Top 7 Gluten Free Beef Jerky Brands for Healthy Snacking

Gluten-free beef jerky brands offer safe, tasty snacks for everyone. Choose from Epic, Krave, Baja Jerky, Cattaneo Bros., People’s Choice, Righteous Felon, and Oberto for flavorful, worry-free snacking.

gluten free beef jerky brands

Dehydrated and seasoned strips of meat don’t necessarily sound like a mouthwatering treat. However, this hearty snack crossed over from ancient beginnings to become a reliable protein boost and a quick, tasty treat perfect for when you’re on the move.

While jerky can be for anyone, those with Celiac disease or other gluten intolerances must be careful when choosing a brand of beef jerky.

So, is beef jerky gluten free?

Yes! Not all jerky is gluten free, but brands that make Gluten free beef jerky stay close to the roots of this enduring snack, delivering irresistible flavor without any harmful side effects. Explore these seven best gluten free beef jerky brands for your next favorite savory treat.

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EPIC Smoked Salmon Strips, Wild Caught, Paleo Friendly, 20 ct, 0.8oz Strips

Epic stands as the only gluten-free beef jerky brand on this list certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization and the Gluten Intolerance Group. All of the company’s jerky products are certified gluten-free, so you can shop with confidence.

You can explore interesting flavors like bison bacon cranberry, beef apple, and chicken barbecue. Both bags of jerky and innovative jerky bars, similar to protein bars, are available.

The brand is serious about respecting allergies and dietary restrictions. In addition to the rigorous gluten-free standards, customers can easily filter online searches to match their needs. Search for products that adhere to non-GMO, keto, and Whole30 diets. 


KRAVE Variety Favorites Beef and Pork Jerky, 100% Grass-Fed Beef, Premiun Pork Cuts, No Artificial Ingredients, Gluten-Free, 8-9g Protein, No Nitrates - 2.7 oz bags (8 Pack)

Like Epic, Krave also proudly offers only gluten-free jerky in its diverse lineup of products. One of the best gluten-free beef jerky brands around, Krave specializes in innovative flavors.

You’ll have the chance to discover zero-sugar Southwest Hatch Chile, Black Cherry BBQ, and Grilled Teriyaki, all without soy sauce, yeast, teriyaki sauce, and other gluten-rich ingredients.

Krave embraces other dietary preferences as well. Both zero-sugar and plant-based jerky varieties bring the signature texture and flavors of jerky to vegans and those avoiding sugars. 

Plant-based jerky delivers a convincing meat-free option made of peas and fava beans. This flavorful and creative jerky comes in small and convenient bags under three ounces. These small packages make them perfectly packable for field trips, day hikes, and picnics. 

Krave is widely available at convenience stores, pharmacies, big box stores, and specialty grocery stores.

Baja Jerky

Baja Beef Jerky - 100% All Natural Beef Jerky, Keto Jerky, Gluten Free, Low Calorie Craft Jerky, 10g Protein per Serving, No Nitrates or Added Hormones, Healthy Beef Jerky - Salsa Fresca, 2.5 oz Bag (Pack of 3)

As the name implies, Baja Jerky specializes in delicious jerky varieties packed with sumptuous Mexican flavors. This member of our best gluten-free beef jerky brands list sells only gluten-free jerky. 

Baja Jerky follows a strict processing policy within its facilities to avoid any cross-contamination that would hurt anyone with a gluten allergy.

In fact, employees go so far as to wear protective gear if they encounter any products which contain gluten to maintain strict adherence to company procedures.

Lime and serrano pepper, sweet orange, salsa Fresca, and even a sweet churro flavor make up the tasty line-up of gluten-free jerky varieties available from Baja Jerky. 

Reliably shop for all of the flavors of Baja Jerky on the official website, or look for the brand on the shelves of your local big box store.

Cattaneo Bros. Range Beef Jerky

Cattaneo Bros. - Classic Cut Natural Style Thick Beef Jerky, 8 Ounce (Original)

If you are looking for pure jerky, Cattaneo Bros. Range Beef Jerky promises only the most authentic version. This jerky producer uses genuine, grass-fed beef as the foundation for its premium product. 

The final product comes from whole cuts of beef, not the cast-off cuts from more desirable portions like sirloin or ribs.

Jerky is touted as a useful product made from the trimmed-off waste of other cuts of meat or to preserve leftover meats. However, Cattaneo Bros. dedicates its premium beef solely to the art of making jerky.

In addition to creative flavors, this gluten-free beef jerky brand offers different kinds of textures to choose from. Jerky aficionados will enjoy experiencing the nuances between extra-thin, hand-cut, and classic cut jerky options from Cattaneo Bros.

