Vegan Fish Brands: 28+ Delicious Options for Your Dinner Menu

Top vegan fish brands offer delicious, sustainable, and allergen-free options like Gardein’s omega-packed F’sh Filets, Sophie’s Kitchen’s gluten-free fish fillets, Jinka’s plant-based tuna, New Wave’s popular fish, and more.

vegan fish brands

Are you looking for the best vegan fish brands? We’ve got you covered. From flaky fish filets to fresh cod to spicy tuna to imitation crab, there are plenty of vegan fish brands on the market to satisfy your tastebuds.

Enjoy a sustainable, cruelty-free, and allergen-free seafood meal with these top vegan fish brands. Whatever your reasons for eating fish-free, we’ll find a brand and flavor perfect for you. Read on to discover the best vegan fish brands today!

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Best Brands of Vegan Fish

Check out these best-selling and award-winning vegan fish brands. We’ve selected these brands based on their flavor, texture, and commitment to sustainability.


Gardein is among the best vegan fish brands on the market today. They pack their flaky F’sh Filets with omega 3’s and 9g of protein per serving.

Sophie’s Kitchen

Sophie’s Kitchen Plant-Based Toona, 12 Pack of 6 Ounce Cans

Try Sophie’s Kitchen fish fillets, an all-vegan option great for burgers, tacos, and more. This brand is gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO.


Jinka is a plant-based tuna brand with an authentic taste. Try their lemon and dill spread, or go for the spicy tuna. 

New Wave

Check out New Wave, a worldwide company that’s appeared in the New York Times. Their wildly popular vegan fish is ideal for tacos, nachos, chowder, or just a quick dinner.

May Wah Vegetarian Market

Don’t miss Lily’s Vegan Market, a Taiwanese company that ships worldwide. Their fish vegan tuna fish is cholesterol-free and easy to reheat.

Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains vegan fish is perfect for whipping up vegan fish and chips at home. The breadcrumb-covered filets have 10 grams of protein and pair well with a bowl of mushy peas.


For an easy, shelf-stable option, try UnMeat‘s vegan tuna fish. The tuna flakes are perfect for a quick sandwich.

Vegan ZeaStar

Vegan ZeaStar perfectly mimics traditional seafood texture, and their tasty vegan seafood will surprise your tastebuds. This award-winning brand features crispy lemon shrimp, cod, and sashimi.

Good Catch

Good Catch Plant Based Fish Free Tuna - Naked In Water, 3oz Pouch, 3oz

Good Catch is among the best vegan fish brands. The company offers fish burgers, fish sticks, tuna, crab cakes, and more. Every product is vegan, with blended beans, soy, lentils, and a crunchy breadcrumb outside.


BeLeaf sells meatless products like plant-based sashimi, shrimp, and ribbon fish. The vegan fish is entirely preservative-free and great for a plant-based lifestyle.


Caviart Award-winning VEGAN Caviar - Black Seaweed Flavor 3.5 oz (Black Caviart)

Are you looking for top-of-the-line vegan caviar? Try Caviart, a vegan fish brand with a commitment to environmental sustainability. The seaweed-based vegan fish is good for your health and the earth.

Ocean Hugger

Ocean Hugger is ideal if you’re searching for specialty vegan fish. Try eggplant-based eel and fresh vegan ahi tuna with a realistic fish texture.

Hungry Planet

This chef-inspired company makes vegan fish with a gourmet twist. Hungry Planet has a tasty vegan crab cake that’s perfect for any occasion.


Kids and adults alike will love Vantastic fish fingers. Pop this easy dish in the oven for a quick lunch or as part of a filling dinner. You can order from the Vantastic website for Co2-neutral shipping and deals on products.


Vivera offers a wide variety of vegan fish products, and you’ll love the salmon fillet with Omega 3’s and iron. Check out the Vivera website for recipes and tips on cooking plant-based seafood dishes.


Worthington hit the top ten list of LA’s VegOut magazine as one of the best new seafood brands. Try it for yourself and check out their vegan tuna alternatives.


