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Unraveling the Mystery of Marbled Brisket: A Tasty Paradox

Unraveling the Mystery of Marbled Brisket: A Tasty Paradox

Brisket, also called beef brisket, is a rich, beefy flavor cut of meat, often sold without bone in the flat and point cuts. This cut of meat becomes is naturally lean and can be tough. It’s typically smoked to bring out its flavor and tenderize it.

Some people prefer brisket that is more marbled than others, meaning fatty lines run through the meat that melts when cooked. The more marbling in the brisket, the more natural juices are added to the meat, helping make it tender. 

Which is better: fatty or lean brisket?

When properly cooked, lean brisket comes out perfectly tender and flavorful; however, it can dry out quickly if overcooked. Therefore, once done, lean brisket must be carved immediately to maintain tenderness and flavor.

Fatty brisket is forgiving, does not overcook as quickly as other meats, and can rest a bit before cutting. Many people prefer fatty brisket because it can be very tender, is easy to cook, and is full of flavors.  It’s very rare to find and completely depends on what cow your are sourcing your beef from. A Wagyu cow, for example, is bred to be marbled throughout and will likely have a marbled brisket cut than a typical Angus cow.

Should a brisket be marbled? 

For full flavor, brisket should be highly marbled and full of little flecks of fat that will melt when cooked. Cooking brisket low and slow will baste the brisket from the inside out, providing maximum flavor. 

What are the two types of brisket? 

Two types of brisket come from different muscles, including the point and the flat. The point-cut brisket is the fatty portion which is also called the deckle.

Brisket Point Burnt Ends

The flat cut of the brisket has the fatty part removed, making it leaner. The flat cut lies flat and is also called the first cut. 

What is the best cut of brisket?

Cooked Brisket Flat

The brisket’s flat cut makes up most of the meat, and if the fatty layer on top is not trimmed off, it helps make the brisket moist when cooked. The flat cut is best for slicing and is the cut you will most likely find at the grocery store


How much brisket is recommended per person? 

Depending upon the person, about ½ pound should be enough, though some people can only eat ¼ pound and others may require ¾ pound of brisket. When buying a brisket, remember that about one pound of raw meat can yield about ½ pound of meat when cooked. 

How much brisket is needed per person for sandwiches? 

Not as much brisket per person is needed when making sandwiches. On average, about four to five ounces of cooked meat is required in order to make one brisket sandwich. Therefore, a single pound of cooked brisket could produce three to four sandwiches. 

What else can I serve with brisket? 

Some people serve brisket along with other barbecued meats, including ribs and chicken. For sides, everything from cornbread to hush puppies and coleslaw to homemade mac and cheese makes for fabulous additions to your brisket meal.

What are some sauces to serve with brisket? 

Serving brisket with a sauce can help enhance the flavor and provide an unforgettable meal each time you plan to serve brisket for dinner. Famous sauces to serve with brisket may include: 

  • Lemon-Oregano Sauce
  • Barbecue Sauce
  • Aus Jus
  • Brisket Sauce
  • Mop Sauce
  • Horseradish Sauce 

What are the best ways to serve brisket? 

Brisket can be served in many different ways, including sliced, shredded, pulled, and chopped. Slicing is best when serving at a dinner party, while shredded and pulled is best for hosting barbecues and serving as a sandwich.