People’s Choice Old-Fashioned Beef Jerky

People's Choice Beef Jerky - Old Fashioned - Original - Healthy, Sugar Free, Zero Carb, Gluten Free, Keto Friendly, High Protein Meat Snack - Dry Texture - 1 Pound, 16 oz - 1 Bag

If fancy thicknesses and creative flavors aren’t your things, People’s Choice Old-Fashioned Beef Jerky delivers the traditional flavor and texture of jerky. This gluten-free beef jerky brand is also soy-free, sugar-free, and keto-friendly.

The company brings jerky back to its roots, with an impressively pared-down ingredients list. Only beef, water, and a few seasonings like salt and garlic make People’s Choice Old-Fashioned Beef Jerky simple and beloved.

Fans rave about the clean flavor and nostalgic texture, solidifying this company as one of the best gluten-free beef jerky brands around.

Righteous Felon Beef Jerky

Righteous Felon Beef Jerky Variety Pack - Beef Jerky Sampler - Gluten Free, High Protein, Low Sugar, Low Calorie Healthy Snacks Bundle

Craft beer lovers will feel right at home with the Righteous Felon Beef Jerky brand. Cheeky packaging filled with puns like Truffle-O Bill Beef Jerky makes up the extensive line-up of creative, all-natural beef jerky varieties from this brand.

Voodoo Chile, Maryland Monroe, and Fowl Capone turkey jerky flavors reinforce the humorous brand Righteous Felon leans on. Pick up this gluten-free beef jerky brand for the irreverent jerky fan in your life.

Not all varieties of Righteous Felon jerky are gluten-free, so make sure to inspect the packaging before buying. For instance, sugar-heavy flavors like Bourbon Franklin do contain gluten.

Like many of the jerky brands on this list, this brand also offers biltong—the traditional African version of jerky.


Oberto Specialty Meats Original Beef Jerky, 1.5 Ounce (Pack of 8)

Oberto represents one of the big domestic manufacturers of jerky, instead of a smaller, artisanal brand like the others on this list. However, Oberto remains committed to serving safe, delicious, gluten-free jerky to its international audience of customers. 

With the average beef price rising, Oberto represents a budget-friendly jerky option for fans of the snack.

Oberto products are widely and dependably available at grocery stores, pharmacies, big box stores, and other easily accessible retailers, as well as online.

Most of Oberto’s traditional jerky snacks remain gluten-free, including the teriyaki, spicy-sweet, and applewood flavors.

However, some flavors do contain gluten. Be sure to check the individual bag’s packaging, where the gluten-free label is marked on the front.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gluten Free Jerky

Do you have more questions about gluten-free beef jerky brands? Keep reading to get the answers to some of the most commonly asked queries below. 

Is any beef jerky gluten-free?

Good news! Most brands of all-natural beef jerky remain gluten-free. The beauty of beef jerky lies in its simplicity. Typically, only dehydrated meat and spices are used in standard beef jerky recipes.

Is Jack Link’s Original beef jerky gluten-free?

Jack Link’s Original Beef Jerky is not gluten-free. This processed dried meat product contains yeast for flavoring.

Is any Jack Link’s gluten-free?

A few specific varieties of Jack Link’s jerky are gluten-free. Products like beef sticks and the beef steak bar are more often gluten-free. Traditional jerky packets usually contain gluten.

Is Jack Link’s zero-sugar beef jerky gluten-free?

Yes! Jack Link’s zero sugar beef jerky brand remains gluten-free. You’ll want to inspect the official packaging labels to verify these products are gluten-free.

Is Jack Link’s beef Steak jerky gluten-free?

Jack Link’s beef Steak jerky is gluten-free and packed with flavor. Utilizing years of jerky making knowledge, each strip is carefully made with their unique blend of Original spices. The slow cooking process over hardwood smoke ensures a traditional jerky taste and a texture that is easy to chew.

Which Jack Link’s products are gluten free?

The Jack Link’s products that are gluten free are Beef Stick Original, Beef Stick Peppered, and Beef Stick Teriyaki. These products are clearly labelled as gluten free on their packaging.

Are Slim Jims gluten free?

Slim Jims contain gluten and are not gluten-free due to the presence of barley malt extract in their ingredients. Conagra, the company that owns the Slim Jim brand, recognizes the significance of providing accurate information to individuals with gluten intolerance about the food they consume.

Is Oberto beef jerky gluten free?

Oberto beef jerky is gluten free and does not contain any artificial ingredients or MSG. The original beef jerky has been enhanced with real wood smoke, resulting in a more tender bite.

Is Jack Link’s Sweet and Hot jerky gluten free?

Jack Link’s Sweet and Hot jerky is not gluten-free.

