker To Buy For Home Use?

The best smoker for home use is Cameron’s stovetop smoker, as it’s easy to use indoors and produces food that has a similar smoky taste compared to outdoor smokers. However, an outdoor smoker is still the best if you have enough space outdoors.

What Is The Best Smoker For A Novice?

Fortunately, most indoor smokers are perfect for novice cooks as they are intuitive and user-friendly. Although, an electric smoker might be easier for inexperienced cooks as they provide more control, with two smoking modes. 

Is An Electric Smoker Better Than A Regular Smoker?

While stovetop smokers tend to provide a more intense smoky flavor, they are more challenging to clean. 

And even though stovetop smokers are mostly made from durable stainless steel, they stain relatively easily. So, you will need to first wash it by hand, and if it is dishwasher safe, pop it in the machine for a final cleaning session. 

In that sense, an indoor electric smoker is better as you have more control over the amount of smoke it releases. It is far easier to clean as you only need to clean its burn compartment. So, using an indoor electric smoker is a case of “no mess – no fuss”!

Final Thoughts

The 9 best indoor smokers for delicious meals at home have something in common. They are all easy to use, crafted from robust materials, and unlike outdoor smokers, can be used all year round to produce tasty smoked meats, cheeses, and even a cheeky cocktail, or two!

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