5 Reasons Why Five Guys Fries are Cooked in Peanut Oil

Five Guys fries stand out for being cooked in peanut oil, giving them a sweet, nutty flavor, health benefits, ideal texture, allergy caution, and consistent quality.

why are five guys fries cooked in peanut oil

Five Guys, famous for tasty burgers and fries, uses peanut oil for a unique flavor and health benefits. Learn why in this blog post.

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1. Taste and Flavor

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The choice of cooking oil greatly affects the flavor and texture of a dish, including French fries. Peanut oil provides a distinct advantage for Five Guys‘ fries. The flavor of peanut oil is subtly sweet and nutty, adding complexity to the fries. Compared to other oils, peanut oil enhances the natural flavor of the potatoes without overpowering it.

Additionally, peanut oil crisps the outside of the fries while keeping the inside soft. This is due to its ideal viscosity, creating a perfect crust without penetrating too deeply. The balance between crunch and fluffiness is what makes Five Guys’ fries a favorite among fast-food enthusiasts.

2. Health Benefits

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Despite the perception of fast food as unhealthy, Five Guys takes steps toward healthiness, notably by using peanut oil. This cooking oil brings health benefits, being cholesterol-free and lower in saturated fats than many alternatives. The cholesterol-free aspect supports heart health, reducing the risk of related diseases. While peanut oil enhances the health profile of Five Guys’ fries, moderation is key, as they can still be calorie-rich and should be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

3. Allergy Warning

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For those with food allergies, dining out can be challenging, but Five Guys takes allergen concerns seriously, particularly for peanut allergies. They openly communicate their use of peanut oil, allowing individuals to make informed decisions. The peanut oil used is highly refined and hot pressed, reducing allergenic proteins. While caution is advised for severe allergies, clear allergy warnings and well-trained staff at Five Guys prioritize customer safety and satisfaction.

4. High Smoke Point

Cooking oil choice is important for flavor, health, and practicality. The smoke point is crucial for frying, and peanut oil has a high smoke point of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for deep frying Five Guys’ signature fries. When oil reaches its smoke point, it breaks down and produces harmful compounds. Using high smoke point peanut oil ensures safer frying, maintaining oil quality and producing crispy, golden fries without burnt or off flavors.

5. Consistency and Quality

French fries cooking in oil in a deep fryer

Consistency is essential in the fast-food industry. Customers anticipate a consistent taste when they visit a restaurant, and Five Guys achieve this by frying their fries in peanut oil. Peanut oil offers a stable frying medium, resulting in consistently delicious fries. Its stability ensures that the texture and flavor of the fries remain constant, maintaining Five Guys’ high-quality standards.

Peanut oil, unlike other oils, does not absorb the flavors of the cooked foods. This ensures that each batch of fries tastes fresh and devoid of any lingering flavors from previous batches, further enhancing their overall quality and taste.

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