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Top steak chains offer exceptional quality steaks at various price points, ensuring a delightful dining experience for all steak lovers.

Restaurant Chains With The Best Steak

Steak is a beloved meal throughout the United States, and increasingly in other parts of the world as well. It seems that we all cannot get enough of how great a steak dinner can be.

Thus, the public really wants to know what are the restaurant chains with the best steak. Now, you could make the argument that your local steakhouse has the very best steak that you have ever tasted, and you wouldn’t necessarily even be wrong.

Many local steakhouses provide exceptional steak that you won’t find anywhere else. However, they do so at a premium price. You are paying for what you are getting, and that is all fine and good, but some people cannot afford that.

They need to know where they can find an amazing steak at a chain restaurant so the price will be more affordable and so they can still enjoy this delicious meal once in a while without breaking the bank.

We are going to take a careful look at where some of the very best steak can be found at chain restaurants, and we are going to review those places so you can decide on your own accord which ones you might want to patronize yourself. 

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Ruth’s Chris

This chain has been around for quite some time, and yet they are experiencing a sort of rebirth in the modern age as they have shown that the quality of their steaks cannot be topped.

The thing about Ruth’s Chris is that they offer premium steak in an atmosphere that is perfect for a special occasion. Do you have a birthday, anniversary, or wedding to celebrate? Ruth’s Chris is the ideal place to go to celebrate this kind of thing. 

What you may be interested to discover when it comes to Ruth’s Chris is that they are all about simplicity when it comes to how they serve their steaks.

You might think that they would doll things up to the extreme to make themselves look good, but that is just not the case with them.

Instead, they like to keep it simple with a little salt, pepper, and a little parsley. They don’t want to spoil anything about the USDA choice cuts of meat that they prepare for their guests.

You will know for certain that you are eating premium quality steaks when you eat at Ruth’s Chris. 

Approximate cost per person: $100

STK Steakhouse

STK is known not only for serving wonderful steaks in its restaurants, but also for taking their steaks directly to the public to sell.

That’s right, they firmly believe in their product to the extent that they are willing to sell their wonderful cuts of meat directly to consumers who want them. They began to directly ship steaks to customers who purchase them online in late 2021.

Thus, if you fall in love with what you get at a STK steakhouse, don’t forget to look at their catalog online once your meal is done. 

Currently, the STK chain only serves 13 US cities, but its popularity is growing fast. Besides that, if you don’t live in those cities, you can always order the steaks online as mentioned above. 

The steaks that they do serve are all either USDA Choice or USDA Prime. You can select which kind of steaks you would like based on your taste preferences as well as what your budget can afford.

Most of the options on the menu are also wet-aged for 30 days to ensure that they come out with the most flavor and the best quality that you can find anywhere around. You don’t want to miss out on what STK has to offer. 

Approximate cost per person: $50

Smith & Wollensky 

This chain really goes to the next level by always choosing its cattle sourcing extremely carefully. Today’s picky consumer is sure to appreciate this fact, and the Smith & Wollensky business has been able to thrive because of it.

They partner directly with the cattle farms from which they receive their meat. This makes a big difference because it means that you always know where your dinner came from. It is also great because it takes the threat of meat that is transported over long distances out of the equation.

We all know that meat that has to travel that far is not likely to taste all that great when it reaches your plate. Luckily, Smith & Wollensky has you covered and won’t put you in that predicament when you eat with them. 

They partner with many farms in the Pacific Northwest which is the ideal location to get cattle from. The temperatures are mild, and there is plenty of room for the cows to roam in this environment. As such, it makes sense that people are starting to gravitate to them for their steak dinners.

Approximate cost per person: $30-$150

Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab

You might look at this one and think “what a minute, this restaurant doesn’t even start with the word steak in it”.

True, but don’t let that deter you from realizing that this remains one of the top places to get a great steak. Eatthis.com explains: 

With locations in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Washington, D.C., this ritzy mini-chain trades exclusively in top-quality ingredients, be it from sea or land.

You’ve surely heard of “surf and turf”. The delightful combination of steak and seafood is a great way to please your palate, and you can have that all when you go to Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab.

In fact, many of their dishes are specifically designed to be paired up just perfectly with one another. 

This restaurant chain spends extra time making sure its servers are highly trained so that they can answer any questions that customers may have, and so that they are specifically able to be extra kind to those that they serve.

The hope is that by offering this truly exceptional customer service, the people at Joe’s will be able to win over customers for life. 

All of the steaks used at this restaurant chain originate from the Midwest. They say that the Midwest has some of the best weather for growing cows to the size and shape that is desired for them to be slaughtered and turned into the steaks that we eventually enjoy on our night out. 

