5 Reasons to Choose a Disposable Grill: Pros, Cons & Costs

Disposable charcoal grills offer convenience with easy setup, quick-cooking coals, and no cleanup, but have limitations in size and environmental impact.

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If you love eating grilled foods but you hate the cleanup afterwards, then you aren’t alone.

This is why manufacturers are always developing new products to make cleaning a grill easier.

One way to avoid the tedious cleanup process after using a grill is to purchase a disposable charcoal grill, especially if you only grill occasionally.

However, you might wonder if they’re any good and what the pros and cons of purchasing one might be.

Here is an overview that answers this question and that also provides additional information to help you decide whether purchasing a disposable charcoal grill is a good idea or not.

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What is a disposable charcoal grill?

EZ GRILL Disposable Charcoal Grill Ideal for Camping and Tailgate Parties -Pack of 2 Small size Portable, Easy To Light, and Convenient charcoal grill Lasts 1.5 hours Grill Anytime, Anywhere

A disposable charcoal grill is a grill that comes with charcoal and everything needed for you to grill on a one-time basis .

All that is necessary to do is open the packaging, light the grill, and wait for the coals to become ready.

Then you can cook wings, steak, hotdogs, hamburgers and more.

Once you’re done using the grill, you simply allow the fire to go out, and once the grill has cooled, you will discard it.  

Are disposable grills reliable?

Depending on the specific disposable grill that you opt for, they can be very reliable.

You will no longer have to contend with cleaning your grill after cooking, nor will you need a storage area for the grill, as you will simply throw it away once you’re done.

Pros and cons of disposable charcoal grills 

As with any product, disposable charcoal grills offer both pros and cons for consumers using them. Here is a list of the pros and cons of disposable charcoal grills:

Pros of disposable charcoal grills

  • Inexpensive
  • Convenient, as everything you need to get started is included
  • Easy to use
  • The coals are ready much sooner than regular grills
  • They’re lightweight and don’t take up much space
  • Absolutely no cleanup is necessary

Cons of disposable charcoal grills

  • Disposable charcoal grills are not typically environmentally friendly and aren’t recyclable 
  • These grills are usually quite small, so you’re limited to cooking only a small amount of food at a time, with a total cooking time of up to 90 minutes
  • These grills don’t typically come with stands, so you must be careful where you place them so the grill won’t burn grass or other items that you might set it on (a grill mat would be useful)

There are more pros than there are cons to disposable charcoal grills.

People use them all the time as long as they’re not cooking huge racks of ribs or other large pieces or large amounts of food.

If you’re cooking for a large number of people, then you really need to opt for a traditional grill that offers a large space.

Disposable grills are more appropriate for hotdogs, hamburgers, vegetables, and more.

If you have decided that you would like to try out some disposable charcoal grills, here are 6 choices that you might like:

1. Easy Light Instant Grill 

Created by the brand Tiger Special, this grill instantly lights and takes the mess and headache out of creating the perfect barbecued meal.

This grill is very affordable, and a two-pack set can be purchased for between $20 – $25.

Disposable Charcoal Grill On The Go Ready to Use Easy to Light 2 Pack Product Name
  • DISPOSABLE CHARCOAL GRILL is ready-to-use cooking grill. Conveniently barbecue your favorite foods on the go and say goodbye to messy grills, no clean-up required
  • GRILL ANYTIME, ANYWHERE – ultra portable and lightweight, conveniently take your Grill with you. It’s ideal for outdoor parties, picnics, the beach, tailgating events and camping trips
  • EASY TO USE – assemble the grill in minutes and simply light using 1 match. Each grill gives up to 1.5 hours of dependable cooking, safely dispose or recycle once you’ve finished grilling
  • MOUTH-WATERING TASTE – the all-natural charcoal gives a yummy, char-broiled flavor to your grilled burgers, hot dogs, chicken, steak and wings. Impress your guests with little effort
  • GRILL – the mini grill measures 9.6” x 12” x 2” and includes everything you need to cook : recyclable aluminum foil pan, grill grate, stand and charcoal

2. Zip Instant Light Disposable Grill

If you’re looking for a disposable charcoal grill that is both cheap as well as easy-to-use, then the Zip Instant Light is another excellent choice.

All you do is open the package up, place it in a safe area and light it. The coals will be ready to cook in about 15 minutes, and once your food is done, you’re done: no grueling cleanup, and no mess.

3. Coloswin biodegradable disposable grill

Coloswin makes a very convenient biodegradable grill that costs slightly more than other grills in the same class.

However, if having a grill that is constructed of materials that can be broken down is important to you, then the extra cost shouldn’t be a big deal.

The really impressive aspect of this particular grill is the fact that it’s ready to cook your food in approximately 10 seconds! This is a fraction of the time it takes other disposable grills to be ready, which is a strong selling point for this choice.

It also only takes 2 or so minutes to set up and can cook food for up to 90 minutes.

4. Rock Creek Disposable Charcoal Grill

If you’re looking for a disposable grill that is great for tailgating and that weighs under 3 pounds, then this tiny grill is for you.

This grill is extremely tiny, but don’t let that deter you from cooking some great meals while tailgating, relaxing at the park, or even camping at a campground.

5. Marsh Allen 12 in. Grill-It-Kit Charcoal Disposable Grill Silver

This sturdy little disposable grill that is sold at ACE stores can make your impromptu outings wonderful.

Instead of stopping for fast food burgers that you might not enjoy, you can cook your own on this grill that you know will be absolutely delectable.

The grill comes with 4 tiny metal legs to hold the grill up so it can be safely used on any surface, and the pan contains several small holes to help improve combustion. 

6.  Oppenheimer USA Disposable Charcoal Grill

This is another terrific choice for disposable charcoal grills, as it is affordable, easy to use and very lightweight.

This grill is under $13, depending on where you purchase it, and it has a high number of excellent ratings from satisfied customers. 

FAQs about Disposable Charcoal Grills

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions that consumers who are considering buying a disposable charcoal grill might have.

Are disposable BBQ grills any good?

Disposable BBQ grills can be very good, depending on what brand you buy, as well as what you plan to cook on them.

The coals will only last for a specific period of time before it’s time to dispose of the grill, so as long as you’re cooking quick items, you should enjoy the ease and convenience of using your disposable grill. 

Is it worth buying a disposable charcoal grill?

As long as you purchase a cheap disposable grill and you don’t grill very often, then a disposable charcoal grill is a great buy for a night of camping, a 4th of July celebration or any other special night of grilling.

However, if you desire to grill regularly, then the cost of disposable grills will quickly add up, making it more sensible to purchase a traditional grill and just contend with the cleanup.

Can I cook a rack of ribs on a disposable grill?

Yes, you can cook a rack of ribs on a disposable grill, but due to the small size of these grills, you will need to cut the ribs into individual portions instead of cooking the entire rack at once.

Be sure to read more about portable gas grills and mini charcoal grills – both excellent alternatives.

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