5+ Delicious Ways to Make Fried Hot Dogs for Any Occasion

Fried hot dogs are different from corn dogs, with the original recipe not using any batter. Rutt’s Hut in New Jersey created the concept in 1928, deep frying hot dogs for a crunchy outside and soft inside, perfect for toppings.

fried hot dogs

When you think of fried hot dogs, you might be thinking of a corn dog. However, these are two completely different fried foods! Fried hot dogs don’t usually have a thick casing of batter, while corn dogs have a coating of heavy cornbread-like batter. The original recipe for a fried hot dog actually doesn’t use any batter at all!

While frying hot dogs might’ve been a concept beforehand, it was officially created by Rutt’s Hut in New Jersey in 1928. Their version involves deep frying the hot dogs in a fryer, with the result being crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. This frying method also allows the casing of the hot dog to crack open, which makes it perfect for holding toppings.

Are you craving a fried hot dog? Here are some delicious ways to make fried hot dogs at home!

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Mouth-Watering Ways To Make Fried Hot Dogs

Use the following ideas to make some tasty fried hot dogs for everyone!

1. The Basics: Deep-Fried With Relish

If you want to get close to the original creation, all you need to do is deep fry your hot dog and cover it in relish. You can easily deep fry at home with a deep pan and frying oil. When you see the hot dog casing beginning to crack open in the hot oil, you’ll know it’s ready!

After letting your hot dog’s excess oil drip off on some paper towel, throw it in your favorite bun and smother it with delicious relish. Simply grab relish from the grocery store, or get a little fancy and try to make your own! Adding ketchup and mustard is also a great idea for a sweet and tangy contrast.

2. Lightly Beer-Battered

If you like a little batter, quickly dipping your hot dog in some beer batter before frying can bring in some delicious flavors. You can taste the beer slightly, but the beer is mostly for making the batter coating puffy and crunchy. 

Beer batter is also an easy thing to make with just a few ingredients, including:

  • Beer
  • Seasonings
  • Flour
  • Eggs

All you need to do is make your batter, dip the hot dog in it for a thin coating, and then pop it in your oil-filled pan. Make sure you use thin layers of batter, so you’ll still get the cracks in the hot dog.  

This type of fried hot dog is delicious on its own, or you could throw it in a bun. As always, top it with relish and your favorite toppings.

3. Wrapped In Cheese

If you’re a cheese fanatic, wrap a slice or two of your favorite cheese around the hot dogs. You might need toothpicks to hold everything together. Just remember to take them out before eating!

With this method, you can either deep fry or pan fry it. Just drop your cheese-covered hot dog into the pan and allow it to sizzle away with a little oil until the cheese is bubbly and brown. The cheese essentially acts like a crust.

4. Wrapped In Bacon

If you’re a meat lover, try wrapping strips of your favorite bacon around the hot dogs before frying! Wrap one, or a few, strips of bacon around the hot dog and either deep fry it or pan fry it until brown. The result will be an extra savory and salty delight with a great satisfying meaty crunch.

Try to leave a little space between each loop of bacon to allow the oil to get to the hot dog and crack open the casing. 

5. Tortilla Dogs

Understandably, not everyone likes a heavy bun with their hot dog. An easy way to make fried hot dogs a little lighter is to wrap them in tortillas. You might need to secure them with toothpicks so the tortilla doesn’t fall off and turn into a giant chip. 

The best way to make this type of fried hot dog is to deep fry it rather than pan-frying. This will create a delicious, crunchy, chip-like crust while pan-frying will still leave the tortilla rather soft. Fried tortilla dogs 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions people have about fried hot dogs.

What is the best way to pan-fry hot dogs?

The best way to pan-fry hot dogs is in a skillet over medium heat with a small amount of butter or oil. Typically you’ll need to coat the pan with your choice of fat. Then when the oil is hot, throw your hot dogs in and fry them until the casing bubbles and cracks.

What is a fried hot dog called?

Fried hot dogs are also called Rippers, which is the name that Rutt’s Hut came up with when they opened their hot dog stand in 1928.

Is it better to boil or fry hot dogs?

Boiling hot dogs can leave them bland and almost flavorless, so frying hot dogs is always better if you want a burst of flavor. Frying them allows them to simmer in their own juices and fat, creating a more flavorful hot dog.

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