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9+ Delicious Ground Lamb Brands for Your Culinary Adventures

9+ Delicious Ground Lamb Brands for Your Culinary Adventures

Are you tired of the same old chicken, salmon, and beef dishes? It’s time to broaden your culinary horizons and explore the rich world of ground lamb! Packed with nutrients and providing all nine essential amino acids, lamb is a fantastic protein source for bodybuilders, athletes, and anyone looking for a delicious and versatile meat option.

Ground lamb is simply lamb meat that has been minced or finely chopped. It can be used in a variety of dishes, including burgers, meatballs, stews, and more. Lamb is particularly popular in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, where it pairs beautifully with bold spices and fresh herbs.

Delicious Ground Lamb Brands

American Lamb

Not necessarily a brand, but widely available, American Lamb is a breed known for its superior quality and taste. Raised on lush pastures, these lambs are fed a natural diet free of hormones and antibiotics.

The result is tender, flavorful meat that’s perfect for a wide range of dishes. Look for their ground lamb at your local grocery store or at your favorite local restaurant to experience the difference for yourself.

Crowd Cow

An online marketplace connecting consumers with high-quality, ethically-sourced ground lamb from independent farms. Check out their website.


Provides grass-fed, hormone-free ground lamb sourced from small family farms, with a focus on transparency and sustainability. Check out their website.

Silver Fern Farms

Silver Fern Farms offers premium ground lamb made from only the best shoulder cuts. Their 100% grass-fed lambs are raised without added hormones or antibiotics, ensuring a clean and delicious product.

With a rich, earthy flavor and juicy texture, Silver Fern Farms’ ground lamb is ideal for gyros, burgers, meatballs, and more. You can find their products online or at select specialty retailers. Check out their website.

Marx Foods

If you’re looking for a more exotic option, consider trying ground lamb from Marx Foods. They offer a variety of unique cuts, such as ground lamb sirloin and ground lamb shoulder, giving you plenty of options for your culinary creations. Their lambs are raised on pasture and fed a natural diet, resulting in high-quality, flavorful meat that’s sure to impress. Check out their website.

Seven Sons Farms

Offers 100% grass-fed ground lamb, raised without antibiotics or hormones, and committed to regenerative farming practices. Check out their website.

White Oak Pastures

A family-owned farm offering grass-fed, pasture-raised ground lamb, with a focus on holistic land management and animal welfare. Check out their website.

Grass Roots Coop

Offers premium quality, pastured ground lamb sourced from the shoulder and leg of the animal. Their lamb is well-marbled and mild in flavor. Check out their website.

Jacobs Heritage Farm

Provides a variety of lamb meat cuts, including ground lamb, at competitive prices. They focus on sustainable farming practices. Check out their website.

Everett’s Foods & Meats

A popular grocery store in Minneapolis, Minnesota, known for its quality meats, including ground lamb. Check out their website.

Holy Land

A Middle Eastern grocery store in Minneapolis, Minnesota, offering a wide range of products, including ground lamb. Check out their website.

Cub – Eden Prairie

A grocery store in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, with a variety of meat options, including ground lamb. Check out their website.

Seward Community Co-op

A community-owned grocery store in Minneapolis, Minnesota, offering high-quality, ethically-sourced ground lamb. Check out their website.


An online grocery delivery service that allows you to purchase ground lamb from various local stores and have it delivered to your doorstep. Check out their website.

US Wellness Meats

Offers grass-fed, sustainably-raised ground lamb with a focus on providing nutrient-rich, healthy meat options. Check out their website.


A gourmet food purveyor offering high-quality, humanely-raised ground lamb sourced from small farms. Check out their website.

Shepherd Song Farm

Specializes in grass-fed lamb and goat meat, offering ground lamb from animals raised on family farms in the Midwest. Check out their website.

Fossil Farms

Offers all-natural, farm-raised ground lamb, focusing on sustainable and humane farming practices. Check out their website.

Creative Ground Lamb Recipes

Mediterranean-inspired Dishes

Ground lamb is a staple in Mediterranean cuisine, and for good reason – its bold flavor pairs perfectly with the region’s vibrant spices and fresh ingredients. Try making lamb kofta, seasoned with cumin and coriander, and serve it alongside a tangy yogurt sauce and warm pita bread. Or, treat yourself to homemade lamb gyros, complete with tzatziki sauce and a colorful array of crunchy vegetables.

Comfort Food Classics

Craving something hearty and satisfying? Ground lamb can easily be incorporated into your favorite comfort food dishes. Whip up a batch of savory lamb shepherd’s pie, topped with creamy mashed potatoes and baked until golden brown. Or, try making a delectable lamb ragu, simmered with tomatoes, garlic, and red wine, and serve it over a bed of your favorite pasta.

Exotic Flavors

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider exploring the world of spices and flavors that pair well with ground lamb. Create a fragrant Moroccan-inspired dish with ground lamb, apricots, and a blend of warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, and paprika. Or, try an Indian-style lamb curry, simmered with coconut milk, tomatoes, and a mix of aromatic spices like coriander, cumin, and turmeric.

Final Thoughts

Ground lamb is a delicious and versatile protein option that’s just waiting to be discovered. By exploring different brands, cuts, and recipes, you can expand your culinary repertoire and introduce exciting new flavors to your dinner table. So go ahead, give lamb a chance – you won’t be disappointed!