Soppressata vs Salami: Top 5 Differences Explained Clearly

Salami and soppressata differ in meat cut, shape, type, taste, and texture: soppressata uses leaner meat, is pressed, tastes like pepperoni, and has a drier texture compared to the greasier, round-shaped, garlic-flavored salami.

Differences Between Salami And Soppressata

Many people love a good sandwich for lunch, and everyone has their favorites. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), 47 percent of all American adults on any given day enjoy a sandwich.

Some enjoy turkey, chicken, or tuna sandwiches, while others want some salami or soppressata on their sandwich. But what are the differences between salami and soppressata? Continue reading to learn more. 

Salami vs Soppressata Soppressata vs Salami: Top 5 Differences Explained Clearly

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1. Cut of Meat

Both salami and soppressata use different cuts of meat. Soppressata uses a leaner cut, and salami uses fatter cuts of meat. 

2. Form and Shape

How the meat is pressed and looks is another significant difference between Soppressata and salami. Soppressata is pressed, whereas salami has a round shape. 

3. Type of Dried Meat

Soppressata is a type of dried salami, whereas salami is a type of dried sausage

4. Taste

One of the key differences between the two types of meat is that salami has more of a garlic flavor to it, while soppressata tastes similar to pepperoni

5. Texture

Salami has a greasy texture to the meat, whereas soppressata is a bit dryer. Soppressata also has more significant chunks of fat pieces throughout (similar to mortadella). 

Summary – Differences Between Salami And Soppressata 

Though similar, Genoa salami and soppressata do have some identifying differences. Below is a chart with those differences: 

Italian dry salamiDry sausage product with a relatively large diameter
Spicy, especially Hot Soppressata; Very garlicky and can be consumed uncookedOften used as an alternative to pepperoni.
It has a drier texture and large fat piecesFattier and greasy texture

What is Salami?

Salami, from the Italian word salame, is essentially any salt-cured sausage, and hard salami is ground meat seasoned, minced, and stuffed into a long casing, where it air-cures for weeks, months, or years. This method was developed to preserve food long before refrigeration was invented. 

Every region of the world makes salami similarly (example from Dominican Republic); however, the spices used to create the flavoring vary and make it possible to determine where the salami was made based on the taste and seasoning. 

What does salami taste like? 

All salami share a similar marbled texture which comes from the blending of the meat and fat. However, pinpointing the actual flavor of salami depends significantly upon the type of salami. 

For most, salami eludes to pinpoint any specific flavor, but most have spicy, sweet, and savory flavors all wrapped up in the salami. In addition, the regions where the salami was cured can significantly affect the flavor profile, making it easy to identify which part of the world the meat was cured

What is soppressata? 

The Mediterranean uses an air-cured process for salamis, giving them a firm texture, which is used to make soppressata, and local seasonings give it a tangy taste. This dry salami is famous for its dark, rich red color. 

FAQs about Differences Between Salami And Soppressata

What is the difference between Soppressa and Soppressata? 

Soppressata is made with coarsely ground, mildly flavored salami spiced with a mixture of garlic, black pepper, and sea salt. In addition, there is a spicy soppressata made with hot red pepper flakes. 

Soppressa is a larger version of soppressata made using the same signature blend of spices. 

What does soppressata salami taste like? 

Soppressata salamis have a very intense, spicy kick, making them stand out from the other types of salami meats. In addition, the unique mixture of garlic, red hot chili flakes, red wine, and dash of fennel, basil, and oregano makes soppressata stand out from different salamis. 

Many say that soppressata tastes similar to pepperoni, making it one of the most popular salamis available. 

What does Soppressata mean in Italian?

In Italian, soppressata means a form of dry Italian salami, typically made of pork. Another definition of soppressata is a mixture of coarsely ground lean and fatty pork seasoned to make a mouthwatering meat product. Traditionally, soppressata is pressed under weights as it is cured.

How do you cook Soppressata? 

Another way to enjoy soppressata is to freshly slice it and enjoy it as part of a charcuterie board with your favorite cheese. However, it is possible to enhance the flavor of soppressata by heating it and using it as a substitute for pepperoni. 

The best way to cook soppressata is to slice it up and put it on pizza or in your favorite pasta dish. Some people enjoy placing this meat in their grilled cheeses to add some spicy flavor to their favorite lunch sandwiches. 

How much does soppressata cost? 

Soppressata has a mass appeal, and demand varies, creating a wide range of prices. However, it is possible to find affordable options, including small portions and pre-sliced options, available at local grocery stores. 

Sliced soppressata is available from Applegate, Gusto, and Olli for about $5 for every four ounces. 

It is best to purchase soppressata from a local or specialty butcher who can provide you with authentic and quality meat. Imported versions of soppressata are available at a higher price but with more Italian flavor. The higher-priced options are worth the additional costs.

Soppressata or Salami – Which one is better? 

As discussed in this article, soppressata is a form of salami that is wildly popular, especially with cartoucherie board lovers. In addition, Soppressata is a tradition in salami production, enjoyed by many looking to elevate their salami dining experiences. 

There are various forms of soppressata and salami, so picking which one is best is a personal decision. It all depends on which type of salami you prefer and what you plan to serve. For example, traditional or Cotto salami might be the best option if you intend to make sandwiches. Still, if you want to create an appetizer or finger food platter, soppressata might be the best choice. 

How long does salami last? 

Unopened, dry salami has an indefinite shelf life. When opened, salami must be wrapped tightly and can last stored in the refrigerator for up to one week. 

When smoked or cooked, such as Cotto salami, it should be refrigerated and last about three weeks. 

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