Why You Need a Crawfish Boiler for Your Next Boil: 6+ Reasons

Cooking crawfish in a boiler brings efficiency and flavor; it’s spacious, portable, and saves electricity. Louisiana-style boils are a feast!

crawfish boiler

If you search crawfish recipes, you will likely find ones that include a boiler, especially if it is authentic Louisiana crawfish style. You might want to reconsider if you thought about cooking crawfish any other way. These are the reasons why a crawfish boiler is essential.  

Crawfish boilers are essential because they are large and spacious, save electricity, and allow you to cook multiple foods inside. They are portable, quick, and easy to use, and they even come with steamer baskets that you can lift out to release the crawfish out of the water once cooked.  

South America, Louisiana states in specific are famous for their crawfish and the authentic way they cook it, making it into a feast. They use boilers to do the job, which gives you the best results of delicious, tender, and flavorful crawfish.  

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6 Reasons You Should Get A Crawfish Boiler  

Forget about large pots and improvising kitchenware to cook crawfish. Whether you cook small or large portions, a crawfish boiler is a must-have, and here is why:  

A Crawfish Boiler Is Spacious  

With a crawfish boiler, the days of cooking in batches will be gone. Trying to get the biggest pot on your stove while possibly ending up with a mess in your kitchen is no longer required. Even a smaller boiler, around 29-quart, is big enough for a good portion of crawfish for a feast.  

The best part about the size of crawfish boilers is that you can add so much more than just crawfish to the pot. Corn, potatoes, and other veggies and seafood items can also be tossed in to cook simultaneously. That way, your entire seafood boil gets done at once.  

Crawfish Boilers Comes With Steamer Baskets  

Creole Feast CFB1001A 90 qt. Crawfish Seafood Boiler, Single Sack Outdoor Stove Propane Gas Cooker with 10-psi Regulator and Folding Tank Mounting Bracket, for Crawfish Season

The nifty design of crawfish boilers includes a steamer basket within the base tray or pot of the boiler. This basket stays in the boiler during cooking and serves as a colander when your crawfish are ready to be served.  

You lift the basket out for the smaller round boilers, and all the water will remain in the pot. Larger types that look like a BBQ stand, like the LOCO 60-quart boiler, allow you to lift and tilt the basket out and strain the crawfish onto the underside of the lid – which works as a serving tray.  

You Can Save on Electricity  

Cooking crawfish requires your water to be at a rolling boil. Burning a large pot of water on the stove takes a long time. The crawfish also need 15-20 minutes of cooking time (depending on the quantity).   

Crawfish boilers are significantly cheaper to use than electric stoves. The boilers use propane gas to heat the water, a more efficient fuel that costs less to operate.  

Crawfish Boilers Are Portable  

Creole Feast CFB1001A 90 qt. Crawfish Seafood Boiler, Single Sack Outdoor Stove Propane Gas Cooker with 10-psi Regulator and Folding Tank Mounting Bracket, for Crawfish Season

The best part about a crawfish boiler is the convenience of on-site fueling and less air pollution. It will be no issue to take it with you on your camping trip or for a beach BBQ. You can even let a friend borrow it (just make sure they invite you to enjoy the seafood boil feast too!)  

You Can Cook Other Items In It  

A crawfish boiler doesn’t only have to be for crawfish. If you are someone who enjoys variety or likes to switch things up on occasion, the crawfish boiler will serve those requirements. You can cook everything from shrimp and crab to clams and other seafood in a crawfish boiler.  

Whether you plan to make a mixed seafood boil or cook one type at a time, the crawfish boiler works like a charm. Another great aspect is that not only seafood can be cooked in it. Drop a large bag of potatoes (or other vegetables) in the boiler to cook large meals and enjoy the convenience.  

It Is Quick And Easy To Use  

Bayou Classic Stainless Steel Boiler Cooker Kit Features 82-qt Stainless Boiler with Lid, Steam/Boil Basket with Helper Handle, Single Jet 106,000 BTU Burner, 10-psi Pre-Set Regulator and 60-in Hose

Crawfish boilers are super easy to use. They cook your seafood quickly and are simple enough for anyone to operate them. They work efficiently and get your food done in no time. All it takes is filling the base with water, lighting the propane, and the boiler does the rest.  

The steamer basket (as discussed earlier) provides an additional benefit of convenience. Some models, like the large outdoor styles, have a tap on the side of the boiler. This allows you to remove the water easily without lifting or tipping the boiler and making a mess everywhere.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Boiler Do I Need For Crawfish?  

For cooking a large amount of crawfish, a 60–80-quart boiler works best. For smaller portions, a 30-quart boiler is sufficient.  

What else can cook in a crawfish boiler?  

Aside from crawfish, you can cook all types of seafood, like crab, shrimp, conch, etc., in a crawfish boiler. Other foods like peanuts, corn, potatoes, and veggies can also be cooked in the boiler.  

How Do You Use A Crawfish Boiler?  

When using a crawfish boiler, add the water, light up the gas, and bring the water to a rolling boil. Add your seafood, and once done, lift the basket to drain the food into the back side of the boiler lid.  

How Many Btus Do I Need To Boil Crawfish?  

For a 30-quart boiler, a 54,000 BTU burner will comfortably boil the water in around 20 minutes. So, a 110,000 BTU jet burner will be best for 60-80-quart boilers to get a faster rolling boil.  

What Is The Cheapest Option Available Within Crawfish Boilers?  

Aluminum crawfish boilers are the cheaper options. The King Kooker Propane 29-quart Outdoor Boiler is the most affordable boiler on the market, along with the LOCO 30-quart Boil Fry Steam Kit.

King Kooker Propane Outdoor Fry Boil Package with 2 Pots, silver, one size (12RTFBF3)
  • Heavy Duty Welded Outdoor Cooker, 33, 000 Btu Cast Burners
  • 29 Qt. Aluminum Turkey Pot With Lid And Basket, Lifting Rack & Hook
  • Aluminum Fry Pan And Basket With Heat Resistant Handle
  • Listed Lp Hose And Regulator With Type 1 Connection With Battery Operated Timer

What Are Some Of The Most Reviewed Products In Crawfish Boilers?  

  1. King Kooker 54,000 BTU Flat Top Propane Gas Outdoor Boiler. It is 50-quart and Aluminum and has a pot, steamer basket, and a lid.  
  2. The King Kooker 60-quart Propane Gas Jet Outdoor Boiler. It has an aluminum pot, a basket, and a lid.  


If you have not already purchased a crawfish boiler, this is your sign to get one. Your next seafood boil will be incomplete without one, and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to relish in an authentic Louisiana crawfish boil experience!  

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