3+ Reasons to Try Hawaiian Hog for Your Next BBQ

Hawaiian hog for BBQ offers unique flavors, cooking experiences, and cost benefits, with traditional roasting methods and rich, authentic taste.

Luau pig

Who doesn’t like to have delicious meat with their barbeque? That is why you need to add Hawaiian hog as the meat with your next barbecue.

In America, we think that barbeques mean smoked meats like fatty brisket or some sausages, but in Hawaii, a barbeque is something else. At barbeques in the sunny palm state of Hawaii, the meat is sweet and tangy instead and pairs nicely with rice. 

Let us tell you why you need to try Hawaiian hog at your next BBQ. 

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A Different Cooking Experience

How you host a Hawaiian hog roast can be a spectacle, and you can easily impress any guests you have over with your cooking skills. 

Below are some ways that you cook a traditional Hawaiian hog roast.

The Traditional Hawaiian Hog Roast

Instead of using the traditional, which involves smoke and barbecue flavors for a hog roast, the Hawaiian hog flavor is slightly different. The most basic style of cooking a Hawaiian hog roast uses two main ingredients: the hog itself and sea salt. 

If you cook the hog the traditional way, you will need to wrap the meat with ti (a type of leaf) or banana leaves, then roast the hog in an underground pit with wood. The flavors of the Hawaiian hog roast come from the cooking process with the leaves and the wood.

The traditional route will give you the best authentic experience. However, it is the most difficult and time-consuming way to cook the roast. There are also more conventional ways to make a Hawaiian hog roast. 

Conventional Ways To Make Hawaiian Hog Roasts

If you want to cook something other than a traditional style of Hawaiian hog roast, there are a few different ways to cook the roast. It may not be as good as the traditional way, but it can still taste delicious. 

You can use a conventional stove, a slow cooker, and even an instant pot, but the experience and the flavors will be the same. 

The Flavor of The Roast Pork 

The flavor that you get from cooking the Hawaiian hog traditionally is like no other. As there are very few ingredients besides the hog, sea salt, and leaves, you can have a raw and powerful flavor that is not artificial or generic. 

As the meat roasts for a long time, the fat and tissues break down and combine. This creates a succulent flavor that is full of flavors from the banana leaves and the hardwoods used to cook the roast. 

The meal will be much healthier as there are no preservatives besides the natural sea salt. The banana or ti leaves do not have any preservatives, allowing for a healthier flavoring option. 

The flavor is unique and very hard to replicate by cooking the hog traditionally, but the effort of a Hawaiian hog roast is well worth it. 

Lower Cost of Meat

If you are having a function or many people are over, having a Hawaii hog roast can be quite affordable as you can buy the meat in bulk, the whole animal. You can also save on other meats as you can use the meat many times as it can go in lots of other meals. 

The other meals include homemade pork burgers, traditional kalua pork with cabbage, chop suey, and soups. There are also many other meals that you can use the leftover meat for.

What are Hawaiian Pigs Called?

Wild mother boar and piglet in the rain on Maui Island Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands have feral pigs, Pua’a. These pigs are considered feral swine, and the authorities are now hunting them as they are known to be destructive. They were once an important food source for the inhabitants of the islands but are now dangerous.

It is wise not to travel alone in areas that these feral Pua’a inhabit, especially if the pig is a female with her piglets.

What Breed of Pigs is in Hawaii?

The Breed is called the Pua’a, and you can trace them back to the pigs that the Polynesians brought to the islands in the fourth century AD. 

A second breed of European pigs was introduced to islands back in 1778 by Captain Cook and his crew to make the Hawaiian pigs bigger. So the Hawaiian pigs are a mixture of European and Polynesian pig breeds

Are Hogs Native To Hawaii?

The hogs found on the Hawaiian islands are not native to them. The Polynesians first brought the pigs over to Hawaii during the fourth century Ad and then by the European explorers in 1778.

Even though they were an important food source, they are now considered an invasive species.   

Did Hawaiians Bring Pigs?

When the Polynesians, who are the ancestral Hawaiians, first settled on the Hawaiian Islands, they brought pigs as a food source with them and released them onto the islands.  

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