Vegan Spam Alternatives for Delicious Meat-Free Meals

Vegan Spam alternatives like tofu, seitan, tempeh, and veggie burgers offer flavorful, healthy, and eco-friendly options to enjoy meat-free meals.

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Many people opt for a vegan diet and way of life. Some do it for health reasons, while others do it for environmental or ethical reasons. However, it’s unnecessary to give up the flavor of items like spam simply because you’re trying to eat healthier. So, can you find alternatives to spam as a vegan?

Vegans, vegetarians, and others seeking to incorporate more veggies into their diets have access to various plant-based (or insect-based) meat alternatives. Tofu, seitan, tempeh, and veggie burgers are popular meat alternatives that can be utilized in a variety of dishes.

These meat alternatives offer a healthier and more environmentally friendly option for decreasing or eliminating animal product consumption. In addition, vegans who miss the flavor and texture of spam can find substitutes that are equally flavorful and satisfying.

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Vegan Spam Alternatives

Spam, as you may know, spam is a processed meat product made from pork and other ingredients, making it unsuitable for vegans. There are, however, many plant-based alternatives that can be used in various dishes and can be flavored and prepared like spam. 

Spam Classic, 12 Ounce Can (Pack of 12)

Some options are tofu, tempeh, and other protein-rich plant foods like beans, lentils, and nuts. In addition, many store-bought vegan meat substitutes are available that are designed to taste and look like spam but are made from plant-based ingredients.

The key is to use a base alternative instead of pork + Ham, then add Spam’s spices.

Spam Classic, 12 Ounce Can (Pack of 12)

Tofu Is A Great Meat Substitute

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Tofu has been a staple of vegan cooking for centuries. Many people, however, are still wary of it or doubt that it is as healthy as it is claimed to be. There are many different types of tofu. Some are soft, while others are firm.

There’s also cured tofu and a variety of fermented tofu. In America, the options are limited, but plain white tofu in varying degrees of firmness is readily available.

Tofu, a Chinese food, is made by pressing concentrated soy milk into white blocks, much like cheese. Nigari, a mineral-rich coagulant, is produced as a byproduct of seawater desalination. It is used to add structure and stability to tofu.

Tofu and other soy-based foods are known for their ability to lower blood cholesterol levels. The evidence is compelling enough that regulatory bodies in Canada and the United States have approved health claims that link soy protein to reducing the risk of heart disease.

Tofu can be eaten raw, so cooking it is entirely optional. It is usually done for texture or to bind the sauce to the tofu. Pan-sear the sides before adding them to a colorful stir-fry, or deep-fry them and coat them in a savory and sweet sauce.

Eggplant As A Meat Substitute

Because of its high nutrient content, eggplant is a versatile vegetable that can even be used in place of meat. Some unfair criticism of eggplant stems from the misconception that if not cooked properly, it turns to mush. However, when appropriately prepared, eggplant is tasty and nutritious. Eggplant can be grilled, fried, or incorporated into stews and curries.

Use Seitan For A Great Meat Alternative

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Fakin’ bacon, Tofurky deli slices, and meatless frankfurters are just a few of supermarkets’ many seitan-based vegetarian meat substitutes. In addition, ground, sliced, and strip forms, among others, will usually be available.

Although it is time-consuming, you can make homemade seitan from whole wheat flour and cook it from scratch. Seitan is a wheat-based meat substitute but uses a simple process. Seitan, whether homemade or purchased ready-made, must always be cooked before it can be used in a vegetarian or vegan meal

Tempeh Is A Good Alternative For Ground Beef

Tempe Tempeh - Organic, Hand Made - Fresh Tempeh, High Protein - 6oz (Pack of 3)

The soy products used to make tempeh are cooked and then fermented lightly, resulting in a cake-like consistency. Phytic acid is removed from the soybeans during fermentation, making the starches in tempeh easier to digest. The fermented soybeans take on the texture of a very firm vegetarian burger when compressed into a block or patty.

