Best Cuts of Meat for Homemade Jerky

Jerky can be made from various meats; understanding meat cuts is crucial for jerky making; lean and flavorful cuts like flank steak, bottom round, eye of round, top round, sirloin tip, elk, and bison are ideal for homemade jerky.

Jerky Meat

Jerky can be made from almost any meat. In addition to the always-popular beef jerky and venison jerky, you can make it from goat, elk, bison, and even ostrich, yak, moose, or bear!

But how can you now that you’re picking the best meat cut for making jerky? We’re here to lend a hand with this comprehensive guide to choosing cuts of meat for jerky, whether beef or a more exotic meat.

Though you’re more likely to find it in a roadside convenience store today, jerky’s origins are from a much more distant time and place.

Invented by the Quechua people of Peru, whose word ch’arki gives us the modern “jerky”, it was commonly made from alpaca or llama meat before being adopted in the United States.

In this guide, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about choosing the best cuts of meat for making jerky, including considerations you should always take into account before buying your meat (like costs & expense), as well as our top 7 favorite cuts for jerky, and a summary of where to go for your next jerky experiment.

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Before You Buy: Considerations for Cuts of Meat for Making Jerky

Making Jerky Best Cuts of Meat for Homemade Jerky

To get a thorough understanding of the best cuts of meat for making jerky, it helps to understand a little bit more about the entire jerky-making process. Here’s what we take into account before choosing a cut of meat for jerky:

What Type of Meat?

Your first decision will have the biggest effect on the outcome of your jerky making: Will you go for the classic beef cut, or choose a more exotic meat?

Beef has the advantage of being readily available in any grocery, with plenty of options for grass fed beef or organic beef that’s better tasting, better for you, and better for the environment.

Homemade beef jerky is a classic first place to start with plenty of beef jerky recipe options. It’s easier to process without a jerky meat slicer and is simply more familiar.

On the other hand, uncommon meats can make for different and exciting flavor experiences, though they may be better sourced online.

What Type of Heat?

How will you be drying your jerky? Whereas a standard home oven will do a fine job of making beef jerky, more exotic cuts of meat benefit significantly from being dried in a grill.

Cooking elk or bison, for example, over an open flame will balance their stronger flavors, making for a better finished product with less use of seasonings.

In short, if you only have access to an oven or dehydrator, beef is a better choice for making jerky.

What Type of Seasonings?

Though not directly related to the cut of meat you’ll choose for making jerky, the type of seasoning you choose can impact how well-preserved your final product is.

Fat content is the main culprit in spoilage of beef jerky, but it also gives a fuller and richer flavor.

A compromise is to use larger portions of salt and spice, to prevent any bacterial growth that could make your jerky go bad.

Our 7 Favorite Cuts of Meat for Making Jerky

Since beef is everyone’s favorite meat to use for jerky, we’ll cover our five best cuts of beef for jerky before introducing you to two other meats that make for excellent jerky.

1. Flank/Bavette Steak

Bavette Steak

Among all types of beef cuts, We like flank steak so much that we wrote a whole article on Bavette steak detailing its characteristics and uses. It’s at the top end of price ranges for jerky cuts, but the flavor you get from it can’t be beat.

You’ll need to cut your beef strips against the grain to get the best final texture for your jerky, and a little excess fat trimming goes a long way towards keeping your jerky safe to store indefinitely.

2. Bottom Round

Bottom Round Steak Best Cuts of Meat for Homemade Jerky

Taken from the leg of a cow, the bottom round is our favorite of the three “round” cuts — though all of them are great for making jerky. It’s remarkably affordable and exceptionally lean, making it the cut of choice for first-time jerky makers.

Its texture falls right in the middle between chewier jerky and tender jerky, and it has a pronounced flavor that can stand up to significant amounts of seasoning. All in all, an excellent cut of meat for making jerky.

3. Eye of Round

Made from a single muscle found in the cow’s leg, eye of round is the most tender of the rounds. It’s not a great choice for beginners, since you’ll have to do some processing and cut off the fat cap before slicing along the grain.

A lack of interior fat makes it less flavorful than our previous two cuts, but much more likely to make a successful batch of meat jerky every time.

4. Top Round

Beef Top Round
Featured Image is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The last of the rounds, top round falls right between eye of round and bottom round. It’s quite tender, yet lean and flavorful, and does not require the trimming necessary for eye of round. It’s the most expensive of the three round cuts, but not by much.

The grain runs in different directions through the cut, so be prepared to do quite a bit of creative slicing to get it jerky ready.

5. Sirloin Tip

Also known as a tri-tip, the sirloin tip comes from the area where the bottom sirloin, round, and shank meet. It’s the most expensive of the jerky-making meats featured here, but has a wonderful flavor and is easy to prepare.

Choose this if you’re looking for a cut of meat that will shine as jerky with almost no spices and seasonings.

6. Elk Steak

Elk Meat

Any member of the deer family makes for excellent jerky, but elk meat is a particular favorite of ours. Elk USA has a huge variety of cuts available for this exotic meat, as well as pre-made elk jerky for anyone who wants to taste it without going to the work of smoking it themselves. Elk flank steaks work fantastically for making jerky, as do any of the elk rounds.

