5+ Simple Steps to Make Delicious Boneless Beef Ribs in the Oven

Make delicious boneless beef ribs in the oven with these easy steps: tenderize, marinate, slow cook, and serve as a snack or main course.

boneless beef ribs

Are you thinking of making your own boneless beef ribs? The thought of it can sometimes be troublesome to know where to start, what exactly to do, and how to achieve the perfect result. Having a step-by-step guide to making delicious boneless beef ribs in the oven would be much easier.

Although the perfect boneless beef ribs in the oven can be time-consuming, it is worthwhile. Start with tenderizing the ribs, marinating them, and resting overnight. Then, slow cook in the oven for an hour to two hours, and serve as a snack or a main course.

It could be confusing to know how to prep boneless beef ribs and how to cook them to get the perfect result every time. Luckily, we can help you to make the most delicious boneless beef ribs in the oven with every try.

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Easy Steps To Make Delicious Boneless Beef Ribs In The Oven

Making ribs at home might sound daunting. You have the restaurant ribs in mind, and the comparison might scare you. However, after you are confident in the steps to follow when preparing boneless ribs at home, you will prefer your home-cooked ribs.

Tenderize The Boneless Beef Ribs

A key element in preparing boneless ribs for the oven is to tenderize them. It could be tough meat to eat if you skip this step. There are a few ways to tenderize these ribs; your choice would depend on how much time you have to spend on this dish.

Tenderize The Beef Ribs With A Hammer

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The fastest way to tenderize the meat yourself would be to use a tenderizing hammer. It will take 5 to 10 minutes to tenderize 12 boneless ribs on both sides and have it ready for the next step. Unfortunately, only some people have this kitchen utensil at their disposal. If you don’t, you will have to use another method for tenderizing.

Ask The Butcher To Tenderize The Boneless Ribs

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If you have a friendly local butcher, they will assist you in tenderizing the meat with a tenderizing machine which does this job to perfection. This is the best option to go for, for time consumption and perfection.

Use Your Own Tenderizing Mix For The Boneless Ribs

This method might be the most time-consuming of all the options, but you won’t feel that you wasted your time. Mix all the spice ingredients in a bag, add the ribs, and refrigerate them for 1 to 2 days. This gives the spices time to settle and tenderize the meat.

Marinate And Rest The Boneless Beef Ribs Over Night

The marinate makes the boneless beef ribs sticky and flavorsome. There are different marinate recipes, but most contain your favorite barbeque sauce. After mixing all the ingredients for the marinate, dip the boneless ribs in the marinate, add it to a sealable dish, and let it rest overnight. This gives the sauce time to penetrate the meat with a more flavor-packed result.

If you are willing to spend more time perfecting your ribs, there is something else you can do here. The back of the rib has a flesh membrane that you can remove before dipping the ribs. This gives more surface to absorb the marinate.

Suppose you don’t have all this time; it isn’t necessary to rest the ribs overnight. Instead, you can bake them directly after dipping them in the marinade.

Set Up The Oven And Cook The Boneless Beef Ribs

After all the preparation work, whether you tenderize and rest your ribs over a few days, it is finally time to cook them.

There are varying times to set the oven for cooking ribs. Again, it depends on how much time you have. The less time you have to cook them, the higher the heat needs to be.

  • 400°F – 50 minutes
  • 375°F – 1 hour
  • 350°F – 1.5 hours

These times are not the total time but the oven time before adding the marinate. These times also don’t include pre-cooked ribs. If you pre-cook ribs in a pot, the oven time will reduce to 30-40 minutes, and the heat will also reduce to around 200°F.

The best heat to set the oven on would be the 375°F for an hour. Cover the marinated ribs in a foil-covered oven pan with a double layer. For the next hour, you will leave it be.

Start The Marinating Process

After the hour of cooking has passed, it is time to start the marinating process. First, remove the oven dish, open the foil cover, and brush on the marinate on each rib. Next, turn the ribs, marinate them on the other side, and cover them with foil.

Add to the oven for 30 minutes. Repeat the above step again, but this time, without the foil cover. Repeat the basting every 10 minutes for a total of 30 minutes. In the last 10 minutes, activate the broil function of the oven and keep the ribs in for about 5 minutes. This will lead to crunchy and succulent boneless ribs. 

Serve The Boneless Beef Ribs From The Oven

There are a few ways to serve these ribs to guests. First, you can serve them as finger snacks, which people can grab and go with other snacks. It could be the star of a picnic or appetizer before a barbeque.

After the amount of effort you put in, the best would be to make these ribs the star of the show as the main dish. Any side would complement these, from veggies or a fresh salad to some potato wedges or fries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long To Bake Boneless Beef Ribs In The Oven?

Bake beef ribs between a 1-hour minimum and 4 hours maximum. The ideal time is at a slower pace and lower heat for around 3 hours at 250°F.

How Long Does It Take To Cook Boneless Beef Ribs At 350°F?

The type of ribs you use depends on how long you will cook them. Marinated ribs can be cooked for an hour to an hour and a half at 350°F. Pre-cooked beef ribs typically take 30 to 45 minutes to cook at 350°F.

What Temperature Should Boneless Beef Ribs Be Cooked To?

For a juicy result, a slow cook is best for boneless beef ribs. This would be 250°F for 3 hours or 300°F for 2 hours. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to cook ribs this long. The maximum recommended is 350°F for an hour. 

How Long To Cook Country Style Beef Ribs In The Oven?

The best way to cook country-style beef ribs in the oven would be a slow bake for 3 to 3 ½ hours at 250°F. This way, you ensure the meat is tender and juicy just before you raise the temperature to 450°F for 5 minutes for a charred result.


These steps will help you serve the best, juiciest boneless beef ribs every time. If you like a more natural rib taste without a marinate, you can skip the marinating step and put the tenderized and spiced rib in the oven. 

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