10+ Mouthwatering Sides for Tuna Steak

Serving tuna steak? Choose from classic sides like salad, garlic fries, teriyaki vegetables, stuffed peppers, sweet potatoes, fried green beans, brown rice, salted chips, and pasta salad to enhance your meal.

Tuna Steak

You want to prepare some tuna steak for yourself and perhaps for some friends, but you might not know what kind of tuna steak sides go best together.

As much as you think about it, you are concerned that you could get something wrong and end up serving something that doesn’t make sense with tuna steak (especially an expensive ahi tuna). The pressure that you feel in that moment may be more than you want to deal with.

If you read on, you will learn about what kind of side dishes make the most sense to go along with your tuna steak. 

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Salad with Dressing

Salad with Dressing

It is pretty hard to go wrong serving a salad as a side dish with almost any kind of dish that you might offer to your visitors. There are some people who don’t like salad all that much, but it is considered a part of the meal for most dishes.

If you wonder what goes well with tuna steak and can’t figure out anything else to do, there is nothing wrong with leaning back on this classic as it is something that will be accepted by most people who are going to eat with you. 

Garlic Fries

Garlic Fries

Have you had the chance to eat some garlic fries yet? If not, you don’t know what you are missing out on.

Many people love classic French fries, and they understand that French fries are a great choice as a side dish to almost any kind of meat, but things get even better when you go with garlic fries.

The delicious flavor of garlic fries is something that simply cannot be matched. Of all of the side dishes that you could choose to serve with tuna steak, this is an excellent selection.

The reason is that it is just different enough to keep people interested while also being relatively familiar to them. It hits that happy medium that you are probably looking for. 

Vegetables with Teriyaki Sauce

You can have your vegetables without having to make them taste completely bland or undesirable.

You just need to add a little something to them to pump up the flavor. In this case, you can add teriyaki sauce to help boost the flavor that you enjoy with your vegetables, and you will very quickly see that you have really cooked up something amazing and interesting to enjoy.

Make sure you add the teriyaki sauce after you have completely cooked the vegetables in order to provide that unique flavor that your guests are going to enjoy.

The sauce goes on last so that it can truly seep into the vegetables and make them taste better than ever. 

Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Peppers

There are times when stuffed peppers can be a meal all by themselves. It depends on what exactly they are stuffed with and what kind of serving size we are looking at.

However, stuffed peppers can also be a great thing to add on as a side dish if you would like to do so as well. They provide the splash to your meals that you are surely looking for at a time like this.

Make sure you load them up with all of the fan favorites in order to get people to remember them when they have a taste.

You want people to walk away from your dinner table having remembered what they were served even as a side dish, and stuffed peppers are a great way to make that happen.

Baked Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato

If you’re not a fan of potatoes, why not try sweet potatoes? They’re a delicious and healthy alternative but just as easy to prepare.

This food has a lot more vitamins and minerals in it than a regular baked or mashed potato does, but the texture and experience is quite similar.

Some will make the case that sweet potatoes have a somewhat different taste to them, and this is true, but they can still be consumed in much the same fashion as other types of potatoes.

People still dip them in ketchup and the like, and they are still very useful as a side dish for almost any kind of meal that you might want to make.

You should take baked sweet potatoes into consideration when you are thinking about what kinds of foods you might want to add as your side dishes when serving tuna steak. 

Fried Green Beans

Fried Green Beans

This is yet another example of how you can take a food that doesn’t necessarily win over many fans on a normal day (green beans) and turn it into something that is delicious for everyone who eats with you.

You just fry the green beans and they become a side dish all by themselves. It really is as simple as that, and you will likely win over many more people with fried green beans than you would with some other types of foods that you might have served before.

You need to think about how you can add extra sauces and other things to the fried green beans to make them even tastier. 

Overall, these green beans will add a lot of flavor to your meal and help make it even more memorable than it otherwise would have been. The choice is up to you, but fried green beans are a wonderful addition as a side dish to tuna steak. 

Brown Rice

Brown Rice

Brown rice has a lot of fiber in it which is very good for you. People think of this rice has being something completely different and unique from white rice, but it is really just unpolished rice.

