What Does Skunk Meat Taste Like? Are Skunks Hunted?

Skunk meat tastes similar to rabbit or raccoon, with a wild game flavor that can vary based on diet. Skunks are hunted for fur, but survivalists may eat them for food, despite potential dangers like rabies and other diseases. Skunk meat is lean, high in protein, and can be cooked in various ways, but requires careful preparation to remove the scent gland.

what does skunk meat taste like

Some people are curious when it comes to eating different types of foods, which is one reason why people love to travel. When you travel to different parts of the world, you’re able to sample the cuisine that is popular in those particular areas.

There are some types of foods that people would never even think of eating, especially different types of animals. One type of animal that most people would never consider eating is a skunk.

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What Does Skunk Meat Taste Like?

Instead of going in blind, it’s good to have some idea of what skunk meat tastes like before trying it. Many people who have eaten skunk meat report that it’s light in color and tastes similar to rabbit or raccoon.

Skunk meat does have a wild game taste to it, but the exact taste of this animal’s meat can vary depending on its specific diet. Some people have even described the taste of skunk as being similar to chicken

Are Skunks Hunted Animals?

Yes, skunks are hunted, but not necessarily for food. The people who hunt skunks often do so in order to obtain their fur, which is used for the manufacturing of scarves, jackets, coats, ear muffs, and more.

Survivalists will often hunt skunk for food, and there is even an episode of the popular TV show featuring Bear Grylls eating skunk meat in order to “survive.” 

What Does a Skunk’s Diet Consist Of?

Skunks are omnivores, meaning that they eat a mixture of plants and animals. Skunks eat mice, rats, moles, and other small mammals, but this is mostly their winter-time diet.

During other seasons, skunks consume various types of lizards, frogs and toads. Although skunks prefer to hunt for food on land, they sometimes venture out into the water and eat fish.

Skunks are also immune to a snake’s venom, so eating venomous snakes isn’t uncommon. When skunks aren’t eating other animals, they consume berries, insects, and more.

Skunks are opportunistic animals, and they will sometimes eat foods that they normally wouldn’t eat due to lack of availability.  

What Happens if You Eat a Skunk?

If you eat a skunk that isn’t properly prepared, then it is possible that you might become very sick and even vomit.

However, if it’s prepared and cooked properly, then nothing should happen, and you might just enjoy eating it.

In the past, people ate skunks out of necessity because there were food shortages, but nowadays, people eat them because they’re curious and because they want something different. 

Can You Cook and Eat Skunk?

Yes, you can cook and eat skunk, but before you can cook it, you need to carefully remove the pouch from its anus that contains the liquid that skunks spray as their defense mechanism.

Not only is this liquid very strong-smelling with the ability to cause temporary blindness, but it contains an abundance of very dangerous bacteria. If the sack isn’t removed in a strategic manner, then its contents could spill onto the meat, contaminating it and making it inedible.

If you’re not sure how to safely remove it, then you need to have an experienced person do it, or at least watch some videos online that can provide you with tutorials. 

What Are the Benefits of Eating a Skunk?

Even though skunks aren’t commonly eaten, there are some benefits to eating them. If you can get past the stench of its spray, its flesh actually contains a great deal of nutrition.

The meat is lean as well as low in fat. Skunk meat is also a great source of protein, so you can eat the meat even if you’re following a low-carb eating plan. 

Are There Any Dangers of Eating a Skunk?

Yes, there are potential dangers of eating a skunk. First of all, skunks are carriers of rabies, and if you eat a rapid skunk, then you could possibly become infected.

However, chances are very low, as the virus is not likely to survive the cooking process. Despite this fact, it’s always better to be safe than sorry by ensuring that the animal doesn’t have rabies (or any other diseases) before you eat it. 

Another possible danger involved in eating a skunk aside from its pus and bacteria-filled anal-sack, is the fact that the animal could carry other diseases besides rabies.

Some other diseases that skunks can carry are: hepatitis, a viral liver infection, or even tularemia, also known as “rabbit fever.” Tularemia is a disease that can cause a host of different symptoms, such as fever, chills, dry cough, progressive weakness, joint pain, muscle aches, and even respiratory difficulties. This disease is best treated early, with a two-week course of antibiotics. 

How Do You Cook Skunk Meat?

There is no particular way that you must cook skunk meat, and you can cook it in any way that you desire. If you’d like some grilled skunk and vegetables, then by all means, go for it. Grilling skunk meat has been said to taste wonderful.

You could even baste it with your favorite barbecue sauce for extra flavor. You could also bake, broil, stew, or broil skunk meat, as well. If you’re unable to find any skunk meat recipes online that interest you, you could find recipes for a similar animal and simply use skunk meat instead.

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, why not grind up the meat and make some skunk sausage or burgers? If you like the taste of the meat, then it’s bound to taste good as burgers or sausage. 

Does Skunk Meat Smell Bad?

Despite the fact that a skunk’s spray smells horrible, the meat of a skunk, although pungent, doesn’t smell bad.

If you have some skunk meat that smells bad, then you might want to make certain that it’s not spoiled, as you don’t want to get sick from eating spoiled skunk.

Is Skunk Meat Tough?

Yes, skunk meat is known for being quite tough, so it’s imperative that you tenderize it before eating it if you expect to chew it. Tenderizing skunk meat can be accomplished in the same manner as you would beef or any other meat.

You certainly can’t go wrong by simmering the meat in a large pot with vegetables, herbs, and seasonings, but if you’re not interested in eating skunk stew, then you can use a mallet, marinade it, or even cook it in a pressure cook for rapid tenderization. 

Are There Any Skunk Meat Recipes?

Yes, there are some skunk recipes available online, and depending on what you’re in the mood for, you should be able to find them. There is “French-fried skunk,” skunk chili, skunk Alfredo fettuccine, and much more.

You could even create your own recipes if you’re the creative type. People have also made skunk jerky, and if you’re into eating jerky, then you might enjoy making your own from skunk meat.

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