7+ Reasons You Need a Crawfish Pot and Burner for Your Next Seafood Boil

A crawfish pot and burner are essential for seafood boils, offering increased capacity, even cooking, convenience, greater control, versatility, affordability, and perfect outdoor cooking.

Crawfish in a pot of boiling spicy water.

If you are a seafood lover, then you know that the very best part of the year is getting to host a seafood boil with your closest friends and family.

Whether you’re a loquacious Low-Country shrimp lover, a mighty Maryland master of mussels and crabs, or a bodacious Bayou person who loves shellfish, there’s nothing not to love.

There are times, though, when it’s time to level up your seafood cooking game, and if you’re a fan of crawfish, then a crawfish pot and burner should be on your must-have list.

After crunching the numbers and testing all the variables, we’ve determined that the crawfish pot and burner will make your seafood boil experience easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. 

Here are some reasons why you need a crawfish pot and burner for your next seafood boil.

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What the heck is a crawfish?

what do crawfish taste like

First, we should specify what a crawfish (also called a crayfish, a crawdad, credit, mudbug, and many other names) is. 

This succulent shellfish looks like a shrimp crossed with a crab and tastes that way too. A crawfish has meaty flesh with a sweet, slightly briny flavor.

As any Louisianan can tell you, crawfish shells protect their precious meat. For that reason, crawfish boils focus on disassembling the shells and harvesting the meat, much like a Maryland crab-picking session.

Now that you have the 4-1-1- on crawfish, it is time to break down why a crawfish pot should be on your shopping list before your next seafood boil.

Okay, but what is a crawfish pot?

We have one final stop before we arrive at our crawfish pot facts, and that’s to explain what a crawfish pot is.

For an outdoor seafood boil, chefs do not just use a gigantic metal pot. Instead, they load their ingredients–crawfish, shrimp, corn, crabs, potatoes, corn, and the works–into a basket poised within a large pot, which is optimized to sit over a boiler. Then, they fill the pot with seasoned broth and let the ingredients simmer in the delectable flavors. Finally, they lift the interior basket and bring it to the dining space.

So, why do you need such complex equipment for a simple crawfish boil? Read below to find out.

Increased Capacity

The first and most obvious reason you need a crawfish pot and burner is the increased capacity.

One of the nightmare scenarios of a seafood boil is that you don’t time the food for mealtime. The most common culprit is that you have so many ingredients that you cannot cook them all at once.

A crawfish pot solves this very problem. The crawfish pot can hold a lot of seafood at once, so you can cook for a large group of people without having to do multiple batches. This means less time spent in the kitchen and more time spent enjoying the party–not to mention a dinner that everyone can enjoy at once.

Even Cooking


One of the challenges of seafood cooking is ensuring that everything gets cooked all over–which can be challenging when so many ingredients are floating through the pot.

However, a crawfish pot and burner allow you to circumvent this issue. The pot is designed so that heat is distributed throughout the pot, ensuring that every piece of seafood cooks to perfection. 

This is especially important when you are cooking delicate seafood like shrimp or crawfish, as they can easily overcook–or, even worse, undercook–if they don’t get even heat.


A crawfish pot and burner are also very convenient to use. It is easy to set up and use, so you can quickly start cooking your seafood. The burner is also easy to control, so you can adjust the heat as needed to ensure that your seafood is cooked to perfection

On top of all that, the pot is also easy to clean. As a result, you can spend more time enjoying your party and less time cleaning up–and less time on maintenance after the guests leave.

Greater control

Another advantage of a dedicated crawfish pot-and-burner set is that you get to exercise greater control over your cooking. 

When you use an analog cooking method (in other words, a wood-burning fire and pot) or a stove, you do not have much control over the heat at which your mixture cooks. This fact is problematic for seafood boils, where you want to keep your food cooking at a stable simmer, neither ripping hot nor cold. 

Even worse, it can be counterproductive to even check on your food! This is because of the classic pickle of the observer effect–when you open the lid of your pot to check on the food, you release precious steam and delay the cooking process. If you are an anxious cook who loves to check on your ingredients, this is downright destructive to cooking.

Crawfish pots and burners, however, put you in the driver’s seat of your seafood boil. Many pot-and-burner pairs have automatic temperature controls that let you tweak the 

Perfect for Outdoor Cooking

If you love cooking outdoors, a crawfish pot and burner are a must-have. It is designed for outdoor use, so you can set it up on your patio or backyard and enjoy the fresh air while you cook. Plus, you don’t have to worry about cooking smells lingering in your kitchen.


Lest we take the name at face value, a crawfish pot and burner is not just for cooking crawfish.

A solid pot is an excellent tool for cooking a variety of seafood, including shrimp, crabs, and lobsters, not to mention seafood boil ingredients like corn, potatoes, and sausages. 


ARC 32QT Stainless Steel Stockpot 6-Piece For Seafood Boil Crawfish Boil Pot,Crab Boil Shrimp Boil Turkey Fryer Pot with Basket Divider and Hook, Lobster Tamale Steamer Pot Outdoor Cooking And Home Brewing

While a crawfish pot and burner may seem like a hefty investment, it is quite affordable. There are a variety of options available at different price points, so you can find one that fits your budget. Plus, it is a one-time investment that you can use for years to come, making it a cost-effective option in the long run.


What size pot is best for crawfish boil? 

A pot that is at least 60 quarts in size is best for a crawfish boil. This size pot will allow enough room to fully submerge the crawfish and other ingredients. It’s important to choose a pot with a tight-fitting lid to maintain a rolling boil and prevent excess water evaporation

What size boiler do I need for crawfish?

To boil crawfish, you will need a boiler that is at least 60 quarts in size.

This size will accommodate the crawfish, as well as other ingredients, such as potatoes, corn, and sausage. It’s important to choose a boiler with a high BTU output to ensure that the water comes to a rapid boil and stays at the appropriate temperature.

What kind of pot do you cook crawfish in?

The best kind of pot to cook crawfish in is a large stockpot made of aluminum or stainless steel.

The pot should have a capacity of at least 60 quarts and a tight-fitting lid to maintain a rolling boil and prevent water evaporation. Some pots come with built-in strainer baskets, which can be helpful for removing cooked crawfish and other ingredients from the pot.

How many pounds of crawfish can you cook in an 80-quart pot?

An 80-quart pot is large enough to cook approximately 80-100 pounds of crawfish at a time, depending on the other ingredients being cooked with the crawfish. It’s important not to overcrowd the pot, as this can affect the cooking time and the quality of the crawfish.

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