6+ Reasons Why Grass Fed Chicken Is Worth Trying

Grass-fed chicken is healthier, environmentally friendly, and tastier than factory-farmed options. It’s leaner, free from harmful additives, and offers a more natural, flavorful taste.

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The grass-fed label is becoming more and more popular. People are trying to make better choices when purchasing poultry, and taking farming factors into account is as essential in that process. But what does the grass-fed chicken label mean, and why is it worth trying?  

Grass-fed chicken is worth trying because it is healthier for human consumption since it is nutritionally superior to factory-farmed meat. It is also better for the environment and chickens. Grass-fed chickens are pasture-raised instead of corn and soy feed, which can cause allergies.  

Many poultry options available are full of unhealthy hormones and allergens. They are neither healthy for the animals nor the safest for humans to consume chicken and eggs. Grass-fed chicken provides a better option to try adding to your diet.  

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Is Grass-Fed Chicken Better For You?  

Grass-fed poultry is chicken exposed to the outdoors for its whole life span (similar to grass finished beef). They are pasture-raised, allowing them to feed on grass, worms, and other insects without supplementing with corn or soy. As a consumer looking for healthier chicken and eggs, considering grass-fed might be the answer you have been looking for.  

Here are 6 reasons why grass-fed chicken is worth trying:  

Grass-Fed Chickens Get Outdoor Exposure  

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Truly grass-fed chickens are allowed outdoor exposure for their entire life span. That means they can roam freely outside and enjoy natural pastures.

They are not stressed in overcrowded conditions, which results in pale, exudative, and soft meat. The ability to be raised freely outdoors provides you with healthier chicken that has a better texture.  

It also means that the chickens you eat are likely less prone to illness and infections from being poorly raised and roughly handled.

The chicken meat will not have bone splinters, and fewer bruises will be present. The meat is often tender and juicer when the chickens are raised to live naturally rather than “stored” and controlled in factories.  

No Hormones, GMOs, And Antibiotics Are Present  

Authentic grass-fed chicken requires a certification by government bodies that ensures they are not given hormones, GMOs, and antibiotics. These are harmful to the natural growth of the chickens and the eggs they produce. Human consumption can lead to allergies and chronic illnesses.

Commercially grown chickens are given these things to get bigger chickens, grow faster, and keep farming costs low.  

Grass-fed chickens without hormones or eating GMO foods are free from these harmful poisons in their meat and eggs.

That means if you eat grass-fed chicken and eggs, you will not consume secondary hormones and antibiotics that could harm you. You will also know that you are consuming “clean” chicken and feel better knowing it is healthier for your body.  

No Soy And Corn Feed  

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Grass-fed chickens are meant to eat only grass with worms, ants, and other insects they can find in the pasture. This is the best option for human consumption because the chickens are grown in what they are naturally meant to eat.

Many farmers feed chickens corn and soy or supplement their diets with that. Grass-fed chicken is primarily allergen-free, so you should include it in your diet.  

As a consumer of chicken and eggs, you want to avoid chickens fed corn and soy. They are often full of GMOs, and even if they do not contain GMOs, the chickens can create allergies in humans.

Corn and soy are allergen foods. Farmers also tend to feed their chickens more corn than they should have, giving them an unbalanced diet and affecting their growth.  

Grass-Fed Chickens Are Healthier  

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When considering the health factor in chickens, grass-fed chickens surpass commercial chickens. By including all the factors like outdoor exposure, non-GMO food, hormone-free, etc., you get an all-rounded, healthier option of meat and eggs in grass-fed chicken.  

Grass-fed chickens contain more vitamin D and are higher in iron and omega 3. they have more antioxidants. It is no secret that if you want to eat healthier protein, you must choose healthy animals.

These healthier grass-fed chickens are not raised against their natural lifestyle and feeding habits. In turn, you don’t consume chicken meat that contains factors harmful to humans.  

Grass-Fed Chicken Is Leaner  

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From another health perspective, grass-fed chicken is leaner. They are raised outdoors with sufficient space and the ability to run around and get exercise.

That means they are less fatty, and the meat is leaner. You don’t see as much yellow and bloody fat, so you also get more meat because there is not much to clean or cut off.  

The Taste Is Better  

Some people might disagree because grass-fed chicken can taste a little grassy and earthy. But when you consider the factors involved, that is how chicken is supposed to taste.

It is more flavorful compared to commercially raised chickens which people are more used to. Once you get used to grass-fed, you will adjust to the “chicken” flavor and prefer it.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Chicken Be Grass-Fed?  

Chicken can be grass-fed, but in reality, solely grass-fed chicken fails to exist. Chickens are omnivores, so they need some form of meat to get a natural diet. That means they consume ants, worms, slugs, and other bugs they find in the pasture.  

Is Grass-Fed Chicken Good?  

Grass-fed chicken is a good option for the environment, the chickens, their eggs, and human consumption. They are raised without cruelty and are not given hormones and antibiotics with the aim of commerce only. Their health and well-being are put first, and they are checked and certified by governing bodies to ensure accountability and consistency.  

Does Grass-Fed Chicken Taste Different?  

Grass-fed chicken tastes different, with a hint of grassy earthiness. It is not a significant difference, but store-bought chicken is often bland, and once you taste the flavor in grass-fed chicken, it is difficult not to notice that it is better.  


Grass-fed chicken is worth trying, especially knowing that you are getting healthier, leaner, and unharmed meat. The chickens are raised in a natural pasture outside, with enough space to roam freely and eat non-GMO food. Grass-fed chickens are healthier, allowing you to eat cleaner, better, hormone, and allergen-free.  

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