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4+ Best Low Sodium Sausage Brands for a Less Salty Splurge

4+ Best Low Sodium Sausage Brands for a Less Salty Splurge

Have you taken conscious steps towards a healthier life but still want to eat sausage? You can most definitely do it! Sausage is well-known for being a high fat, high sodium food. However, many companies have recently made efforts to create healthier sausage alternatives

You can have a healthier sausage at a reasonable price by switching brands. And no, you do not have to go vegan or look for alternatives to do this.

Low-sodium sausage is a fantastic alternative for those trying to watch their blood pressure, thyroid and hormone health, or weight. It is also ideal for those who do not want to consume too much salt. Here are the best low sodium sausage brands for a less salty splurge:

Applegate Naturals


Applegate Naturals is a brand committed to health. They make a wide variety of healthy dinner and breakfast sausages. Some popular low sodium options include the no sugar chicken & herb breakfast sausage, the turkey breakfast sausage patties, apple breakfast sausage patties, and the chicken & apple breakfast sausage chicken.

If you want a wide variety of low sodium sausage options, try Applegate Naturals. Their sausages have rave reviews, with people saying they are a tasty delicacy. While not the lowest sodium option, the Applegate Naturals sausage has nearly half the amount of sodium as regular sausages. 

If you are unsure where to start, we suggest the turkey breakfast sausage patties. They are perfectly seasoned and go well with anything. You can even use them to make a sausage sauce.

Meadow Creek

Meadow Creek prides itself in offering healthier alternatives to mainstream sausages. Their sausages have a lower sodium content than most in the market.

The Meadow Creek mild Italian sausage is an incredible alternative for those who want to use Italian sausage. The seasoning is fantastic, and it tastes like authentic Italian sausage.

If you fancy a bratwurst, Meadow Creek offers a solid bratwurst option. Their bratwurst only has half the amount of sodium as in other bratwurst sausages. If you’re looking for something a little leaner, you’ll find Meadow Creek’s turkey sausage is the best alternative. Low in sodium and fat, it will keep you fuller and healthier. 

The Meadow Creek Chorizo sausage is a delicious and decadent treat. It is also low in sodium and easier to fit into your daily sodium limit. Try the Meadow Creek brand for low sodium varieties of your favorite sausages.

Organic Valley

Organic Valley is an organic food brand founded by a cooperative of organic farmers from Wisconsin. They are one of the world’s largest organic consumer brands. Organic Valley’s products are not only organic but delicious too.

Their uncured organic beef hot dogs are a treat for the senses. These low carb hot dogs are made from 100% organic, grass-fed meat, and seasoned well.

You can enjoy Organic Valley’s sausages for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Add them to a salad for a balanced meal, or enjoy them as a snack whenever you feel like it. 

Jones Dairy Farm

Jones Dairy Farm offers many choices of low sodium options. Many find their low sodium sausage options to be tasty and affordable. 

They have low sodium pork sausages as well as several turkey sausage options. If you want a straightforward low sodium sausage option, try Jones Dairy Farm.

Why Choose Low Sodium Sausage Brands?

If you are in good health, you may wonder why you should take the extra step and pick low sodium sausages. Most people only consider switching to low sodium foods after getting a bad report from their doctor. But, you can switch to low sodium sausages before you get that report. Here are some things to consider:

Too Much Sodium Leads to Weight Gain

Intentional weight gain is a great thing, especially when doing it for health and life. However, gaining weight without intending to can be disheartening. High-sodium diets have proven to cause weight gain

That is because foods high in sodium are more often than not high in calories. Because these foods lack nutrition density, it is easy to overeat them over a short period and gain weight much faster.

Switching to low sodium sausages can you help eat within a healthy range of calories. Binging is also less likely when consuming low sodium and low sugar foods. Trying a low sodium sausage brand and finding one you like can help you maintain a healthy weight range.

Less Sodium Lowers Your Risk of Heart Disease

The standard American diet is very high in sodium. Sodium often gets linked to an increased risk of heart disease.  High sodium consumption can also lead to higher blood pressure. It is important to note that both these conditions are expensive to treat and hard to manage.

Lowering your daily sodium consumption does not have to mean giving up delicious food you love. Finding low sodium versions of your favorite foods will ensure you eat as you please but monitor your sodium consumption. Low sodium sausage brands make it easier to choose healthier options.

Less Sodium Equals Less Extreme Thirst

High sodium diets often mean you get extreme thirst. Feeling like you can’t consume enough water, a parched throat, water retention, and dry skin are all caused by too much sodium. Switching to low sodium foods can help you stay hydrated for longer periods and reap hydration’s benefits. 

Low Sodium Diets Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that causes your bones to become weak, thin, and brittle. High sodium can lead to a lowering of calcium levels in the body. Less calcium in your body means more fragile bones. Your bones will break and crack much easier, and your quality of life will decrease.

While osteoporosis is highly likely as you get older, especially with a bad diet, you can take steps to mitigate it. Choosing low sodium sausage is the right step toward controlling salt intake. That will help you maintain or even increase the calcium levels in your body. Increased calcium will lessen your risk of getting osteoporosis significantly. 

FAQs about Low Sodium Sausage

Which are the healthiest sausages?

If you are interested in searching out healthier sausages, try finding chicken to turkey sausages for the lowest calorie option. Additionally, look for sausages lower in salt, with no added sugars, and without added chemicals.

If you cannot find turkey or chicken sausage, low-fat pork or beef will do. Three popular sausages. Chorizo, bratwurst, and Italian sausage are great options.

Does Jimmy Dean make low sodium sausage?

Yes, Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage does make several low sodium options. They also have reduced fat sausages as well with the same great flavor.

Are there any low sodium bratwurst?

Yes, there are. If you pick chicken or turkey bratwursts, they will most likely be low sodium or at least lower in sodium than normal ones. There are also several low sodium bratwurst brands. Meadow Creek Bratwurst sausage has 260 mg of sodium per 75g, which is considerably low for a bratwurst.

How much sodium is in Jimmy Dean’s breakfast sausage?

Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Original Pork Sausage Patties have 490 mg of salt. Jimmy Dean’s original sausages are notoriously high in sodium, so it is better to go with their low sodium options.