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How To Cook Sizzler Steak Well

How To Cook Sizzler Steak Well

There is nothing more pleasing to the appetite, or taste buds, than a good well cooked sizzler steak.  You want to cook your own restaurant style sizzler steak at home instead of going to a fancy restaurant to get a piece of beef that has been seasoned and cooked just right. 

You can cook steak in such a way that the texture of the meat is tender, and practically melts in your mouth.  The flavor is succulent, and leaves a taste in the mouth like you’ve just had the best meal ever. 

You can cook a sizzler steak well in your own kitchen.  Cooking a restaurant-style steak at home can be achieved by finding a recipe for your favorite cut of beef, and following the instructions precisely.

How does Sizzler cook their steak?

Restaurants generally use the same technique for cooking their meat.  The difference is often in the ingredients they use for seasoning.  The cookware used in restaurants is also similar, so the variance in meals is mostly the time allowed for cooking, and the type of pot or pan used for a specific cut of meat. 

The following steps are included in the way Sizzler and other restaurants cook their steak.  You can make mouth-watering cuts of meat with very little effort, and serve your family and friends steaks like Sizzler. 

The most common way to cook a steak like you would order from Sizzler is the stove top method.

  • First, get out a pan with a heavy bottom and a metal handle.  Turn the stove on.  Most restaurant burners get as hot as 900 degrees, so you want your home burner preheated as high as it goes, which is about 500 degrees.
  • Next, season the steak using only salt and pepper.  Generously season each side.  Do not miss any spots.
  • Once the steak is fully seasoned, put the pan on the stove for a few minutes.  The pan needs to get really hot before putting the steak in.  The meat needs to sit and marinate while the pan is heating up.  The steak should be room temperature throughout before placing it in the hot pan.
  • As the pan heats up, pour in a little olive oil and swirl it around the pan.  The oil will begin to smoke as it heats up.
  • Lay the steak in the pan away from you in case it splatters.  It should move smoothly around in the pan.  This lets you know that the pan is hot enough.
  • Check the steak as it cooks, turning it often to avoid burning.  Stand the steak on the upper and lower sides to ensure that the fat on the outside is cooked, and the middle gets as done as preferred.

Another way to make your steak at home taste as good as Sizzler, or other restaurants, is to use the oven method. 

Add more flavor with some of your favorite ingredients.  Note that Sizzler steaks are cooked per order, and ingredients are added or deleted as requested.

  • Prepare one sirloin or flank steak using the following method.
  • Use one tablespoon each of sea salt, ground black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, reduced-sodium tomato soup mix, and liquid smoke.  One teaspoon each of paprika, msg, poppy seed, coriander, meat tenderizer and crush red pepper,  Add one mashed beef bouillon.
  • Sprinkler meat tenderizer on both sides of steak, and place in refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  • Use all other ingredients to season the steak, then refrigerate for one hour.
  • Turn on oven broiler, and set to 425-450 degrees.
  • Place the prepared meat on broiler tray, and cook until the wellness you desire has been achieved.

You will encounter a “steak that taste like it came from Outback, or any other steakhouse.” 

Practicing how to cook a sizzler steak will inevitably become your own style to use every time you want to impress family and friends with your culinary expertise.

How long does it take to cook a Sizzler steak?

A sizzler steak is a premium cut, thin piece of steak that has a rich flavor, and is comparable to top quality sirloin.  The only exception is that it does not have the thickness or fat.  This cut of meat is often served as a breakfast entree. 

If you do not include the time it takes to prepare the meat, the cooking time is about 20 minutes depending on the degree of wellness.  For a well done steak it could take about 2-3 minutes longer. 

The steak is transferred from the refrigerator after marinating and placed on the hot skillet.  It is browned on both sides about 10 minutes per side.  It should only take this amount of time for a medium sizzling steak to reach an internal temperature of 130-135 degrees before taking it from the heat. 

A thin piece of sizzle steak cooks quite rapidly from the time it reaches the skillet.  Cooking time is about 2 minutes for each side.  This gives you a medium rare sizzle and steak. How do you cook on a sizzler?

When using a sizzler, the cook is encouraged to slightly undercook the meat because it will continue the cooking process once it is placed on a sizzler.  This is a sort of hot plate that continues to cook food once it is removed from the heat.

There are three ways to cook a sizzler steak, and that includes on a stove top, inside the oven broiler, or on a grill.  The option is of your choosing.  The instructions for a sizzle steak are mentioned above, and the sizzler becomes whatever hot device you choose to use for cooking.

The best way to cook the steak is with oil or butter.  Some people like to use both for extra flavor.  A thin sizzle steak is great in a sandwich or a sub.

Cooking steak at home does not always require that the meat be placed on an extra hot skillet.  Many cooks like to start the meat on low heat until it starts to brown and sizzle

For a medium rare steak, it should only take about 4 minutes.  A steak cooked using this process should be taken from the heat once it is done, and allowed to rest.  This is when the oil or butter is put in. 

Add about 1/8 teaspoon of freshly chopped thyme leaves to the steak, oil or butter, and let it rest for about 5 minutes, then serve.  Your sizzler will be the cooking equipment you choose as the tool for cooking your steak, and the hot dish you use to make it sizzle. 

Is it easy to learn how to cook sizzler steaks?

The most important fact to remember when cooking sizzle steak is to protect yourself from getting burned.  The utensils and equipment used to make sizzle steaks get extremely hot, and the hot plate that the meat is placed on after it is cooked is also hot. 

The best sizzle is acquired when both are used to compliment the other.  It also does not allow the steak to overcook or dry out.

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