What Is Vito Meat & What Does It Taste Like?

Vito Meat from Jimmy Johns is a flavorful mix of salami, provolone, capicola, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and vinaigrette on fresh bread, providing a satisfying, high-quality sandwich option that is popular among customers.

Vito Meat

Vito Meat is a combination of a number of other deli meats, and for those who love a big combo sandwich, the mixture tastes awesome!

Designed by Jimmy Johns, the sub sandwich chain in competition with Subway and similar, Vito Meat is a nice twist on the standard salami – provolone – capicola mix, laid out on a big sub sandwich bun, easy enough to cut in two for a double half-sandwich meal or just leave it alone and eat whole hog.

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What is Vito Meat in Food?

Italian sandwiches have always been big on being overstuffed with sliced meats and cheese.

The Vito Meat mix from Jimmy Johns does not disappoint, providing a diner a junior 8-inch or an extended 16-inch sandwich with a choice of bread and containing:

  • Salami
  • Provolone
  • Capicola
  • Onions
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Dressing for a zing (vinaigrette usually)
  • And then more cheese and more meat!

Is the Vito Good at Jimmy Johns?

All of Jimmy Johns meats are cooked and prepared with a distinct process designed for ultimate taste experience. That includes their turkey, roast beef, wood-smoke ham, genoa salami that has been dry-cured, and capicola with a serious spice kick from fresh condiments.

Because the sandwich products are bought in bulk size, they stay fresh until sliced and put on a sandwich, which also helps add to their taste versus dulling out sitting in a bin for hours through the day.

The same approach is used at every Jimmy Johns restaurant site, providing a consistent quality level for the same sandwiches, regardless of going to a Jimmy Johns in L.A. or Atlanta or Del Paso, TX.

It’s one of the primary reasons that Jimmy John sandwiches tend to be in high demand where they have a storefront once people realize the difference in food quality provided.

What is Vito Meat Exactly?

The big, core element of Vito Meat is the high grade genoa salami. A traditional sandwich meat sausage that draws its roots from Italy, salami can be made a number of ways.

The most common tends to be a standard dry salami, which is salty, greasy and a bit high in fat content. The smaller, tighter versions tend to be dried and cured far deeper, having shrunk from pulling out the moisture from the sausage.

They also tend to be treated with more spices as well to enhance taste. As the moisture leaves, the remaining meat and fat tends to increase in taste intensity.

Combine that with added spices, and a really well-cured salami is going to knock a sandwich diner right off their feet. It’s a good thing if they are sitting down already!

For the Jimmy Johns Vito Meat combination, the treated genoa salami provides the foundation to counter the deep richness of provolone cheese, chosen for its age and deep rich taste in a Vito Meat sub.

The remainder is then topped off with fresh vegetables and a sub sandwich bread baked and cooked the same day it is served. Again, the key factor here is that all the ingredients are as fresh as possible, maximizing the taste impact when a customer buys a Vito Meat sub.

While Jimmy Johns won’t get an award for over-stuffing their sandwiches with slices so thick you need a chainsaw to cut through them, all the ingredients are chosen and handled for the highest chain sandwich product quality possible.

Granted, it’s not possible to produce a five-star restaurant version of a meal in a chain sandwich venue, but Jimmy Johns does give it a good run for the money, which is why the venue has such a strong reputation among its regulars.

What is Capicola Meat and Why is it Special?

Capicola meat goes by a couple of different names on the market. Some people know it as Cotto, others as Coppa and even more esoteric references have it named Gabagool.

In any of these situations, it is essentially the same meat, a highly peppered and cured pork meat that is slow-cooked to tenderize it and then the piece is dried out for deli storage and slicing into sandwich meats.

The source comes from a pork neck and shoulder area, so it has a robust amount of protein and fats built up from a concentration of muscle.

The meat is then treated and practically rolled in black pepper and fennel as well as other spices like coriander for the final taste that just explodes in a person’s mouth on eating.

Many folks like to have capicola in combination with other deli meats, which is why it’s such a good ingredient in the Vito Meat sandwich that Jimmy Johns prepares daily.

Offset it with a good sub sandwich bread such as sourdough laced with a rich seedy mustard and a solid cheese like provolone and you’re going to be rolling in the car seat looking for a place to take a nap afterwards.

When not in a sandwich, capicola meat can be served in roles, usually combined with a cheese and then provided as a snack via ordres or similar with crackers. This is probably the most common way people have eaten capicola meats without knowing it.

Health Value of the Vito Meat Deal

Of course, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, especially with really rich food. However, when it comes to Jimmy Johns sandwiches, and particularly the Vito Meat, the nutritional value comes out pretty acceptable and healthy.

Here’s how the sandwich choice breaks down by component:

  • Caloric intake – 620
  • Fats – 27 grams
  • Sodium – 1870 milligrams
  • Cholesterol – 85 milligrams
  • Carbohydrates – 60 grams, a bit high and will disappoint Keto types
  • Protein – 33 grams

So, for a lunch on the go and take out, especially if one gets the 16 inch sandwich version (double the above figures if so), the Vito Meat is really going to fill a person up.

That makes the sandwich choice ideal for those who deal with construction, a lot of regular field work, and movement throughout the day. It’s the kind of lunch that gets one through to the 5 o’clock hour without feeling wasted or heavy in the afternoon.

Vito Meat for Fitness

As a meal after a workout, the Jimmy Johns Vito Meat sandwich is ideal. Packed with protein and fats, it provides a substantial amount of fuel that can provide a very nice, stable platform for long-term energy needs into the evening.

Additionally, the sub sandwich bread and its high caloric intake provides ready energy for a midday lunch, especially after the diner has been working out heavily the morning before and needs a boost to get through the afternoon.

Given that the sandwich is predominantly natural foods, aside from any of the condiments, and if one skips the potato chips on the side, the Vito Meat sandwich is ideal for a high burn, long shift in the day both in terms of restoring internal fuel as well as helping the body avoid cannibalizing its own internal resources. 

Unfortunately, if someone is trying to keep a limit on their carbohydrates, as is very common with a keto-type diet, the Vito Meat sandwich unmodified will probably be off-limits.

However, that could easily be remedied by simply replacing the bread with sheets of romaine lettuce, kale or something similar on the vegetable side. You can also look at unprocessed alternatives.

Focus on the Jimmy Johns Vito Unwich option. Once that’s taken care of, the remainder of the Vito Meat is absolutely ideal for a carb-restricted diet.

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