Top 10 Low Sodium BBQ Sauce Brands for Healthier Grilling

Low-sodium BBQ sauces reviewed; vegan Fody Foods for gut health, Traeger Pellet Grills for versatile use, and Primal Kitchen for keto diets.

low sodium barbecue sauce brands

Barbecue sauce (BBQ) is normally the best way to add some zest to any dish. This is why many forms of BBQ sauce have been widely embraced.

Whether you’re into heavier BBQ sauces or you prefer tomato-based sauces, there are many delicious options to choose from.

This post reviews the ten best low sodium barbecue sauce brands you should try out.

Unfortunately, most sauces are loaded with unwanted ingredients, including sugar and sodium. Since most people are concerned about the negative effects of sugar and sodium, you might be looking for low-sodium barbecue sauce brands.

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Fody Foods Vegan BBQ Sauce

Fody Foods Vegan BBQ Sauce | Low FODMAP Certified | Gut Friendly, No Onion | IBS Friendly Kitchen Staple | Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Non GMO | 12 Ounce pack of 3

Fody Foods Vegan BBQ Sauce is a vegan BBQ sauce from FODY Food Co. It’s a certified low FODMAP sauce that is lactose-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and garlic free. Low FODMAP foods are low in fermentable carbs, usually recommended to help manage irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

This sauce is worth trying if you often have to deal with heartburn after using BBQ sauce on your dishes. You won’t feel any heartburn, and the sauce isn’t spicy (like a Korean BBQ sauce).

However some have high sugar, but its main ingredients are cider vinegar and crushed tomatoes, which means you’ll provide your body with essential nutrients.

Traeger Pellet Grills SAU038 Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce

Traeger Pellet Grills SAU038 Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce

The Traeger Pellet Grills SAU038 Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce delivers an amazing taste. It has a peppery and molasses taste. This low-sodium barbecue sauce is great for meat or any other protein.

If you’re thinking of roasting your beef, chicken, or pork, this barbecue sauce will give your proteins a unique taste.

The Traeger Pellet Grills sauce is quite versatile since you can serve with most proteins or even use it as a marinade. It can be perfectly paired with Mesquite Hardwood Pellets.

Primal Kitchen Organic BBQ Sauce Three-Pack

Primal Kitchen Organic BBQ Sauce Three-Pack, Whole30 Approved, Certified Paleo, and Keto Certified, Includes Classic BBQ, Mango Jalapeno BBQ, and Hawaiian BBQ

Primal Kitchen Organic BBQ Sauce Three-Pack is yet another low-sodium barbecue sauce that won’t disappoint. This sauce comes in three flavors: Mango Jalapeno, Hawaiian, and Classic. It’s delicious and versatile, and it’s best used as marinades.

You can also use it as a dipping sauce for your grilled meats. Some folks prefer to use the sauce as condiments. The Primal Kitchen BBQ sauce is also lifestyle-approved.

For instance, if you’re following the keto diet, this sauce will ensure you achieve your health goals while still enjoying your foods.

World Market Hawaii’s Famous Huli-Huli Sauce

World Market Hawaii's Famous Huli-Huli Sauce - Hawaiian BBQ Sauce - Meat Rub BBQ Marinade Sauce and Steak Seasoning - 24 Ounce - 1 Pack

If you’re a fan of Hawaiian BBQ sauce, the World Market Hawaii’s Famous Huli-Huli Sauce will add a delicious flavor to your everyday steaks.

The sauce is made to suit the Huli-Huli Hawaiian culture, where people come together to roast meat over the fire pit. This BBQ sauce can be used to marinate meats of all kinds.

However, most users claim that it gives the chicken a great taste. Whatever plans you have with your friends and family over the weekend, having the World Market Hawaii’s Huli-Huli sauce in the kitchen will make your meats taste sweet.

Cattlemen’s Kansas City Classic BBQ Sauce

Cattlemen's Kansas City Classic BBQ Sauce, 18 oz

Searching for something with a more bold flavor? The Cattlemen’s Kansas City Classic BBQ Sauce is worth adding to your shopping cart. This brand has a solid rapport for quality, legendary taste, and performance.

The sauce is versatile since it can be used on meats and veggies. Its tangy, sweet flavor will transform the taste of your favorite proteins and vegetable diets.

Irrespective of how you use this BBQ sauce, it’s the best way to infuse some style into your menu. Tomatoes are the main ingredients used in the sauce.

Other ingredients include corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, molasses, distilled vinegar, onion powder, celery seed, mustard bran, natural flavor, and garlic.

