10 Best Breakfast Sausage Brands Ranked for Quality & Value

From classic pork to plant-based options, explore the top breakfast sausage brands offering quality and flavor for a satisfying morning meal.

best brands of breakfast sausage

Across the globe, every culture has crafted its unique take on the humble sausage, making it a staple in diverse cuisines and a beloved addition to breakfast plates, particularly in the fast-paced world of fast-food dining. The rich history of this versatile meat dish spans centuries, highlighting its integral role in our morning rituals.

In the United States, the quintessential breakfast sausage is a blend of pork, thyme, sage, salt, and black pepper, offering a savory start to the day. However, the landscape of breakfast meats is evolving with turkey and chicken sausages gaining popularity for their health benefits without sacrificing flavor, especially when they’re crafted with care to be just as tasty and often with less sodium than their traditional counterparts.

Moreover, these leaner alternatives are significantly lower in fat, calories, and sodium, making them an excellent choice for a healthier breakfast option.

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Top Breakfast Sausage Brands

Delving into the world of breakfast sausages, we find a plethora of brands vying for the top spot on our plates. I’ve explored a variety of options, focusing on flavor and popularity, to bring you a curated list of standout brands. Each brings something unique to the table, catering to diverse palates and dietary preferences.

1. Swaggerty’s Farm Premium Sausage

Swaggerty’s Farm offers a selection of all-natural, mild, or hot breakfast sausages, with the all-natural variety boasting a simple ingredient list: pork, salt, water, spices, and sugar. Known for its exceptional flavor and consistency, it’s the ideal choice for those seeking a straightforward yet delicious sausage to complement their breakfast.

2. Bob Evans Original Pork Sausage Links

Bob Evans is synonymous with classic breakfast meat, delivering sausages that achieve a perfect balance of savory interior and beautifully browned exterior. The carefully selected blend of spices ensures each bite is a delightful experience, making it a favorite for those who appreciate a well-crafted sausage.

3. Simple Truth Traditional Sausage

Simple Truth’s commitment to quality is evident in their traditional pork sausage links, made from pigs raised on a vegetarian diet. These sausages offer a perfect balance of fat and lean, minimal shrinkage, and a satisfying firmness, though they may be on the saltier side for some.

4. Beyond Meat Breakfast Sausage

For those exploring plant-based alternatives, Beyond Meat offers a compelling option with their breakfast sausages. Free from gluten, soy, and entirely vegetarian, these sausages prove that a meatless choice can still be incredibly satisfying.

5. Jones Dairy Farm All Natural Little Pork Sausages

Jones Dairy Farm’s sausages are notable for their perfect snap and exceptional flavor, delivering a crispy exterior and a well-seasoned interior. They cater well to nutritional needs, being sugar-free and gluten-free.

6. Banquet Brown ‘N Serve Original Sausage

Banquet’s breakfast sausages offer a nostalgic taste with a bold, peppery flavor. Despite their processed nature, they provide a comforting and familiar start to the day for many.

7. Applegate Organic Chicken and Apple Breakfast Sausage

Applegate stands out with their unique chicken and apple breakfast sausage, boasting healthful benefits from humanely raised chickens without antibiotics. Their commitment to quality makes this sausage not only healthy but also deliciously different.

8. Johnsonville Original Recipe Breakfast Sausage

Johnsonville offers a delightful mix of salty and sweet in their Original Recipe Breakfast Sausage, making it the perfect complement to any breakfast dish that leans towards the sweeter side.

9. Boar’s Head Honeycrisp Chicken Apple Sausage

Boar’s Head brings a meaty option to the table with their Honeycrisp Apple Chicken Sausage, ideal for those looking for a substantial and flavorful breakfast sausage.

10. Jimmy Dean Heat ‘N Serve Original Sausage

Jimmy Dean is a household name for good reason, offering a sausage that delivers on flavor and comfort, reminiscent of the beloved Waffle House experience.

11. Smithfield Hometown Original Breakfast Sausage

Smithfield’s sausages are perfect for grilling, offering a smoky flavor that adds a unique twist to breakfast sausage, ideal for those who prefer a less sweet start to their day.

12. Butterball All Natural Turkey Breakfast Sausage Patties

Butterball’s turkey sausage patties offer a healthier alternative without compromising on juiciness, making them a great side for any breakfast plate.

Defining Excellence in Breakfast Sausage

sausage at breakfast 10 Best Breakfast Sausage Brands Ranked for Quality & Value
Scrambled eggs with fried bacon and sausages served in a pan with toast

The quest for the perfect breakfast sausage encompasses flavor, texture, and appearance, with each element playing a crucial role in the overall enjoyment of this beloved breakfast staple.

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