10 Traeger Burgers: Juicy Recipes for Your Grill Cravings

Get your grill ready for an array of tasty Traeger burgers, from classic cheese to unique creations like shrimp and portabello mushroom.

burgers on the traeger

Getting a new Traeger grill is an exciting experience. With so many options available, it’s hard to know where to start. To help you get started, here are 18 delicious burgers you can make on your Traeger.

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The Classic Cheese Burger

Sometimes the tried and true classics are the best, which is undoubtedly the case with a cheeseburger. The classic cheeseburger is a favorite because it gives you everything you want. Dreams are made of the delicious beef taste, melty cheese, crisp lettuce, tomato, and onion. This burger is the perfect one to make for large parties and picky eaters.

Aussie-Style Burger

Crickey mate! Bring a down-under vibe to your next backyard barbeque with this Aussie-style burger. This burger has beef, bacon, an egg, and a few slices of beetroot. Add the delicious flavor of some BBQ sauce, and you have a burger, unlike anything you have ever tasted.

Bacon Jalapeno Smashburgers

Name two better toppings for a burger than bacon and jalapenos. I’ll wait. The combination of spicy jalapenos and savory, crispy bacon is a match made in heaven. You can amp up the flavor by roasting the jalapenos and cooking the bacon on your Traeger.

Green Chili Cheese Burger

For the uninitiated, the best green chilies come from Hatch, New Mexico. These green chilies are different than any other kind of chili you have eaten in your life. They offer the perfect heat and an incredible flavor that will take your classic cheeseburger to the promised land. Once you try your first green chili cheeseburger, you will never go back to eating basic burgers again.

Southern BBQ Pork Burger 

The South knows a thing or two about barbeque, and this burger is evidence of that. This delicious burger uses pulled pork as its main ingredient. It is topped with tangy BBQ sauce and coleslaw, giving it a unique flavor that will have you licking your lips in delight.

The Juicy Lucy

The Juicy Lucy is one of the most famous burgers in burger history. If you haven’t eaten a Jucy Lucy before, you haven’t lived. What makes this burger unique is that it is STUFFED with cheese. When you bite into the burger, the melty cheese oozes out. Each bite is an experience.

Turkey Burger

Despite burgers typically being beef, don’t forget about burgers that use other types of meat. Turkey burgers are a great option since they add a unique flavor and are healthier than beef burgers. You can add a few slices of bacon and cheese to make this burger even better.

Chicken Burger

Chicken burgers are an excellent way to make burgers with fewer calories than beef. You can still taste juicy chicken burgers with a fraction of the fat. Add a few slices of cheese and prepare for an explosion of flavor in your mouth.

Chili Cheese Burger

Chili is one of the ultimate comfort foods. There is something about the thick, rich sauce that warms your heart. If you can decide between burgers and chili, why not make both? The rich chili adds perfect moisture and spice to the classic cheeseburger. Make sure you have some napkins ready!

Bacon Blue Cheese Burger

Bacon and blue, how are you? This burger is the perfect one for more developed taste buds. The kids may not like it, but the adults are sure to love it. The combination of smoky bacon, creamy blue cheese, and juicy beef will leave you wanting more.

Mushroom Swiss Burger

The mushroom Swiss burger is the one for you if you are looking for a burger with intense flavor. The combination of mushrooms and Swiss cheese will send your taste buds into overdrive. The mushrooms add an earthiness, while the Swiss cheese adds a hint of nuttiness. A burger like this will make you the talk of the town.

Shrimp Burger

Who says you can’t put seafood in a burger? This shrimp burger takes a bit longer to prepare, but it is one of the best burgers on the Traeger because the smokiness of the Traeger infuses into the shrimp perfectly. Once you try this, you won’t look at shrimp the same way again.

Crab Cake Burger

Crab cakes are one of the ultimate seafood delights. Cooking them on the Traeger will add a delightful smoky flavor that will have your tastebuds singing. Put one of the smoked crab cakes between two buns, add some sauce and coleslaw, and you have one of the most delicious burgers you will ever eat.

Lamb Burger

Way too many people pass on lamb. There are many different ways to eat this earthy and delicious meat. If you are unfamiliar with lamb, cooking lamb burgers on the Traeger is a great way to experiment.

You can make a delicious lamb burger on the Traeger that is guaranteed to make you fall in love with lamb. Combining the crispy, smokey, and grilled lamb with the tzatziki sauce will have you jumping for joy.

Portabello Mushroom Burger

We leave the vegetarians hanging out to dry. If you have some vegetarian friends or want to try something a little different the next time you are grilling, try out this portabello mushroom burger.

Portabello mushrooms are the perfect meat replacement because once the mushroom is grilled, it has the same earthy and delicious flavor as a beef burger. Add some cheese and condiments, and you have a fantastic vegetarian alternative to burgers.

Mac and Cheese Burger 

This burger is the epitome of comfort food. Nothing is better than combining burgers with mac and cheese and cooking it on the Traeger. The creamy and cheesy goodness explodes out of the burgers as you bite into them. Make sure to use good quality mac and cheese.

Chicken Parm Burger

Chicken parmesan is one of the most delicious Italian dishes. Take that classic and make it even better by combining it with burgers. The chicken parmesan burgers are simple and will quickly become your favorite burgers. The combination of juicy chicken, melted cheese, and smoky grilled burgers will bring you back for more.

Butter Burger 

Everyone loves burgers, but what about burgers with butter? Adding butter is a trick from the South / Wisconsin that will have you drooling. Spread some butter on the burgers and place them on the Traeger. The butter will melt and seep into the burgers as they cook, resulting in incredibly juicy and delicious burgers.

What temperature do you smoke burgers on a Traeger?

You should smoke burgers on a Traeger at 375-450 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long does it take to cook burgers on a Traeger at 450?

It should take about four minutes per side to cook burgers on a Traeger at 450 if you are cooking 1/3-pound burgers. You will need to increase the time if you are cooking bigger burgers.

How long do you cook hamburgers on a Traeger?

The time you need to cook burgers on the Traeger depends on the temperature and size. For smaller burgers (less than 1/3 pound), you should cook them for around 4-5 minutes per side. If you are cooking big burgers (1/2 pound or larger), you should cook them for about 5-7 minutes per side.

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