Top 9 Best Salami Types for Delicious Sandwiches – Ultimate Guide

Salami comes in various types, each with unique flavors and textures. Explore nine popular varieties like Genoa, Sopressata, and Pepperoni for delightful sandwich creations.

best kinds of salami for sandwiches

Like many, I once believed salami to be a singular type of sausage. Yet, the culinary world boasts a diverse range of salami recipes, each with unique characteristics and flavors.

With new variations constantly emerging, salami’s rich tapestry is woven from meats and spices, offering an endless array of tastes and experiences.

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Discovering the Best Salami Types

Choosing the “best” salami is a deeply personal journey, influenced by individual tastes and preferences, especially when it comes to crafting the perfect salami sandwich or selecting the ideal side dish. While it’s impossible to cover all salami types, I’m excited to share insights into nine popular varieties, each with its unique charm, to guide you in your salami exploration.

. Genoa Salami


Originating from Italy’s Genoa region, this salami is known for its medium grind and a distinct garlic flavor. Its simplicity and clean finish make it a top choice for sandwiches.

Key ingredients include pork, sea salt, and a careful blend of spices and garlic, ensuring a harmonious flavor.

Genoa salami is delightful with roasted peppers, fontina cheese, and a glass of sparkling prosecco, especially when served on a charcuterie board.

. Sopressata


Sopressata, a beloved Italian creation, offers both spicy and mild versions to cater to every palate. Its texture is enriched with peppercorns and red pepper flakes, providing a bold and smooth flavor.

This versatile salami pairs splendidly with seed-laden crackers, fresh goat cheese, and a glass of dry rosé or wheat beer.

. Felino Salami

Dubbed “the king of salami,” Felino hails from its namesake village in Italy, celebrated for its remarkable flavor and consistency, achieved through the use of wine and peppercorns.

This salami’s sweetness is enhanced by slow aging, offering a taste experience where lean pork and fat blend beautifully with each slice.

Enjoy Felino salami with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, crusty bread, and a glass of red wine for a classic pairing.

. Pepperoni

what is uncured pepperoni

American-made pepperoni shines as a favorite, especially atop pizzas, with its sweet, spicy, and smoky profile that captivates taste buds across the nation.

Complementing a variety of dishes, pepperoni’s versatility extends beyond pizza to enhance salads and pair beautifully with craft IPAs.

. Peppered Salami

peppered salami sausage and slices

Encrusted with black pepper, this finely ground salami delivers a spicy kick, ideal for sandwiches or as a star on a charcuterie board, complemented by cheeses, crackers, and sauces.

Its bold flavor pairs well with crostini, mozzarella di Bufala, and a glass of Chianti, creating a harmonious blend of tastes.

. Chorizo

Spanish chorizo sausage on white background

Chorizo, with its deep garlic, paprika, and herb flavors, comes in Spanish and Mexican varieties. The cured Spanish chorizo, rich and bold, adds a spicy depth to dishes, serving as a tantalizing alternative to pepperoni.

Explore the Dominican Republic’s take on chorizo for an adventurous twist on this classic salami.

#7. Finocchiona Salami

Hailing from Tuscany, Finocchiona owes its name and unique taste to fennel, a spice that was used as a clever and flavorful alternative to pepper.

This salami offers a fragrant bouquet, pairing exquisitely with olive oil-dressed salad, pinot grigio, and warm, crusty bread.

#8. Cacciatore Salami

Cacciatore, or “hunter’s salami,” is beloved for its simple recipe that emphasizes the natural flavors of the meat, subtly enhanced with black pepper and garlic.

Its hearty and nutritious qualities make it a perfect snack, especially when paired with crusty bread, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, and a glass of cold ale or pinot grigio.

#9. Wine Salami

Wine salami, a genius blend of wine-infused salami, continues a long-standing tradition of enhancing cured meats with the rich flavors of wine, adding depth and complexity to the salami.

This delightful combination is perfect with soft cheese, warm bread, and multigrain crackers, offering a gourmet experience.

Understanding Salami

What Is Salami

Salami, with its ancient roots, varies greatly in ingredients, preparation methods, and flavors. This diversity is what makes salami an endlessly fascinating subject for culinary exploration.

Exploring Hard Salami and Its Characteristics

Hard salami, known for its firm texture and distinct flavor profile, is a lighter, more marbled variety compared to its counterparts. Originating from Germany, it contrasts with Italy’s Genoa salami in both taste and preparation methods.

Whether you prefer the tangy and soft texture of Genoa salami or the chewy and milder flavor of hard salami, the world of salami offers something for every palate.

Top Picks for Hard Salami Brands

For those seeking the finest hard salami, Forbes Magazine highlights St. Louis’s Salume Beddu, alongside Molinari & Sons ‘ Italian Dry Salami and Volpi as top choices for discerning gourmets.

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