7. Bison Steak

Bison Meat

Also known as buffalo, bison meat is remarkably similar to beef, but with a stronger and more pronounced flavor across all of its cuts. It’s a great red meat to use. Go for flank steak or round cuts, just as with beef, and you’ll be in great shape.

Once again Elk USA comes in as our favorite distributor for bison meat, but we’re also fans of FarmFoods, Crowd Cow, and Porter Road. You can also increasingly find bison cuts at your local grocery store.

FAQs About Meat for Making Jerky

Here are some common questions about making homemade jerky & choosing the right meat.

What meat is best for making jerky?

Choosing the best cut of meat can be challenging, so it’s important to do your research into which cuts will work best depending on the flavor profile you’re looking for.

The beef cuts that are leaner, more flavorful, and less costly are actually some of the best options out there. They’re tender enough to get a thin slice against the grain but still chewy when you chew them.

How much fat should I trim?

Extra fat in your jerky may make it dry, but also prevents bacteria growth in temperatures between 40F (4 degrees Celsius) and 140F (60 degrees Celsius). So keep an eye out for the perfect amount of fat to trim off that makes sense for your climate.

How long should I marinate?

Marinating meat for jerky does work best when you have time to let the flavors sink in and infuse with each other, so we recommend 24 hours or longer if you can manage it!

What is jerky?

Jerky is a preserved meat, so it won’t spoil in the refrigerator or freezer and can be stored much longer than other meats. You can make it yourself with dried or smoked cuts of beef, turkey, elk, bison… you name it!

It’s usually made from a lean cut of meat and seasoned with some salt and pepper as well as any other spices you like.

How do I make jerky?

Making your own jerky only requires a dehydrator, an oven, or even some salt and fresh air! You can use a slicer to get nice slices or shred the final product. To make it yourself using a meat smoker or pellet grill, check out our guide on how to smoke meat.

How long does it take to make jerky?

To make your own, you can expect around three hours for every pound of meat that goes into the smoker or oven (depending on which method you’re using).

If you want to opt for a dehydrator rather than an oven, be prepared for longer cooking times – about 8-10 hours for every pound of meat.

How do I make jerky in a dehydrator?

Making your own jerky with a dehydrator is easy and fun, and it only requires the following: lean meat (turkey, beef , elk, bison…), your choice of seasonings (salt and pepper, rubs, spices, soy sauce…), and a good dehydrator for jerky. Slice the meat into thin strips, place it in the dehydrator and follow manufacturer’s instructions.

What makes a good cut of beef for jerky?

The best cuts for beef jerky are ones that are lean and flavorful, such as flank steak or round cuts. The thickness of the slices should be quite thin to avoid drying out during dehydrating.

How do you slice meat for jerky?

Thinly. You’ll want to cut the meat very thinly with a sharp knife when it comes time for product preparation. Your meat strips need to be thin to be able to lose their moisture and retain the flavor.

What is the easiest way to slice the meat?

The easiest way to slice the meat is with a sharp knife. Avoid serrated knives. Use a meat slicer if you have one.

What’s the best way to marinate jerky after you slice it?

Put the sliced jerky in a container and pour your favorite marinade on top. If there’s not enough marinade for all the slices, add some vegetables such as onions, peppers and celery to soak up excess liquids.

Remove any skin or gristle from beef rounds before slicing them thinly, because they’ll dry out too quickly in a dehydrator if you don’t remove this fat beforehand.

How to make beef jerky in the oven?

Follow these steps:

1.Cut beef into strips and remove any fat and silver skin.
2. Season lightly with salt and pepper, then arrange slices in a single layer on baking sheets.
3. Place the meat in oven at 200-225 degrees Fahrenheit (93 – 107 Celsius) for 1-3 hours or until it reaches your desired tenderness.
4. Patience is key as jerky needs to be dried out completely so there’s no chance of spoilage!

Why is beef jerky really expensive?

Beef jerky is expensive because it’s often made from high-quality cuts of meat that are lean and flavorful such as flank steak or round cuts. The ingredients (salt, pepper, and other spices) can be quite pricey as well.

What kind of marinade should I use for beef jerky?

The marinade you choose for beef jerky will depend on your own personal taste. But do remember that a basic meat marinade recipe is perfect for any flavor of beef jerky, made from soy sauce, brown sugar, honey or molasses, vinegar and Worcestershire sauce — with maybe some garlic powder or onion powder and black pepper.

How should the finished jerky be stored?

Homemade or store-bought jerky should be stored in a cool, dry place out of the sun. Vacuum sealed bags will help preserve freshness and prevent contamination from insects, rodents, and pets.

Don’t plan on keeping it for more than a week or two before eating. Use a good meat storage container to preserve flavor.

Best Meat for Jerky – Next Steps

And with that, you’re fully prepared to choose the best cut of meat for making jerky! Whether from beef or a more exotic animal, always go for whatever cut is the leanest, most flavorful, and most economical.

And if you’re having trouble making a jerky that you love on your own, consider signing up for a jerky subscription box to get ideas for flavorings and processing methods.

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