As an alternative to ground beef, it can be crumbled, finely chopped, or even grated on a cheese grater and added to soups and meatless chili. It can be baked in a casserole, fried for a crispy exterior, or grilled. You can bake, broil, roast, or fry it. Tempeh has a firm consistency, so it should not be cut into cubes or slabs larger than 3/4 inch.

Many recipes call for softening the tempeh before cooking with it or adding it to a dish. This usually entails steaming or simmering it for about 10 minutes, making it more palatable and allowing it to absorb seasonings and sauces better. Of course, you can eat it right out of the package too.

Lentils Is A Great Beef Alternative

Iberia Dry Lentils, 12 Ounce

Lentils can be substituted for meat in various recipes, including burgers, meatballs, stews, and soups. Lentils, in addition to their numerous health benefits, provide much-needed texture to vegetarian and vegan dishes.

In addition, lentils are an excellent beef substitute due to their high protein content. For every 500 grams of ground beef, substitute 150 grams of dried, uncooked lentils, yielding 500 grams once cooked.

Try Veggie Burgers

veggie burger

A veggie burger is a vegetarian substitute for a hamburger. It could be made from a wide range of plant-based ingredients, such as beans (particularly soybeans and tofu), nuts, grains, seeds, and fungi (such as mushrooms). Other ingredients that could be used include nuts, grains, and seeds.

The veggie burger patty has ancient origins and can be found in various Eurasian cuisines, such as grilled or fried meatballs or koftas, a popular Indian dish. These could contain meat or be entirely composed of plant-based ingredients.

Jackfruit Can Be Used As In Dishes To Substitute Meat

In Asian cuisine, jackfruit is frequently used as a meat substitute in tacos, sandwiches, and curries. Unripe jackfruit, unlike ripe jackfruit, has a stringy and meaty texture similar to beef or pork.

However, jackfruit is versatile and can be made delicious, whether raw or cooked. The fruit’s almost tasteless neutrality allows it to absorb the flavor of whatever it is cooked in, making it a very versatile ingredient. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Vegan Spam?

The introduction of Better Meat’s canned meat coincided with the growing popularity of vegan SPAM substitutes. As a result, David Yeung founded the Hong Kong company OmniFoods in addition to the vegan convenience store and café chain Green Monday and Green Common.

This company introduced the first vegan SPAM to consumers in 2020. The OmniPork Luncheon, made with soy, wheat, beets, and coconut oil, is a healthier alternative to a regional favorite that doesn’t sacrifice flavor or necessitate animal testing.

Is Vegan Spam Available In The US?

For the US market, there are two varieties of plant-based meat, Luncheon Style Meat and Burger Style Luncheon Meat. You can buy them from online retailers such as “Weee!” and “GTFO It’s Vegan!” as well as stores across the East Coast and Midwest.

How To Cook Omnipork Luncheon?

Heat some oil in a nonstick fry pan over medium heat, then add the luncheon meat slices, ensuring they don’t overlap. If the meat doesn’t fit in the frying pan, cook it in batches.

Pan-fry the luncheon meat until crispy, flip it and cook until crispy on both sides. Drizzle chili oil over the meat if desired to add a spicy flavor.

Remove from pan and place on a serving plate when both sides are done. Serve with rice, congee, or macaroni soup as a side dish.

What Is Spam Meat Made Of?

Spam is made from pork ham, the same meat you get at the deli, and makes it into a sandwich, and pork shoulder, with no other hog scraps. Four additional ingredients include salt, potato starch, pure sugar  (no syrups), and sodium nitrite to preserve the meat.


Popular meat alternatives include tofu, seitan, tempeh, and veggie burgers. These meat alternatives are healthier and more environmentally friendly than animal products. As a result, vegans don’t have to give up flavor because of their diet. Instead, they can find tasty substitutes.

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