Kuleana vegan fish is a blend of bamboo, potato, radish, and other nutritious vegetarian ingredients. This brand focuses on sushi-grade vegan fish like Hawaiian poké.

Loma Linda

Loma Linda Tuno - Plant-Based - Spring Water (12 oz.) (Pack of 6) - Non-GMO, Ocean Safe, Omega 3, Seafood Alternative

Loma Linda makes vegan fish alternatives with a long-lasting shelf life and great taste. Try the pesto and sun-dried tomato tuna, or go for a tangy sriracha-flavored fish.

Plant Menu

Plant Menu crafts vegan fish sticks with yummy panko breading. The inside of the fish sticks is flaky and succulent, and this vegan alternative tastes like real fish.

Quorn Vegan

Quorn is one of our top choices for the best vegan fish brands. Recreate traditional fish and chips or craft a unique recipe with these crispy battered fillets.

Tofuna Fysh

Vegan Fysh Sauce (Vegan Fish Sauce Made with Seaweed)

Vegan fish sauce can be difficult to find, but Tofuna Fysh has you covered. The Oregon-based brand makes a great vegan alternative to traditional cooking sauces. Make soups, creative dips, and more with Tofuna Fysh sauce.

Current Foods

Current Foods sells plant-based fish with vitamins like iron, B12,  and Omega 3’s. Featured by Time and The Los Angeles Times, Current Food is your go-to for top-of-the-line vegan fish. We recommend ginger tamarind tuna or smoked black pepper salmon.

The Plant-Based Seafood Co

The Plant-Based Seafood Co offers vegan sashimi, sailfish, and golden fish fillets. The company produces tasty, ready-to-eat vegan seafood with a commitment to sustainable food sourcing.

Mind Blown

Try dusted fried shrimp or plant-based crab cakes from Mind Blown, a tried and true brand available at most retailers. You can make Mexican-inspired coconut shrimp tacos or go for gourmet scallops in a creamy sauce.

Omni Foods

Omni Foods is a vegan company with plenty of seafood options. The Ocean Burger is a fried-filet style patty that you can enjoy on its own or with tartar sauce and cheese. Try the classic filet with a squeeze of lemon or the Omni Crab with a side salad.

Loving Hut

Loving Hut has vegan shrimp that will make your mouth water. Choose the brand for your next cocktail party, or keep a bag of tasty vegan fish in your fridge for a quick snack. You can also order lobster balls perfect for entertaining.

Goldie Lox

Goldie Lox sells smoked salmon that’s entirely vegan and delicious. They make vegan fish from carrots, but you’ll never tell the difference. Craft lox bagels with the salmon strips, or make rice bowls with the tasty vegan fish.

What Makes Vegan Fish Good?

Many factors contribute to the perfect vegan fish. Look for brands that are ethical and environmentally sustainable. Another crucial factor is the taste of the vegan fish, so we recommend trying brands that are flaky, succulent, and flavor-filled. Soy-based brands have great texture, and breadcrumb-covered fish gives the food a nice crunch.

FAQs About Vegan Fish

Check out these commonly asked questions about vegan fish brands.

What is the best vegan fish?

The best vegan fish depends on your individual needs, but our top pick is Gardein Fish Fillets. The easy-to-cook fillets are nutrient-packed and crunchy, making Gardein our best overall choice.

Is there a fish that is vegan?

Fish isn’t traditionally a vegan food, but you can purchase vegan alternatives. Look for brands that have a vegan label or shop online at one of our top choice companies.

Who makes plant-based fish?

Popular plant-based fish companies include Jinka, Gardein, Caviart, and New Wave. You can order from the brands online or check out your local supermarket or vegan shop.

What is vegan seafood?

Vegan seafood is fish-free food with seafood-inspired flavors. The vegan alternative food is free of meat, dairy, fish, and eggs.

What does plant-based seafood taste like?

Plant-based foods have made great strides lately, and vegan fish tastes sweet and buttery like real fish. You won’t have to sacrifice taste when you go fish-free anymore.

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