Heinz Kansas City Style Sweet & Smoky BBQ Barbecue Sauce

Heinz Kansas City Style Sweet & Smoky BBQ Barbecue Sauce (6 ct Pack, 20.2 oz Bottles)

Your whole family will always want to be part of the family get-together when you prepare your meals using Heinz Kansas City Style Sweet & Smoky BBQ Barbecue Sauce. It’s a great pick that will ensure you prepare hearty, mouthwatering meals. You can use the sauce as a marinade, especially in chicken and baby back ribs.

Its ingredients include cane sugar, blackstrap molasses, dark brown sugar, and a sweet flavor that doesn’t use corn syrup. You’ll also love its inverted design since it ensures you enjoy every last drop.

Keto Marinara Pasta and Pizza Sauce by Yo Mama’s Foods

Keto Marinara Pasta and Pizza Sauce by Yo Mama's Foods - Pack of (2) - No Sugar Added, Low Carb, Low Sodium, Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly, and Made with Whole, Non-GMO Tomatoes.

Keto Marinara Pasta and Pizza Sauce by Yo Mama’s Foods is another keto-friendly and low-sodium BBQ sauce worth trying. It’s a guilt-free way of enjoying your meats and other foods.

You’ll add the sauce since it’s low in sodium, preservative-free, low-glycemic, paleo-friendly, and has no sugar additives.

Bone Suckin Gourmet Foods BBQ Sauce

Bone Suckin Gourmet Foods BBQ Sauce, Hot, 64 Ounce

There’s no better way to grill your meats other than topping them with your favorite BBQ sauce. Bone Suckin Gourmet Foods Bbq Sauce is one of the best low-sodium barbeque brands for grilling and marinating. The sauce is naturally sweetened using molasses and honey, giving it an irresistible bone-suckin’ flavor!

Traina Home Grown California Sun Dried Apricot Barbecue Sauce

Traina Home Grown California Sun Dried Plum Barbecue Sauce - No Corn Syrup, Spicy, Smoky Flavor, Packed in 17 Ounce Bottle

Traina Home Grown California Sun Dried Apricot Barbecue Sauce features nutritious ingredients, including vinegar, tomato paste, apricot puree, and brown sugar. This BBQ sauce is perfect when used on burgers or as a marinade.

One of its main perks is that it has no corn syrup in its blend. The only issue with this BBQ sauce is the sugar content. You may want to watch out for the serving size to ensure you cut your sugar intake.

Robbie’s Natural Products

The Robbies Natural Products has a spot on this list due to its old-fashioned smokehouse flavor. It’s low on calories and gluten-free. Ingredients used in this product include tomato paste, water, honey, mustard, dried cane syrup, distilled vinegar, and apple cider vinegar.

The list of the best low-sodium barbecue sauce brands is worth trying since they are guilt-free. The low sodium content implies that you won’t risk experiencing any heart-related complications if you use any of these BBQ sauces over a long period. Ideally, low-sodium foods are generally good for your health.

FAQs about Low Sodium Barbecue Sauce Brands


Sauces can help spice up your everyday food. Here are a few more answers you might be looking for.

What sauces are low in sodium?

Sauces that are low in sodium are those with low salt content. Typically, there are many brands you can choose from that have low sodium, including Fody Foods Vegan BBQ Sauce, Cattlemen’s Kansas City Classic BBQ Sauce, and more.

How much sodium is in sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce?

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce has 300mg sodium. One of the main issues with this sauce is that it’s high in modified corn starch and fructose corn syrup. This means the sauce is high in sugar. It could lead to weight gain.

Is barbeque sauce high in sodium?

Not all barbecue sauces are high in sodium. There are alternative brands with low sodium and sugar. Checking the ingredient labels helps to ensure you settle for the best BBQ sauce that is low in sodium and rich in heart-healthy nutrients.

Is Sweet Baby Ray’s healthy?

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ isn’t healthy since it’s high in sugar and carbs, making it unhealthy. The large amounts of sugar added to Baby Ray’s can lead to poor gut health and increased weight. Therefore, the sauce isn’t heart-healthy.

With all this information on sauces, you’ll be able to find the best one for your diet and your taste. Happy eating!

More FAQs

What barbecue sauce has the least amount of sodium?

The barbecue sauce with the least amount of sodium is Yo Mama’s Foods Keto Barbecue Sauce, which contains only 150mg of sodium. Other options include Sweet Baby Ray’s Original Barbecue Sauce with 290mg of sodium, Heinz Original Sweet & Thick BBQ Sauce with 300mg of sodium, and Kraft Slow Simmered Original BBQ Sauce with 350mg of sodium.

