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What Does a Clam Taste Like? How Do You Cook Clam?

What Does a Clam Taste Like? How Do You Cook Clam?

Whether you are a lover of seafood or not, you might be curious about clams if you’ve never eaten them before. A clam is a popular shellfish that has equal-sized shells that contain meat (the clam) inside.

Clams are included in dishes from all over the world, including the United States. Unfortunately, shellfish is a common allergy that prevents everyone from enjoying meals that include clams.

If you’re not among the many who are allergic to shellfish and you’re interested in learning more about clams, including how they taste, how to cook them, and more, then here is a complete overview of them. 

What Does a Clam Taste Like?

Steamed Clams

Clams, which are a bivalve mollusk species, are eaten by many people in the United Sates and beyond. It’s difficult to say for sure what a clam tastes like, because the actual taste of this shellfish depends on its specific habitat as well as its diet.

However, most people describe the taste of clams as a combination of saltiness with a touch of sweetness. Clams are also said to taste strongly like fish, but not in an overpowering way. The taste of clams also depends on how it’s cooked, as there are numerous ways to cook these shellfish.

How Are Clams Different & Similar to Scallops?


Clams and scallops are both filter feeders. Filter feeders are sea creatures that suck in food and water through one set of gills that siphons the material, as well as another set that releases it.

One difference is the way that these two sea creatures taste, because instead of tasting salty and fishy like clams, scallops taste sweet and nutty. 

Do Clams Taste Like Oysters?

what do oysters taste like

Also, among the bivalve mollusk species, oysters are very similar to clams and just about as popular. Both clams and oysters can thrive in freshwater and saltwater, and their taste is influenced by the type of water they live in.

Despite being from the same species, clams typically do not taste like oysters. Oysters have their own unique taste and texture.

Many people state that oysters do not have the strong fish-like salty flavor that clams have, and the taste of oysters is sweeter, with a hint of a buttery flavor (especially if fried).

Many people even eat oysters raw, straight from the shell, because they’re so delicious as-is, but clams don’t have the same delicious taste without being cooked and seasoned

Do Clams Taste Like Shrimp?


Shrimp, also referred to as Scampi or Shrimp Scampi, is a prawn that is also known as Norway lobster. Unlike clams and oysters, which have many similarities, shrimp and clams are considerably different in many different ways.

One of these many differences is how these two types of seafood taste. Clams taste nothing like shrimp, because unlike clams, shrimp tastes a lot less salty and more like some type of mild-tasting fish.

However, as with any seafood, the taste of shrimp varies according to where it lives and what its diet consists of. 

Do Clams or Mussels Taste Better?

It is a matter of opinion as to whether clams or mussels taste better. Mussels, which also belong to the bivalve mollusk family, aren’t nearly as salty as clams.

Mussels are more tender and light-tasting, with a mild sea-like flavor that many people prefer.

So, for people who prefer salty and strong tasting seafood, then clams likely taste better to them, but if a person prefers a lighter taste that isn’t salty in the least, then mussels are likely the preferred choice. 

What is the Texture of Clams?

The texture of clams depends on how they’re prepared, but many people describe the texture as chewy and sometimes even slightly rubbery.

One reason why some people dislike seafood is not necessarily due to the taste, but the texture is what many find unappealing. This is especially true when seafood has a slimy texture, as clams can also have at times. 

Do Clams Have a Strong Seafood Smell?

Seafood that has a strong fishy smell is another reason why some people dislike it. However, clams do not typically have a strong seafood smell, and their smell is usually mild and salty.

If clams do have a strong fishy or seafood-like smell, then you should refrain from eating them, as this is an indication that they have gone bad. 

How Many Types of Clams are There?

There are many different types of clams, from hardshelled, to softshelled and many different varieties in-between. If you are curious as to which clams taste best, then you must purchase the different types whenever they’re in season.

Your local seafood supplier should keep the different types of clams in stock as they become available, so you can try them all whenever they’re in-store.

If you’re looking for a certain type that you’ve never tried before, yet it hasn’t been available where you buy seafood, don’t hesitate to ask your favorite seafood supplier.

If they don’t have them in stock, perhaps they can obtain a shipment of them at your request.

Are Clams Considered to Be Healthy?

Yes, clams are considered to be very healthy, as they’re very high in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Not only do clams have an immense amount of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin B-12, but they’re also very high in vitamin C, iron, protein, and selenium.

Clams are also very low in saturated fat, making them extremely healthy. Clams can be purchased in a number of ways and consumed on many of the healthiest diets and eating plans.  

Are There Any Dangers in Eating Clams?

There are some potential dangers of eating clams. First of all, clams could contain very high levels of heavy metals, which could lead to a host of health problems if consumed.

Despite their tendency to contain high levels of heavy metals, clams aren’t typically as susceptible and other types of seafood to contain such high levels.

Another potential danger of eating clams is the fact that they could cause you to develop food poisoning due to PSP, or paralytic shellfish poisoning, neurotoxic shellfish poisoning, and amnesic shellfish poisoning.

Even high heat will not kill the bacteria that cause these types of food poisoning, so you should purchase your clams from a reputable source to minimize your chances of consuming clams that are infected with these bacteria.  

Again, allergies to shellfish are very common, and clams are at the top of the list of shellfish allergy triggers, among shrimp, crab, and lobster.

Severe shellfish allergies can be life threatening, and some extra sensitive people don’t even have to consume shellfish in order to have a serious reaction, as simply being in the same room with others cooking or eating shellfish could cause a reaction. 

How Do You Cook Clams?

A seafood boil is a very popular dish in which many different types of seafood and vegetables are cooked in a large pot with seasoning.

Clams are a very common ingredient in seafood boils, and they can decrease the amount of salt that you must add, due to their natural saltiness.

Steaming clams is another very popular way to cook this sought-after seafood. It’s also common for people to make their own clam chowder, which is a very desirable way to consume this type of seafood.

Can You Eat Raw Clams?

Many people consume raw clams, and those who enjoy their natural saltiness really enjoy eating clams raw in a half shell form.

If you opt to eat raw clams, be sure that they’re fresh and clean. Refrain from eating raw clams that have been sitting out for too long, as there is an increased probability of them making you sick. 

FAQs about Clams Taste

Here is a list of answers to commonly asked questions about eating and cooking clams for the first time.

Can I add clams to my weight-loss plan?

Yes, clams are very nutritious and low in saturated fat, making them excellent for any eating plan, especially those in which a person is attempting to lose weight.

When and where did clam chowder originate?

While there is no definite answer to the origination of clam chowder soup or stew, it is believed that it originated in the 1700s after French settlers came to North America and were able to attain an abundance of clams. They created this soup after trying to come up with an easy but delicious dish that would enable them to use all the clams that they were lucky enough to catch.

What does a clam’s diet consist of?

Unlike many other sea creatures, clams do not have enormous appetites, but when they’re hungry, they consume: Algae, The byproducts of symbiotic algae, Zooplankton, Phytoplankton, and Organic matter flowing in their aquatic living areas.

Is a person considered to be weird if they dislike clams?

Everyone is different and has their own particular tastes, so, no, a person isn’t considered to be weird if they don’t like clams. Not everyone likes seafood at all, let alone clams, which are extremely salty and fishy tasting. Shrimp is the most commonly enjoyed seafood, but there are even people who don’t like eating it, but it doesn’t make them weird.

Can you deep fry clams?

Yes, you sure can deep fry clams. After removing the clam from its shell, make a seasoned batter to dip the clams in and then place them in hot oil. Most people agree that this is a wonderful way to eat clams, and if you check the internet, you will find an abundance of different recipes.