In other words, the white rice that so many of us think of as being real rice is actually the kind of product that has been altered more than anything else.

Brown rice is what rice looks like in nature, and that is why it is so great to serve it in this way. It is the natural stuff that we truly need in our diets. 

You might want to point all of this out to your guests when you are serving them this type of rice. They may not know this facts for themselves, and you can help explain why you choose brown rice over the white rice that they are more familiar with.

You may win some people over by simply presenting the facts to them in this manner and allowing them to make their own decisions about if they like the rice after hearing all of this or not. 

Salted Chips

Salted Chips

Not everyone loves fries, but a great alternative for that are chips. They are salty and made from potatoes as well, and they complement a tuna steak meal quite well.

They are definitely worth looking at as something that you might want to consider serving to your guests if you believe that they might be interested in eating a potato dish that is already familiar to them. 

Virtually everyone has had chips with their meals before, so this one is not going to be that outside of the box at all. In fact, this is probably the safest dish that you choose from this list (with the exception of the salad) if you aren’t certain what to serve with your tuna steak.

There is nothing wrong with going with the safe play when you are trying to keep multiple people happy. Sometimes, choosing the safe ground is the best play to make in these situations. 

Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad

Yum! It is hard to believe we had to get this far down the list before mentioning a pasta dish, but this is one that you should absolutely include as a possibility for your side dish with your tuna steak.

There is nothing quite like having a taste of a pasta salad with a bite of tuna steak. The two flavors meld together so perfectly, and it creates the kind of symphony of flavor that you just don’t want to miss out on. 

There are ways that you can make this dish vegetarian if you would like to do so. You just take out any meat elements, and you have a vegetarian side to go along with your steak dinner. Some people like to do this since they are already having steak as their main course. 

There are many different dishes that you might choose to include as part of your steak dinner, and they can all be excellent choices for you to include.

Make sure that you give careful consideration to each one because you don’t want to choose one that you ultimately regret.

We know that you must have many questions at this point, and that is why we will now stop and take a look at some of the FAQs that we have received regarding tuna steak and the side dishes that are served along with it. 

FAQs about Tuna Steak Sides

Here are a few common questions about Tuna Steak.

What is a good side for tuna steak? 

There are many good sides as mentioned above. You should try to find something that makes sense with the savory flavor that comes with a tuna steak.

Some people decide to go with an extra dash of savory or salty on top of the already savory/salty flavor of the steak, but you don’t have to make that same choice if you don’t want to. It is up to you.

You may decide to make a contrast play and go for something that is tangy or that has a bitter flavor to it.

As long as you are thinking ahead of time about what you are serving, it is going to be hard for you to go wrong.

What vegetable goes well with tuna steak? 

You have plenty of choices when it comes to which vegetables you will choose to go with your tuna steak.

Many of the green vegetables are a great choice for this meal. You might decide to fry them if you want to add a little extra crunch to the side dish that you are serving.

Generally speaking, you probably WON’T serve them raw (like tartare or sashimi), but there are some times when that might make sense.

How should you eat tuna steak?

Most agree that the best way to cook a tuna steak is a medium-rare cook. You don’t want to zap too much of the flavor out of it, but you also don’t want to leave it too raw and have a flavor that you are not anticipating (similar to yellowtail).

You are expecting a bit of a fish-type taste from this food, so make sure that the way it is prepared allows you to retain and enjoy that time of flavor when it is made for you.

As long as that is the case, you really can’t go wrong almost no matter how the tuna steak is prepared.

You just need to be sure that you have asked the team that prepares it to do so with care so that you have a truly delightful dining experience.

What can I eat with tuna?

A lot of people like to have crackers or some other salty treat with their tuna. This combination has been discovered to be particularly tasty.

You may choose whichever types of foods you think sound best to go with your tuna, but plenty of people have discovered that the salty treat of a cracker is the perfect compliment to what tuna tastes like.

If that sounds like the conclusion that you have come to as well, then you are well on your way towards understanding what you might need to get to make your tuna meal taste just the way you want it to taste.

It is up to you to decide what kind of food is best to go with it.

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