People who work for this restaurant are highly trained to inspect the meat when it first arrives at each location to ensure it lives up to the standards that the chain has established for its customers.

This is the kind of thing that matters deeply to customers who enjoy steaks there. They want to be able to enjoy them with the knowledge that they are truly getting the best of the best when they are served, and that is exactly what happens at this place. 

You have a wide variety of steak options to choose from when you eat at Joe’s. They offer chopped steak, rib-eye steak, surf & turf with filet mignon, and many others.

You will want to check on the menu before you ever set foot in the restaurant so you have a better idea of what kind of selections you might want to make.

You will be even more pleased with your choice when you know that you are getting something truly choice every time you order something at Joe’s. 

Approximate cost per person: $100-$200

Steak 48

If you happen to be in the Houston, Philadelphia, Chicago, or Charlotte area, you can enjoy a meal at a restaurant known as Steak 48. This is the kind of place where you can rest assured that you will receive an amazing quality steak at a fair price. 

Before opening this chain, the owners had established the world-famous Mastro’s Steakhouse. They have brought over many of the same principles that they used at Mastro’s Steakhouse to create the creations that you will find at Steak 48.

Namely, they have an in-house butcher so that you know that your steak is prepared fresh when you order it. 

Their trained butchers will work on cutting your steaks to the exact proportions that you want them to be. They work with 28-day water-aged steaks, so you know that they are perfectly tender and taste just the way that you want them to. 

The people who prepare your steaks here are going to ensure that you receive precisely what you ask for when you place your order. They will take care to make sure that you get the extra add-ons that you might want for your steak.

Just make sure you place the request with your order, and they can make sure that it comes out just perfectly for you.

Approximate cost per person: $120

FAQs about Restaurant Chain Steak

Here are a few common questions.

Which chain sells the most steak?

The chain that sells the most steak to Americans is one that didn’t even make our list, but it is Texas Roadhouse. This family-friendly chain is all about creating an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

In 2020, the chain sold nearly $2.7 billion dollars worth of food. Most of what they had sold was steak, so it is a known fact that they are the leading chain for selling steak.

The next closest competitor is Outback Steakhouse with $2.08 billion dollars in sales. 

What is the number one best steak?

Flank steak is considered the very best type of steak that you can order. It is closely followed by New York Strip, Skirt, and Ribeye. And if you want an extra showy ribeye – get it cut like a Tomahawk.

Of course, the exact cut that you will love the most is mostly a matter of personal preference. That said, the Flank steak has surpassed many other types of steaks in terms of what people like and value in a steak.

You should try to see if this kind of thing is available to you when you go to eat at a steakhouse that you like.

You might expect to pay a significantly higher amount of money to get this kind of steak on your plate, but that is part of the enjoyment of eating a steak like this.

What is the tastiest steak in the world?

There is always going to be a question about what the tastiest steak in the world really is. Everyone will have their own opinions about this kind of thing, but the fact remains that some of the top-quality ones are those mentioned above.

Flank steak, New York Strip, and Ribeye steaks are considered to be among the best. They are also steaks that you have to be willing to pay up to try for yourself. At minimum, you’ll want to look at cuts from Angus, but look for Wagyu beef for extra marbling and flavor.

They don’t come cheap, and that is part of their appeal. The inability to have them anytime you desire makes them more and more desirable.

What is the best steak to order in a steakhouse?

You have a big choice to make when you decide what kind of steak you will order in a steakhouse. If you are like most people, you may only get to eat in a steakhouse once or twice per year.

They are a bit high on expenses for the average budget, and that is why people really savor the experience of eating there. Thus, you might want to try looking at the menus of any steakhouse that you intend to eat at before you go.

If you review this information ahead of time, you have the chance to see what kind of steaks are on offer and make a more informed decision instead of a pressured one when you are actually at the restaurant. 

Make sure you consider the balance that you need to think about between you desire for the best steak and the budget that you have available to you.

At the same time, you shouldn’t skimp too much as it is important that you have a truly enjoyable experience when you go out to eat at a steak restaurant.

One thing that you can do is order some extra toppings on a less expensive steak in order to dress it up and make it taste even better. This can help you to avoid the highest-costing steaks that are out there while still enjoying a great-tasting steak. 

There are many choices that you will have to make when you go to a steak restaurant, but you should never second guess yourself after the meal.

Check out the various chains mentioned above as well as the cuts of steak that we mentioned in this piece. You will very likely find that you are able to enjoy the steaks that you want to enjoy at a price that you can afford.

If the steakhouse isn’t in your local area, see if they have delivery options to get it out to you!

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