How much sodium is in Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce?

The amount of sodium in Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce is 138mg, which is 6% of the recommended daily intake.

How much salt is in Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce?

The amount of salt in Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce is 290.1mg, which accounts for 13% of the recommended daily intake. Additionally, the sauce contains 18g of total carbohydrates, 16g of total sugars, and no dietary fiber.

How do you reduce salt in BBQ sauce?

To reduce salt in BBQ sauce, a good method is to use acid, such as vinegar or lemon juice, as it effectively helps to balance the saltiness.

Does soy sauce have less sodium than salt?

Soy sauce does indeed have less sodium than salt. Even the low-sodium soy sauce contains around 190 milligrams of sodium per teaspoon. However, when comparing it to one teaspoon of salt, which contains 2,325 milligrams of sodium, soy sauce is a significantly healthier alternative.

Is barbecue sauce heart healthy?

Barbecue sauce is not heart healthy due to its high content of sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, fat, and salt, which are detrimental to cardiovascular health.

Is there a hot sauce with no sodium?

There is a hot sauce called Doc’s Salt-Free Hot Sauce that was developed by a doctor aiming to assist his patients in reducing their sodium intake while still enjoying the taste.

How much sodium per day?

The recommended daily sodium intake for adults is less than 2,300 mg per day, which is equivalent to about 1 teaspoon of table salt. On average, Americans consume about 3,400 mg of sodium per day. It is important for children under age 14 to consume even less sodium than adults.

Does Worcestershire sauce have a lot of sodium?

Worcestershire sauce does contain a significant amount of sodium. When incorporated into a dish or utilized as a dip, it contributes 69 mg of sodium per teaspoon. It is advisable to adhere to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which suggest limiting daily sodium intake to 2,300 milligrams or less.

How much sodium is in honey BBQ sauce?

The amount of sodium in honey BBQ sauce is 360mg, which accounts for 15% of the recommended daily intake.

What sauces have the lowest sodium?

The sauces with the lowest sodium content include Alfredo Sauce, Lemon Caper Sauce, Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Sauce, Soy-Less Sodium Sauce, Spicy BBQ Sauce, Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, and White BBQ Sauce.

What condiments are bad for high blood pressure?

The condiments that are harmful for high blood pressure include ready-to-eat sauces, canned juices and soups, tomato sauces, soy sauce, and frozen foods, as they all contain excessive amounts of salt. Additionally, even small portions of cheese, cheese spread, margarine, and mayonnaise can contribute to elevated blood pressure levels due to their high sodium content.

Can you eat salsa on a low sodium diet?

Salsa can be consumed on a low sodium diet, as a serving of store-bought salsa typically contains around 234 mg of sodium. It is important to note that dietary guidelines suggest limiting sodium intake to less than 2300 mg per day. Hence, one serving or two tablespoons of salsa fulfills approximately 10% of your daily sodium requirements.

Which condiment is highest in sodium?

The condiment highest in sodium is soy and Asian-style sauces. These traditional tasty sauces have the highest sodium content among all sauces and condiments. The FDA recommends a target of 3400mg of sodium per 100g for packaged Asian-style sauces such as fish sauce and hoisin sauce.

What is a healthy substitute for BBQ sauce?

A healthy substitute for BBQ sauce is Hoisin Sauce, which is an Asian sauce made from vinegar, honey, sesame paste, flour, chilies, and soy sauce. This Chinese-inspired sauce has a thick glazed appearance similar to BBQ sauce and is known for its texture. It is an excellent option for those who enjoy spicy baby ribs.

Does BBQ sauce have a lot of sodium?

BBQ sauce contains a significant amount of sodium, ranging from 200 to 350 milligrams per two-tablespoon serving, which can contribute up to 14 percent of your daily sodium intake. Additionally, popular sauces have an average of 12 to 17 grams of sugar per serving.

How much sodium is in Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce?

The amount of sodium in Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce is 138mg, which is 6% of the recommended daily intake.

Is BBQ sauce bad for high blood pressure?

BBQ sauce can be detrimental for individuals with high blood pressure due to its high salt and sugar content, along with other condiments like ketchup, teriyaki sauce, and certain relishes.

Can BBQ sauce be healthy?

BBQ sauce can have some nutritional value as it contains small amounts of potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin A. However, consuming large quantities of sauce is not recommended in order to obtain significant health benefits from these micronutrients.

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