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How To Warm A Honeybaked Turkey

How To Warm A Honeybaked Turkey

There’s no question that a Honey Baked turkey is delicious. Honey adds that extra touch of sweetness that blends well with the natural turkey flavor. Turkey can be served both hot and cold.

So, what do you do if you love Honey Baked turkey so much that you buy a full turkey just for you? With a full turkey, you have the best of both worlds. You can eat it hot when you get it, then with the leftover turkey, you can serve it cold in sandwiches or salad.

Those circumstances may be perfect for you, but what if you buy a Honey Baked turkey or turkey breast for tomorrow and you want to invite your friends over?

How do you reheat it so that it retains the flavor and texture of a freshly cooked Honey Baked turkey? How do you warm a honeybaked turkey?

How Long Do You Heat a Honey Baked Turkey?

If you’re serving a Honey Baked turkey the next day, and you want to heat it for a full-flavored experience, how long does it need to heat? Also, how should you wrap it and prepare it to keep it as fresh as possible?

Honey Baked turkeys come already cooked or smoked. Most people use smoked turkey for deli meat on sandwiches and salads served cold. But the roasted turkeys are great hot from the oven or reheated.

The Honey Baked Ham Company recommends serving their hams and turkeys cold from the refrigerator. In fact, they state that you should take the turkey out of your refrigerator, let it sit for 30 minutes, then serve it to your guests.

So, you can serve it cold or at room temperature. However, serving turkey cold is more like having a deli tray than having a turkey dinner with guests. The trick is warming up your honey baked turkey breast without losing the texture, moisture, and flavor that is originally infused when cooked.

Honey Baked turkey breasts are sold fully cooked and pre-sliced. It’s the pre-slicing that causes an issue with reheating. Since it’s already cut, it’s easy to dry out or overcook the turkey when reheating.

Therefore, the Honey Baked Ham Co. says to heat it up by the slice on low heat. It’s not recommended to heat up an entire HoneyBaked turkey. The best way to heat it up is to make sure it’s covered to retain the moisture while heating.

You can use foil in the oven or a microwave-safe dish in your microwave to keep your turkey fresh.

The best solution to having the perfect tasting Honey Baked turkey is to pick up your turkey from the store right before you want to serve it.

How Do You Serve a Honey Baked Roasted Turkey?

Honey Baked roasted turkey is a delicious addition to any meal, especially for a family gathering. It comes pre-sliced so you can serve it as is with a serving fork and knife on a buffet. This way guests can cut their own portions of turkey.

Another option is to cut the amount of turkey needed in your prep area, then just serve the slices on a platter on your table.

When you bring home a Honey Baked turkey, it is fully cooked and seasoned. So, you don’t need to do anything to it to serve it to guests. Just figure out which serving option will work best for your crowd.

For instance, if you have small children, it’s probably better to take the slices off the turkey breast and serve it on a platter. That way, little hands won’t accidentally get hurt.

Just add your side dishes to your meal so everyone can enjoy a great holiday or special event meal surrounded by family and friends.

How Do You Cook a Honey Baked Smoked Turkey?

A Honey Baked smoked turkey is simple to cook. You go to a Honey Baked Ham store and buy a smoked turkey breast or a whole turkey. Then you bring the turkey home, serve it, and eat it. No muss, no fuss.

Honey Baked smoked turkeys come fully cooked and ready to eat. The turkey is delicious alone with sides as a full meal. But it’s also tasty in turkey sandwiches.

To make turkey sandwiches, choose your favorite bread and slice it. Then, add the turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato, and your favorite mayonnaise or another sandwich condiment. You have a wonderful meal that’s fresh to enjoy.

Smoked turkey combines well in sandwiches, but it’s also good on salads. Create your favorite salad like a Cobb salad with bacon, bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, and black olives. Add your Honey Baked turkey to the salad either sliced in thin strips or diced in about 1/2 inch squares.

How Do You Heat Up a Precooked Turkey?

The biggest issue when heating up a pre-cooked turkey, whether that is the whole bird, a drumstick, or a pre-sliced turkey breast, is keeping the moisture level and texture the same as when you brought it home.

In other words, you don’t want to dry it out and lose some of the flavor profile. Of course, that’s assuming you don’t want to make turkey jerky.

First of all, cut the part you want to eat and just heat that part up. Every time you heat up the turkey, it gets a bit drier, and loses some flavor and moisture. So just heat up your serving, not all of the leftover turkey.

Next, heat it up in the oven on low heat in a covered pan or in the microwave in a microwave-safe pot or container with a lid.

Check it carefully, only heating it up for short intervals at a time. Remove it from your oven or microwave as soon as it’s hot enough.

Once heated to your satisfaction, eat it right away. It will become drier the longer it stands out. If you have gravy from the turkey add it to the pan before heating. That helps it retain moisture and flavor. These tips will work for Honey Baked turkey or turkey cooked at home.