Top 7 Best Cuts for Roast Beef: Ultimate Sunday Feast Guide

Key cuts for a delicious roast beef feast: tenderloin, prime rib, sirloin, top round, tri-tip, sirloin tip, and bottom round rump.

Best Cuts Of Beef For Sunday Roast

Not everyone has the same idea regarding what cut of beef is best for Sunday roast. Often, we buy what we can afford due to cost instead of what we want. However, there are occasions, like Sunday dinner, that call for a special cut of meat.

Roast beef is any cut that you put in the oven or slow cooker and roast. It begins with a piece of whole meat, such as a shoulder, hind quarter, rib, or neck meat.

Whole roast beefs that you can roast include tenderloin, prime roasts, and sirloin roasts. They are all perfect selections for Sunday roast beef that you may recognize because they are often cut into steaks (and aren’t as tough as other roasts and provide amazing leftovers).

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What are the best cuts of beef for Sunday Roast?

You can find many cuts of beef at the grocer that you can cook as Sunday roast, even though they may not be on this list because some are the best.

In contrast, although delicious cuts, others cannot match the tenderness or flavor of the top cuts of beef.

What cut of roast is the most tender?

Cuts of Beef

Only one cut of beef used for Sunday roast holds the prize as the most tender, with the best flavor. It is also where you will find the most tender cuts of steak. However, besides Loin roast, other cuts are almost as tender and not as costly.

1. Tender Loin Roast

A tenderloin roast is a cut of meat often served for special occasions. A filet mignon is cut from the tenderloin. However, tenderloin has a quality mildly different from a grill-seared cut of filet when roasted.

Tenderloin roast is also known as Chateaubriand. Once known for the odd cooking method, any roasted tenderloin is often referred to as Chateaubriand on many menus, even when not cooked traditionally.

Tenderloin roast is succulent and fork-tender and is one of the most expensive cuts you can use for Sunday roast beef.

2. Prime Rib Roast – aka Rib Eye Roast

Aside from tenderloin, prime rib roast is impressive, especially when you cook it with the bone and make a standing rib roast.

Prime rib comes from the rib area of the cow. It is well-marbled and has a wonderful flavor when roasted (and still a bit expensive). It can be prepared and served with the bone in or without it.

Most prime rib roasts are large enough for a crowd. So, if only you and a friend are dining (and you need to store leftovers and keep them tender), then the next cut of beef listed may be more suitable for your Sunday roast.

3. Top Sirloin Petite Roast

The petite sirloin roast is a smaller version of a top sirloin roast and is perfect for two or three people. Leaner than many cuts of meat, you will need to roast sirloin low and slow to get the best results.

You can roast this cut of meat in the oven, on the grill, or even smoke it if you have the time. Although it has a deep beefy flavor like the most tender beef roasts, it is not as costly as loin or prime beef roasts.

However, a petite sirloin roast is typically small. Generally, it averages one and a half to two and a half pounds in weight. So, however, you cook this cut of beef should not take too long, even if you are using low heat.

4. Tri-Tip Roast

Lean and tender, with a rich beefy flavor, a tri-tip roast is a cut that has been around for a long time but was hard to find. Although not as tender as a filet or prime rib, a tri-tip roast is still a suitable cut of meat for your Sunday roast.

A tri-tip roast has the rich flavor of tenderloin or prime rib; however, it costs less. You can roast tri-tip in the oven, grill, or smoke it. Since it is a lean cut of meat, you will want to use low heat and cook it slowly. You will have better results if you do.

5. Top Round Roast

The Top Round comes from the inside of a cow’s rear leg. Suffice it to say, this is a lean cut of beef and does best if you age it and cook it over a low fire.

Although it is one of the better-flavored meats for Sunday roast, you need to cook it properly, or it will be like shoe leather.

The top round roast tends to be better as a pot roast than cooking it in a dry oven. When cooked in a lidded cast-iron Dutch oven, or other ovenproof pot, it will stay juicy and tender.

Throw in a few veggies halfway through its cooking cycle, and you can eat your Sunday roast beef from a bowl.

6. Sirloin Tip Roast

sirloin tip roast Top 7 Best Cuts for Roast Beef: Ultimate Sunday Feast Guide
Sirloin tip roast with small potatoes

Less costly than any of the above cuts of Sunday roast, the sirloin tip roast is excellent when roasted slow and low. Sear your sirloin tip roast before roasting it, and it will seal in the juices and flavor. It works for several different meals.

You can sear the beef in a large skillet, Dutch oven, or very hot oven. However, your top sirloin will roast best in an oven and does not grill well due to its leanness.

7. Bottom Round Rump Roast

Like sirloin tip, bottom round rump roast is very lean. Therefore, you will need to cook this cut of meat in the same way, low and slow. It will also benefit from searing the outside of the roast before putting it in the oven.

Or, you can turn the oven up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and cook it at this temperature for a few minutes before cutting the oven’s temperature to 300 or 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Unless you have a recipe for different temperatures, you will finish the roast at a lower temperature.

8. Eye of Round Roast

Meals to Make With Eye of Round

Eye of round roast beef is one of the lower-priced cuts of meat that you can use as a Sunday roast. It is lean with very little marbling.

Eye of round roast is often used as deli meat due to its uniform size, leanness, and flavor. You can roast it or slow-cook it and use it for sandwiches with condiments or stew.

9. Beef Brisket

Best Cooking Methods For Brisket

The famous cut used for bar-b-que across the country, beef brisket, makes a fine Sunday roast. It is leaner than many of the other cuts here, adding its unique flavor.

You know it will always be tender whether you roast beef brisket in the oven or grill. Your family and friends are in for a treat when you serve this cut of beef as your Sunday roast.

What makes a good Sunday roast?

A good Sunday roast needs to be a cut you can afford and large enough to feed you and your family or guests. You can roast many different cuts of beef.

Some cuts are much larger than others, and costs vary widely on each variety of roast beef.

What cut of meat makes the best roast?

Roast Beef

Tenderloin and prime rib roasts come from the back and rib areas of a cow. These cuts are well-marbled, and you can roast them whole or cut them into steaks.

However, the best cut of meat that makes the best roast is what you can afford. No matter the cut of meat, if you cook your beef correctly, it will be tender and full of flavor.

You can roast any of these cuts of beef with excellent results. However, some cuts are leaner than others and will take extra care when roasting. If roasted improperly, for example, in an oven that is too hot, your roast beef may come out dry and chewy.

Cutting your Sunday Roast

Whether you are roasting the whole tenderloin or top sirloin, how you cut your beef makes a difference to how tender it is.

You need to cut your beef across the grain, not with it. No matter how well you have cooked your roast, cutting it with the grain will be tough.

Use a sharp knife and slice the beef very thinly, unless you carve the prime rib or tenderloin. If you are, you can cut your roast off into steak-size slabs when serving it to your family and guests.

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