How To Cook Berkshire Pork Chops

Cook Berkshire pork chops perfectly by baking or grilling them with the right methods and ingredients for juicy, flavorful results.

How To Cook Berkshire Pork Chops

Cooking pork chops is a task that can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Indeed, despite the fact that so many enjoy eating this meat, the best methods of cooking these delectable cuts of meat have been constantly up for debate.

Either way, there are plenty of ways to go about cooking pork chops, and you should make sure that your chosen method is in line with the quality of the pork you are working with.

For instance, given that a Berkshire pork chop is of premium quality, similar to Duroc, you should select a process that allows you to make it as tender and flavorful as possible.

Pork Breeds

With that in mind, here is an overview of how to cook Berkshire pork chops. 

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Juicy Baked Berkshire Pork Chops

If you are looking for a recipe that will allow you to create juicy, flavorful, well-baked pork chops, this one’s for you. Create super juicy pork chops in the oven. Follow these steps:


The first step is to set the oven to 400 degrees. You will then choose a baking dish that is large enough to hold your pork chops and vegetables, but not too big. This is the secret to ensuring the pork chops are juicy and flavorful.

The trick is to get a dish that accommodates your chosen amount of pork chops without having so much space that you allow the juices room to evaporate. From there, you will want to rub about a tablespoon of olive oil and your favorite spices on the pork chops and put them in the oven (some marinade in baking soda first for dry pork). 

If you are having trouble deciding which spices to use, one common mixture of spices that tastes good on pork chops is garlic powder, paprika, oregano, onion powder, salt, pepper, and brown sugar.

Moreover, although you are free to cook them separately, you may also want to add veggies such as carrots, potatoes, asparagus, or any other vegetable you like with your pork chops. This gives them added flavor and juiciness. 

From there, you will bake the pork chops, uncovered, for around 18 minutes. In addition, you can use a thermometer and take them out once their temperature has reached 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You will also want to let them sit for around 5 minutes before serving them.

Also, keep in mind that the general rule of thumb is to bake pork chops for 7 minutes per square inch of thickness; you should add an extra minute per 1/2 inch if you are baking bone-in pork chops. Lastly, make sure you are checking your vegetables to ensure that they are juicy and tender enough for your liking. 

Juicy Grilled Berkshire Pork Chops

On the other hand, if you prefer to grill your pork chops, there is a method to this as well. Here are the steps you need to take to make grilled Berkshire pork chops that are juicy and flavorful:


To begin this process, you will make a marinade to soak the pork chops in. If you have a favorite marinade, you can use your own recipe. However, one easy pork chop marinade includes the following ingredients:

  • Honey- 1/4 cup
  • Vegetable oil- 2 Tbsps
  • Apple cider vinegar- 1 Tbsp
  • Ground cumin
  • Red pepper flakes

You can add the ingredients from top to bottom, using less of each ingredient as you go down the list. Ultimately, since everyone’s palette is different, you may want to include more or less of these ingredients.

Feel free to stop and taste the mixture before deciding whether you want to leave it as is or add more or less of any given ingredient. 

Next, you will want to sprinkle both sides of the pork chop with salt and pepper. It is important to be careful during this process, as pork is already a salty meat and it’s entirely possible to over-salt the meat, which will make it virtually inedible.

After that, you will place the pork chops in a sealable bag with the marinade. Let it sit for at least an hour. 

Next, you will want to turn on the grill. You need medium heat for this task as high heat can overcook them, whereas too little heat can leave them undercooked and thus, dangerous to eat. 

Once you remove the pork chop from the bag, you will, once again, want to carefully sprinkle it with salt and pepper. You will then place all the pork chops on the grill and cook them until they start to raise themselves from the grill. This usually takes around 4-5 minutes.

After that, you will want to flip the pork chops and do the same to the other side of each pork chop. The end result will be pork chops that are well seared, juicy, and super flavorful. 

 Pro Tips: 

  • Trim the Fat: To reduce the presence of fat, you should take the time to trim the fat from the pork chops before cooking them. 
  • Drying and Seasoning: When you are grilling or pan searing a pork chop, you should not have to use a marinade. In those cases, you should pat the pork chops dry before adding the seasoning. This allows the pork chops to absorb more of the seasoning
  • Pan Searing: Speaking of which, although you can pan-sear pork chops until they are fully cooked, one secret to creating juicy pork chops is pan-searing them before you bake them. 

Still Deciding How to Cook Berkshire Porkchops?

Overall, pork chops, just like other meats, can be cooked in lots of different ways. Although a method may sound good, you may find that it does not suit your preferences and taste palate. So, while following recipes makes the process simpler, there will always be a level of trial and error associated with cooking these types of meats.

So, for instance, if you find that your pork chops are too salty, you will want to use less the next time you cook them. Similarly, if your pork chops are overcooked, make a mental note to lower the baking time. Either way, pork chops can be a delicious meal if you take the time to learn how to properly cook them. 

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