Is Tillamook beef jerky gluten free?

Tillamook beef jerky is gluten-free and made with high-quality beef, 100% real hardwood smoke, and our original recipe. It is simply crafted with simple ingredients to be simply better, providing a good source of protein and using only premium beef.

Is beef jerky gluten-free?

Most brands of beef jerky do contain gluten, which may come as a surprise to many people. This is because soy sauce, a key ingredient in beef jerky marinades, often contains gluten. However, it is possible to make gluten-free beef jerky by replacing soy sauce with tamari sauce, a commonly used gluten-free substitute.

Do Slim Jims have gluten?

Slim Jims contain gluten because they are made with barley malt extract, which is a source of gluten. Conagra, the company that owns the Slim Jim brand, recognizes the significance of providing accurate information to individuals with gluten intolerance about the food they consume.

Is Wild River jerky gluten-free?

Wild River jerky is gluten-free and a keto-friendly option, making it a great choice for balanced adventure snacking. With 15g of protein and only 90 calories per serving, this 100% beef jerky is proudly produced in the USA, ensuring a Wildly Satisfying Jerky experience.

Why does beef jerky have wheat in it?

Beef jerky often contains wheat due to the presence of soy sauce, which is a common ingredient in its marinades. Soy sauce is a fermented liquid made from soybeans and is added to beef jerky for its savory taste. However, for those seeking a gluten-free option, tamari can be used as an alternative to soy sauce as it does not contain any gluten.

Does soy sauce have gluten?

Soy sauce often contains gluten because it is typically made with a combination of wheat, soybeans, salt, and water. Despite its name, soy sauce is not exclusively derived from soy. However, there are gluten-free options available for those following a gluten-free diet.

Is Jack Links Zero sugar beef jerky gluten-free?

Jack Links Zero Sugar Beef Jerky is gluten-free.

Is Sweet Baby Ray’s beef jerky gluten-free?

Sweet Baby Ray’s products do not contain gluten. The ingredient statement on the package label clearly lists any products or ingredients made from grains containing gluten, such as wheat, rye, and barley.

Is Wild Bills beef jerky gluten-free?

Wild Bill’s beef jerky is gluten-free and contains no MSG. It is a mouthwatering and delicious snack for the whole family, with only 2 carbs and 70 calories per 1oz serving. Enjoy this great gluten-free snack in between meals.

Is Trader Joe’s jerky gluten-free?

Trader Joe’s jerky is likely gluten-free.

Is Great Value Original beef jerky gluten-free?

Great Value Original beef jerky is gluten-free and contains only 80 calories per serving, with a total of five grams of carbs. Additionally, this filling snack is packed with 13 grams of protein per serving, making it a great choice for health-conscious individuals.

Is there gluten in teriyaki beef jerky?

When checking the ingredients list of teriyaki beef jerky, it is important to be aware that this flavor is made with soy sauce. Since soy sauce is derived from wheat, gluten will always be listed as an allergen if traditional soy sauce is used. Therefore, individuals with gluten sensitivities or allergies should exercise caution when consuming teriyaki beef jerky.

Is Jack Link’s hickory smoked beef jerky gluten-free?

Jack Link’s hickory smoked beef jerky is gluten-free as it is made solely from 100% beef and does not include any ingredients that contain gluten. Therefore, if you are in search of a tasty snack that is free from gluten, hickory smoked Jack Link’s beef jerky is an excellent choice.

Is Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet and Spicy Beef Jerky gluten-free?

Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet and Spicy Beef Jerky is gluten-free and contains BHA & BHT to preserve its flavor.

Is turkey jerky gluten-free?

Turkey jerky may contain gluten due to the presence of soy sauce, which often contains wheat. However, there are gluten-free options available from other producers who eliminate soy from their turkey jerky. One recommended brand is Golden Valley Natural Beef Jerky.

Is Bison jerky gluten-free?

Bison jerky is gluten-free. It has a similar taste to beef, but with a coarse texture and a hint of sweetness. This meat is rich in protein, low in cholesterol, and contains approximately half the calories and fat compared to beef.


Beef jerky stands the test of time as a favorite snack. Endurance athletes like skiers and hikers rely on jerky for a dependable protein boost. Elsewhere, jerky serves as a filling snack for kids and for adults adjusting to a keto diet.

The simplicity of jerky (even if a bit expensive) means it is often a reliably safe product for folks with gluten intolerance. However other brands use yeast, soy sauce, or other products containing gluten to add flavoring.

With that in mind, review the packaging on every product to confirm its allergy warnings. Even better, stick to these best gluten-free beef jerky brands (or look into making your own!) for a delicious snack anytime.

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