5+ Ways Pigs and Boars Differ from Each Other

Pigs and boars differ in size, weight, color, habitat, diet, and teeth. Pigs are domesticated for meat, while boars roam wild and are unsuitable for breeding.

wild boar vs pig

Are you familiar with the sus genus family? If so, you may assume pigs and boars are the same. Granted that both animals have a striking resemblance and like hanging out in the mud, anyone would be confused.

Furthermore, both animals can eat anything green on their path, so it’s easy to assume they are close family members.

In reality, pigs and boars aren’t the same. The main difference is that a pig is a domesticated swine, which allows us to rear them for their meat and bacon. On the other hand, boars can roam freely in the wild and are usually uncastrated, so they are suitable for breeding.

Are you still confused about the differences between both animals? Well, keep reading our pigs vs. boars debate to learn other differences.

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Both Have Different Sizes and Weight

Even if you have never seen a boar, you would easily recognize it in a drift of pigs. The most apparent difference is the size and weight of both animals.

Naturally, boars have small-sized bodies compared to pigs. Using the same analogy, it’s obvious to assume that they weigh less than pigs. An average boar weighs approximately 165 to 220 pounds, while a pig weighs roughly 110 to 770 pounds.

One thing to note is that these pig sizes are estimates because you can easily find a pig that weighs more than 770 pounds. One of the heaviest pigs in the world weighed more than 2,200 pounds, which is a lot for a domesticated swine.

fat lazy pig sleeping on the ground

Remember, pigs are reared for their meat and fat and sold based on their weight. So, it’s unsurprising to see large pigs in people’s homesteads because they are given many supplements to fatten them.

Ultimately, you cannot fail to recognize a pig from a boar because their weight and size difference is huge.

Their Color Difference Is Striking

If you still cannot tell the difference between a pig and a boar, then their color difference will help you separate them.

Given many of us have seen pigs, you can easily recognize them due to their white hair and pinkish body. Furthermore, there are many pig species, so don’t be surprised to see a red-brown pig or a differently colored pig, as it depends on the pig’s breed.

As for boars, they are usually darker, and you can easily recognize them. Their long and thick hair can be noticed easily, which is another way to differentiate them from pigs. Furthermore, though boars and pigs like playing in the mud, the boar hairs are usually dirty because they aren’t domesticated.

Both Are Found in Different Habitats

Have you ever seen a boar? If you haven’t, it’s because you may have to plan a hunting trip to see one. Most boars roam freely in the wilderness, so you may find them in the forest. You will also find them in grassland areas because they are primarily herbivores.

However, spotting a boar isn’t easy. This is because they are usually part of the food chain for most carnivorous animals, such as leopards and tigers. Furthermore, a boar will probably run when it sees you because humans hunt them.

On the other hand, you only need to find a large pig farm, and you will see all the pig species. You can even buy a pig and domesticate it at home as this is its natural habitat.

Both Have Different Diets

Naturally, pigs and boars are omnivorous. It means they can eat both meat and green vegetation.

However, boars are usually more selective with their meals than pigs. As mentioned earlier, boars usually live in grasslands, so their main food is green vegetation. Furthermore, since they are usually the prey for most carnivorous animals, you won’t find a boar hunting other animals to get meat, but you will find it eating eggs and insects.  

As for pigs, they are the true definition of an omnivorous animal. You will find a pig eating your leftovers and other garbage, green vegetation, and meat.

Another reason why pigs have a different diet is that they are domesticated. A pig will eat anything it’s given as the owner’s primary aim is to fatten it. So, you cannot put it on a diet because your main goal is to overfeed it.  

In simpler terms, a boar cannot eat some of the things a pig eats.

They Have Different Teeth

Besides the boars’ color and weight, you can easily differentiate them from pigs by looking at their teeth. Boars usually have longer canines. You may find a boar with protruding lower canines, which is their survival tactic to scare off their attackers.

In contrast, you won’t find a pig with such long teeth. However, it doesn’t mean they can’t have long teeth because they can. It’s only that people prefer cutting them as they are kept for domestication purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common FAQs about pigs and boars.

Are pigs and boars the same?

Well, yes and no. Pigs can be the same as boars if you are referring to a male pig, which is called a boar. However, in general, pigs and boars aren’t the same. You can domesticate pigs but can’t do the same with boars. Even both animals’ physical appearance is different.

Can a pig become a boar?

Absolutely! Remember, both animals are from the same family; the only difference is that one is domesticated and the other isn’t. So, if you release a domesticated pig into the wilderness, it will become a boar. Just like humans, this pig will adapt to its current environment and learn to survive. It may even grow thick hair to blend in with its new surroundings.

Why are pigs called boars?

It depends on the specific context. Some people call pigs boars because they are referring to male pigs. In another situation, pigs are called boars because they are a subspecies of the wild boar.

What is the difference between wild boar and feral hog?

It’s easy to confuse a wild boar and a feral hog, but the main difference is how they end up in the wilderness. A wild boar is a pig that has always lived in the wilderness, while a feral hog is a pig that was initially domesticated but was released to the wilderness or escaped.

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